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Not606 – Cloutier

This forum really is totes amazin and nowadays seems to be dominated by 1 person who posts unda loads of usernames. Its Cloutier who got banned from 6-0-6 back in the day for bein evil, vile, a pervert and for his persecution of Oldest. Well known that he is Woolcombe Folly Drever Spur and a few others whilst loads now think he is King Shergar as well.

Just look at these 2 threads to prove his sadness and dillusion



He reckons he cant go to Sandown next week cos hes got a meeting with a very big potential client that day. HA. Wen we did the audit of the 606 Fugees site it was discovered that he was a cashier in a bettin shop. HA. He reckons his friends cant go either. HA. Cloutier has no friends and is a total loner.

Also sed he knew an insider at Eastenders. HA. Not606 is his life n just 8 minutes afta Eastenders had ended at 20.35 he had logged on to Not606 n was bragging he was right in sayin Jane Beale. HA. The losa even got that wrong. HA.

He dont realise that almost every PM on the site is about him n mocking him n that over the weekend there were loads n loads speculatin as to if he King Shergar as well.

Mods shud delete all his useernames as loads have left the forum cos of him.

comment by (U20369)

posted on 28/2/15

If you ever want to see something funny go on that Not606 and click on Woolcombe Folly's previous posts. So funny to read as they dillusional unbelieveably.

His most funny post was after years of posting suddenly announcing he used to be a point to point jockey. Never said it before or since. Is so dillusional. Comments in the early days about his made up baby funny to. Once he couldn't think of anything to say on babies other than nappies ended all mention of him. LMFAO

posted on 5/3/15

Total Cloutier. Look at post 17 on this fred. All about makin it about Cloutier n not the racing


Everyone laffin at u Cloutier.

posted on 27/12/18


posted on 19/4/19


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