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Only a few days left

Only a few shopping selling and loaning days to go.

We'll need to sell or loan out before we can loan or buy who is left standing and likely to be a wanted man ?
Vela would attract a few bob
Spearing a loan with a view to buy
Woolery as an outside bet for a sale or loan
Davies the odd one out pay him up and give him no pay medical treatment only deal

It's going to be a busy week where's little Lee and his list it's time for him to earn his crust and help PP out.

posted on 28/8/16

A way round it would be to pay off mavies and Clayton both out of contract at the end of the season so that would be 3 bodies we could bring in after Amos has gone. Doubt vela will go unless a daft offer comes in. Could also loan our walker, Wilkinson and Derik. Spearing worries me. Key player but every chance he will go because of his wages. Woolery too if an offer is there. A lot could happen, might not.

posted on 28/8/16

What the surgeon saw when they looked inside might decide the Clayton options we should have had a report by phone already.
Good shout on walker, Wilkinson and Derik if anybody wants them. Our priority has to be to get a squad good enough to get to the next window where we'll probably lose another batch of players.

We need to protect the chosen 5 from 10 who started yesterday in midweek knowing our luck you can see what will happen. The fine does look more attractive by the minute will we part with it and upset the watching eyes at the FL more than we already have though.

posted on 29/8/16

We best look to play walking football in the jokers cup all it will take is an over enthusiastic young Everton player timing it wrong it's madness with so little time to fix any damage which rules a player out for a long period of time especially if it's one of the 5 from 10 chosen from the last match with so little time left in the window with or without an embargo hanging over a club.

We best splash out get Lee Anderson and PP on overtime to man the fax and phone and pay somebody else to manage the jokers cup games.
You'll notice I've renamed it the jokers cup I'm expected jokers to be introduced next year the introduction of a joker always spiced up It's A Knockout there's no reason why they shouldn't work in this cup.

posted on 30/8/16

Everybody best have an early night tonight in preparation for all the comings and goings on transfer deadline day.
Remember to tick off the items required in preparation to ensure we are ready.
- Revolving door oiled and spinning nice and smooth
- Embargo lifted
- Fistfuls of Pounds and Euro's
- Taxi drivers in place for a Le Mans style start
- Lee's list
- New sick beds installed for incoming signings
- Trousers collected from the dry cleaners back pocket checked and ready and ready to take a fax

Plan ahead and leave some room for manoeuvre just in case we need a replacement for any last minute injuries tonight.
Note since our downfall there is no requirement to have Sky Sports on the busy day ahead.

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