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Toronto the awakening of a sleeping giant?

The recent moves and shakes coming from the leafs nation are so good getting lilles im sure lombardi will come back to health with the aaddition of franson who will be a top class dman and perhaps the change of scenery will reignite connollys career but just as important are the resignings of bozak and macarthur and reimer and hopefully schenn i think burke is building somthing very special in toronto a good team that is only going to get better with maturity they have what appears to be a top class netminder finally and a solid blue line that can mix it with the best all they need now is a top drawer centre theres alot of rumours for stamkos i cant see it but burke is moving very well at the moment so anything is possible.

posted on 11/7/11

Jezzer, I'm just having a .
I'm sure you don't live in Canada. The problem here is that all the media and NHL and Hockey Night In Canada are based in Toronto. and are such a bunch of "homers" it's beyond belief.
I do believe the Leafs will do better this year. But the pundits pick the Leafs to do "something" every summer. So, it's allways funny when these experts get it wrong.
Anyway quite happy with Habs picking up Eric Cole and the 2 European D/men.
Would love another decent sized forward as we still have 8 mill before the cap.
That guy Nash plays for the Wild or Bluejackets I think. Wears 61 for Canada. Seriously doubt that though.
Too many Smurfs with the team.
Watching the Flying Frenchmen is good as long as their not flying into the stands after every check.
Saying that Pach is back and we got rid of one of the biggest pieces of deadwood that b-u-m Pouliot
The only reason that <clown> got a contract was his name (French)Sssshhh
Anyway getting carried away here.
All the best for the season ahead.
Roll on October.

comment by Jezzer (U4205)

posted on 11/7/11

you're right triple M, i don't live in canada, but i do have relatives there. most of them live in winnipeg, but that's beside the point.

from what i can gather, hardcore leafs fans are like liverpool fans; eternally hopeful, and often dissapointed.
i do think that there is some basis for hope this season though.

i agree with the media comment you make though, i have noticed that the glode and mail website has a whole section devoted to the leafs, but not to any other team.

posted on 11/7/11

You should start supporting the Jets.
Now that their back in the league coaches can use that as a threat again. i.e.: "Smarten up or you're getting traded to the 'Peg.
Gawd it is cold there in the winter.Bbrrrrrrr

comment by Jezzer (U4205)

posted on 11/7/11

i'm too into the leafs now to change, but i will look favourably on the jets. i'm just wondering when phoenix will move north, and possibly north of the border, because it is clearly not an appropriate place for a hockey team based on the huge losses they have been making.

if i were a hockey player, the peg trade threat would not work on me. i am far more intolerant of heat than i am of cold, i think that is the scottish in me. having said that scottish cold is not the same as canadian cold.

posted on 12/7/11

i dont live in canada i do support the leafs because it was the first hockey jersey my releatives over there bought me but i genuinely think they really are starting to look promising finally that defence looks tenacious they remind me of tottenham always beleived theyw ere better and have had brilliant players come and go but never a full squad but now they the right man in charge just maybe...... btw i think habs signing cole was a great move cole couldnt do it at edmonton but i still think hes a top top class forward

posted on 12/7/11

That's Eric Cole, I believe he's spent his whole career at N. Carolina. Could be wrong tho'.
The Leafs have the biggest market in Hockey but have been plagued with bad ownership/management for decades.
Allways a good game between the Habs and Leafs tho.
Espscially when we spank you.

posted on 14/7/11

ah it always reminds me of the Tottenham Arsenal but i think the gap is starting to close burke has shown himself as a whiley fox with his moves recently.

posted on 21/9/14

Andy Rammell

posted on 8/1/15

I don't even know if i'm playing it, but it's an titanic effort. Many thanks, Dan!

posted on 26/9/16

The younger brother of John Charles, Mel played 31 times for Wales and was in the team that reached the quarter-finals of the World Cup in 1958.

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