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Hi guys

I have always loved bows and arrows and when I was 10 these people came to my school and taught us archery with a modern day long bow. I love the history surrounding the long bow and harbour a genuine warmth for all kinds of medieval weaponry.

I'm looking to join a local club and practice. I only want to take up the sport in a humble capacity and don't expect to become professional, I just want to have fun with it.

One problem I might have is that sometimes my arms hurt. Does anyone have any advice or words of encouragement regarding this potential problem.

Also, would I be allowed to use a crossbow (I am ordering one online this week) on an archery range where other archers use their longbows?

posted on 21/5/12

Hmmm... interesting.

I once used to arch with a man who also complained about his arms hurting after arching. Naturally we shot him, as we were participating in the hunt and had no time for lollygaggers. However, you seem to be novice at the sport and so I would recommend not participating in the hunt at this stage.

To join an archery club you need to be 1 of 3 things:
1) A legacy
2) A hunter (proof of big game carcasus will be required)
3) Nominated by another member
However, to truly enjoy Archery simply do it in your backgarden or local park. I've found club life to be lazy and very unproductive. These days its more about regailing men with stories about their previous conquests in the jungles or arctic terrains. I find some of the stories a tad unbelievable, for instance one blaggard claimed to have taken out an Arctic Desert Bear Moose with a single arrow from a X-BY78 Afro bow! But I digress...

I would suggest practice in the street. The knowledge of Archery is in any good souls blood, you just need to practice getting it out. A crossbow? I have yet to hear of anyone using such a device in official arching tasks, but with the way the sport is going with these kids we might just see it happen in the next year or two. But start with a standard bow. And should you excel, my hunting party are always looking for new recruits.

posted on 16/7/12

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posted on 24/9/12

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posted on 6/12/12

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posted on 29/4/13

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