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Fines for sacking managers?

Surely football cannot go on and on like this. Stupid owners like Cellino who go through managers like nothing are bad for football. They'd stop if they were threatened with a fine or similar punishment.

Example - make a managerial transfer window for the summer and January, and if a club sacks a manager outside this time, they get hit with a fine.

Obviously Darko was a terrible choice, along with Hockaday. But its not beneficial for the players or atmosphere to work under a trigger happy owner. There is a need to change managers, when it isn't working, it isn't working. But knowing your boss probably won't be here in 6 months doesn't help the team. They need to buy into his ideas, work hard and have stability.

A change in the rules would stop guys like Cellino having this managerial policy and benefit the clubs and players.

posted on 26/10/14

Or eating soup with a fork.

comment by Jonty (U4614)

posted on 26/10/14

39, Bates was indeed a master of being careful with his words, like TA...he never said he'd buy it back, he said it was a 'priority' fans did the rest.

Yes, Cellino shouts his mouth off a lot more and maybe you're right, It might seem that maybe lies is not exactly the right word but i keep thinking back to the judge;'s comments re Cellino some years back, something along the lines of deceitful of the most manipulative kind (I can't remember exact words right now).

I find him completely untrustworthy I'm afraid.

posted on 26/10/14

Yes - it's a tricky thing to describe.

You find him completely untrustworthy.

I agree that you can't trust him to do anything he says he's going to, but I think you can trust that he does mean it at the time he says it!

The net result of course would be the same whether he is lying or just madly optimistic.

Hopefully there will be a few madly optimistic targets achieved during this rollercoaster ride to bolster our confidence in him a bit. Buying ER back soon (though I'd be with you here and put money on it not being before Nov) would be a great indication of intent.

posted on 26/10/14

39 - completely agree. I think that the label 'liar' is missing the point. Why does Cellino stand with the fans at the Brentford match? Go up on stage to play guitar in front of an audience of Leeds fans? These are the acts of a man who is very keen to be loved by the Leeds support and, in my opinion, many of his utterances are produced from exactly that point - what do the fans want to hear and what do I say/do to make them love me more? The man seems to have a very sizeable ego. (And before I'm inundated with comments, so do most chairmen in the Football League, of that I"m fully aware!)

I'm certainly no fan, but I do think that when he said he was going to buy the ground back as soon as he bought the club, that's because he intended to at that time. When he said he'd buy it back with the money from McCormack (and then later with the Cagliari sale), he fully intended to do so, at the time. But things change and he doesn't seem to be very good at seeing such changes on the road ahead.

So, of course, I'll be very disappointed if he fails to buy it back, but I won't necessarily think he was 'lying' per se; merely that, once again, he's shown himself to be very good at saying things without proper thought.

Besides, there are, in my opinion, far more worrying things about his ownership than whether he carries out his word and purchases ER 'by November'.

posted on 26/10/14

Oh, and sorry, Best, whilst I understand where you're coming from, the actual idea seems a complete non-starter. Imagine....

You've got a new manager in the summer, signed from a rival club and given a five-year contract - the most expensive contract your club has ever given a manager. He's changed the training routines, changed the personnel and introduced a new formation. Your team has tanked for the first fifteen matches and, despite being the bookies favourite from promotion before the opening fixtures, you're rooted to the bottom of the division and look completely clueless on the pitch. Your new manager is panicking and has started to swap positions around: your forward now plays on the wing, the keeper is used as deep-lying midfielder and the ball-playing attacking-midfielder, despite being only 17, is being asked to fill in at left-back. You're shipping goals, the natives are vocal in their restlessness and the players are speaking to journalists to tell them of the nightmare they're facing at the club with a manager who is totally out of his depth and sinking faster than a lead balloon (I hope that some you older ones will get the reference....).

Clearly he has to go.

But it's October. And the Manager;s window doesn't open for another nine weeks. The chairman can't afford, or doesn't want to afford, the fine for his dismissal and so you're lumbered with him.

Would you feel, as a fan, that that was fair?

posted on 26/10/14

Well said

posted on 26/10/14

I agree Radebe. It wouldn't work.

Maybe just something that says you can't have 4 managers a season like it seems we're heading!

posted on 27/10/14

Your owner is honest - it's those who are blagging the interviews that you should be angry at.

If I was Cellino, I would film the next set of interviews (after this latest manager is sacked in 3 weeks) and whoever gets the job must agree to his interview being screened on the club website :

Every question, response, soundbite, boast, promise, plan and every detail in his CV.

When he fails to live up to the above (and is sacked after 3 weeks) you can all throw cabbages at him and support Cellino with all your hearts, for he was honest and completely transparent.

posted on 27/10/14

Jonty's "will just" is future tense,

he's been here since February, it's now October, kicking on to November.

I wonder when the "just will" tense will become the present or past tense, so it shows that he has actually caused problems.

When there's an honest authority like "the FL maybe" then maybe Cellino will listen.

Bit hard to listen to an authority with Harvey heading it.

"Personally I don't think the OAD is fit for purpose, football has moved on, but you can see why FL want to try and apply the test, because Cellino will just cause so many problems and refuses to listen to authority."

posted on 27/10/14

The fine is the compensation the manager gets for his contract being terminated.

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