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Not606 Forum – Stick n Cloutier

This forum continues to get worse an worse because of these two. Stick tips loser afta loser all the time but forum rules say he has to be treated like a hero whenever he tips 1 winna out of 20 selections. Then u get dozens of people thankin him and tellin him how much they have just won. In contrast no one ever says how much they have lost wen 95% of his runners lose. Plus the horse he has bought is a total dog but every one has to say it wil win next time. The only reason people behave like this to Stick is because people who get on wrong side of him get banned quickly. He is foreva contacting mods and the owner wen people say things he don’t like an they are quickly banned. If you wanna stay on Not606 you must tell Stick he is wonderful.

Cloutier continues to infect the board. He was banned repeatedly from BBC 606 especially becuase of the vile, abusive n nasty way he treated n stalked Oldest. Has so many aliases on Not606 it is unbelievable via his tablets, laptops n mobiles. He uses the Woolcombe Folly account the most but has loads of othas. So many gud people know about him n wont go on site till he is expelled. The mods know all about him but wont do anything as he is responsible for so much traffic on site. Plus he is more delusional than Walter Mitty. If people r doubtful about these claims look at the following. U would have to be stupid not to agree they are posted by the same person

11 April Woolcombe Folly (Post 1 @ 8.07 PM) http://www.not606.com/showthread.php/257659-Daily-Thread-Friday-11th-April

15 April Drever Spur (Post 18 @ 2.25 PM) http://www.not606.com/showthread.php/258141-Daily-Racing-Thread-Tuesday-15th-April

posted on 16/5/14

Dont bet if you can afford to lose. Pretty clear by your constant rants you've lost money and looking for someone else to blame. Put a tip up on here lets see how good you are

posted on 11/3/15

" U would have to be stupid not to agree they are posted by the same person"

You would have to be stupid using: wil, u, n, foreva, wen, an, wanna, gud, and r.

Two threads about these posters on another site, bitter much?

posted on 11/3/15

Just clicked Gaz's member page, only 3 threads created, all about the same thing

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