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Prediction Week 5 results and final table

Controversy surrounds the ending of this Archery league. The results:

St.Johnstone (St.Johnstone) v Johnny Muttonmouth (Gabon) --- 412 - 88

Grudge match: Robin of Locksley (GB) v a woman (woman) --- 0-1 (The woman seduced locksley and hit an arrow right at the end)

Paul Rudd (USA) v Aslan (Narnia) ---- 44 - 1 (riot afterwards, 4 dead)

Gary Wilmot (GB) v Link (Hyrule) -----POSTPONED--------

The Archer Fish (Ocean) v Andy peters (GB) --- 3-3 (bothe competitors made love afterwards)

Manuel Martinez El Haseldaar (China) v another woman (woman) --- 500000000000000 - 2

Legolas (Middle Earth) v John the Archer (Switzerland) --- 44 galleons - 6 and 1/2 rubels

However, the bonus points:

What minute will the grudge match of Robin of Locksley v a woman go to? Closest guess gets 3 points.
It went to the full 523 minutes of Arching.

Who will win in the cook off? The ice cream man or the pop corn vendor? 2 points
Pop Corn Vendor won easily

With only 1 point in it, who'll win the Archery Premier League? St.Johnstone or Paul Rudd? 2 points
St.Johnstone won on arrow difference.

Can anything stop the grimace (Yes/No)? 2 points
Nothing can stop the grimace

How many competitiors will be playing in the APL next year? Closest guess gets 1 point.
The correct guess was 7.

The title challenger Edinspur did not give bonus question answers so missed out on a lot of potential points. The final League standings are:

1st - RRP 60
2nd - Edinspur 54

Well there you have it. Our new king is RRP, bow to him when you see him. Edinspur's lack of commitment in the final round cost him and as such he is banished from the Keith board for all eternity.

Our winner will receive free membership at any Archery club in the South East and may use the title 'Grand Duke of the Springing Arrows' whenever he pleases.

Congratulations RRP.
Congratulations St.Johnstone.
Congratulations Narnia

posted on 24/4/12

Dapster !!

So its official, i am the KING of the Archery board, you know what, i feel somewhat smug about this

Better luck next time Edin

Just to make things clear, so when i sign a cheque i can now sign it "Grand Duke of the Springing Arrows"?...That will not only take up the whole cheque but will take some getting used too !

I thank you Dapster i have enjoyed this prediction league


posted on 24/4/12

You can use it as you wish. But if I received a cheque from someone called Grand Duke of the Springing Arrows, I'd be impressed.

posted on 24/4/12

I would be impressed too Dapster but i would also worry the cheque could bounce

posted on 24/4/12

Oh fack this $hizzle. Didnt even see the (highly fixed and not to mention ILLEGAL) bonus round.

Also I find it very harsh that you ban me from the Keith board as I live in keith

posted on 24/4/12

The Bonus Round was clear and concise Edin, it was far from "ILLEGAL"


posted on 24/4/12

To be precise I live 50 miles away from Keith actually.

posted on 24/4/12

Keith needs you, go to him/it.

posted on 24/4/12

Edin, the bonus round was clearly marked. Even RRP's predictions before you contained bonus answers. You must have surely noticed. I expected better from the week 4 champion.

If you wish to lift your ban of Keith then you must go on a quest for me. Seek out the fabled lisburn distillery board, and bring it to me.

posted on 24/4/12

Dapster has given you a chance to redeem yourself Edin, do not let him down, seek the Lisburn Disillery Board and bring it back with haste!

posted on 24/4/12

Im in a strop with you Dapster, you started this feud.

I will end it

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