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Luke Walsh

Its being rumoured Saints are in for Luke Walsh.From Penrith Panthers
Saints badly need a playmaker , good kicking game.Rabbitohs you are
the man to fill us in on this guy what do you reckon , is he worth a shout.
Cheers Bud.

comment by Joecos (U3291)

posted on 13/5/13

Watched Luke Walsh yesterday,Penrith
V Storm , very impressed he looks like
type of player Saints need, good kicking
game , reads the game well. But will be
surprised if Panthers allow him to leave.
Also welcome back Jammer, James Graham
played his first game for Bulldogs since his
ban, they looked more like their old selves
with Jammer back.

posted on 20/5/13

Yes whisper of Luke Walsh joining the Super/League have been doing the rounds over the last few weeks..... There has been speculation Penrith are chasing the Bronco's (Brisbane) half-back Peter Wallace to return to the foot of the mountains, along with recent signing of Jamie Soward it leaves no position for Walshy.
Re; Luke Walsh....like any other no.7 he needs his forwards to at least hold their own for Walsh to perform at his best and un-fortunately the Penrith pack have been hot-n-cold.
Walsh is more of an organiser then the flamboyant individual type of half who can kick goals...10 from 10 in last weeks drubbing of N-Zealand.
I don't think any club would be disappointed in signing Luke Walsh and it will be a surprise if another NRL club doesn't persuade him to stay in OZ....all comes down to the mighty $$$$ like always I suppose.

comment by Joecos (U3291)

posted on 22/5/13

Thanks for that Souths, i have only
seen one panthers game, but they
beat Storm 12-10, and Walsh was
outstanding , as you say not
spectacular but reads the game very
well.Saints would do well to sign him.
You must be really pleased with the
way things are going for your boys

posted on 25/5/13

Yes J....very pleased but I feel Maguire is playing mind games at present and keeping a card or two up his sleeve.
South's are doing the little things right, good completions and solid on-goal defence. I haven't seen them chance their arm yet and I believe the coach will leave that until the pointy end of the season so as not to show his cards...South's have also been damn lucky to date with injuries, only 2 sitting it out at present with one due back next week or so.....fingers crossed.

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