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The truth about chronic and his opinions

Well after two articles attempting to ridicule me I chose the right of reply

Please note from the following information how Kane and Eriksen should not be in our strongest team but Adebayor and Soldado should be.

Not my own opinions of course they were actually all posted by that god among men chronic. Comedy does not come any better than this, it includes hypocrisy, contradiction and in case all that fails it includes a healthy dose of total stupidity. All of it courtesy of that football genius from the spurs board known as moronic, oops my mistake chronic


Nice extract from this article by moronic

Adebayor cannot be trusted to be the main forward. Yet again he has had his good spell, and as soon as he made his point he has gone back to his lazy self.


This one tells us how we must go full strength for the first tie against Sheff Utd


This one is the cracker

After telling us we cant trust Adebayor to lead the line and then after telling us we need to go full strength against Sheffiedl Utd moronic posts his team for that important game.

Adebayor (who you cant trust) starting even tho he has not played for 11 games with Kane and Eriksen on the bench

Obviously this indicates that our best team does not include Kane or Eriksen

Really moronic is that what you reckon

Our full strength side does not include Eriksen or Kane, wow stunning I think that just about says it all about your credibility, team selection and football knowledge.

Come on moronic tell me I am lying, tell me I misread your articles, tell me I have lost the plot

Tell me once again that our full strength side does not include Kane or Eriksen

Anybody in the whole world agree that our full strength side does not include Kane or Eriksen?




3 articles slaughtering our players and our performances then this


an article about how disappointed he is by the Spurs support <laugh?


Yet another moronic article slaughtering one of our players


That one is a cracker following at least 6 articles slaughtering our players this one tells us moronic is sick of posters slaughtering our players you really could not make it up

I wonder why the word HYPOCRITE springs to mind

moronic I would not worry about me if I were you I would actually have a good look at your own sanity. Kane and Eriksen not in our full strength team

posted on 3/2/15

comment by Jay. (U16498)
posted 1 minute ago
comment by newWAYNEorder(U20092)
posted 2 minutes ago
Jay I'd wager it's far higher than that.

Sadly, a lot of them don't realise it, or are in deep denial.
They're in the closet alright.

On a thread where the first four words of the title are "The truth about chronic".

posted on 3/2/15

Comment Deleted by Site Moderator

posted on 3/2/15

NWO still here

you are actually a stalker aren't you

posted on 3/2/15

I WISH there was room for smiley diagrams on here, how awesome would that be?!!

Bar charts, pie charts, venn diagrams, honestly I'd never log off!

Whinji, I think it's the ones with the issues, that waffle on, talking gibberish, trying to deflect the issue? Hmmmmm

Chronic, stalker, or do you just like saying the "stalk" part to other men? Well I am not Kevin Spacey in American Beauty, and you are not the retired soldier next door. That goes for you as well, Whinji

posted on 3/2/15

comment by Cup Final Chronic - is still 100% behind Poch! (U3423)
posted 58 minutes ago
NWO still here

you are actually a stalker aren't you


Everyone else is wrong and he is right...about everything <tree>

comment by Chicken (U1043)

posted on 4/2/15

I’ve only just read all this. Whilst I’m not going to take any sides, it does go to show that certain posters will herd together and “Baa” regardless of who is in the right and who is in the wrong – which in my opinion is rather sad – especially in the cyber world.

I’d much rather be an unpopular poster with an original (and sometimes minority) opinion than be someone else’s nodding dog.

That is all. Cheerio

posted on 5/2/15

I am just disappointed I never warranted a 4th article

Still I daresay Mr Tough guy bully boy will get around to it

comment by (U18814)

posted on 5/2/15

Comment Deleted by Site Moderator

posted on 7/2/15

Fúcking hell Grand you're all over this barney with chronic like shít in a field, you wanna take up yoga or sudoku or something mate.

Yes its a weakness of mine I always have to meet a bully head on

Just one thing tho, I did one article he did 3 so I have to ask who is all over this barney me or him?

comment by Chicken (U1043)

posted on 8/2/15

How much is THE ACE up Chronic's ars.e

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