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The Official Otherkin Thread

As the most progressive Ja606 member I thought I'd create a thread for my fellow Otherkin on Ja606 as currently there as no dedicated articles for us to discuss Otherkin issues. This is a light-hearted thread however so please keep your serious Otherkin issues on your Tumblr/Reddit pages.

Hopefully this will attract more Otherkin sports fans to ja606 once they see how progressive this site now is.

For those of you who aren't aware of Otherkin here are some links you may find useful;

Otherkin Wiki page-https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Otherkin

How a Dragonkin sees themselves- http://www.tehposts.com/img/2013/05/dragon.jpg

A video on how to come out as an Otherkin-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PYAcTegqoU0


1.This is a place of kindness and respect. Be respectful and don't be a Wum.

2.INANIMATE OBJECTS ARE NOT A 'KIN TYPE. If you claim to be toothpastekin or the like, your post will be removed.

3.All Kin types are welcome. So no fighting between Lionkin and Cheetahkin on here

posted on 6/1/16

Blarmster as a fellow progressive PC bastion of hope for ja606, I needed your help and support on my thin privilege thread earlier.

Your supposed to be my PC brah brah

posted on 7/1/16

Work is oppressing me. Give it 3 months.

Nobben and Whinji can support

comment by CEF (U3090)

posted on 9/1/16

Comment Deleted by Article Creator

posted on 9/1/16

Try again but dont leave out the grassing part next time. Thanks

posted on 13/1/16

This is still up

posted on 17/1/16

comment by Hiddink's Invincibles (U14547)
posted 3 days, 21 hours ago
This is still up

posted on 17/1/16

Cosmic. Think you need to click on CEF's user profile. He put it up about a week ago.

posted on 17/1/16

Tell him no need to apologise and that my attention was never to upset him but to satirise the crazy PC anti bullying bullies that are abound these days But similar to Daniel Day Lewis I took the role very seriously and wouldn't break character

Tell him I'm very sorry to hear about his illness and hope he can beat his illness and find a way to continue
posting on here, also tell him to unfiltered me as I did enjoy his postings and him laughing at Arro with me

posted on 18/1/16

Cosmic - for that.

CEF didn't filter you. Admin1 put the filter on. I think he is going to ask for it to be removed.

comment by Maяcо (U1329)

posted on 3/3/16

Anti bullying bullies

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