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UFC fight discussion thread

Greetings MMA fans

The growth this sport has seen over the last few years has been incredible and for those of us that have been long time fans, the success and the adulation the sport has been receiving has been well over due.

We've just had an iconic rematch between Diaz and McGregor at UFC 202 and now the heavyweights are ready to do battle at UFC 203 this weekend.

Since the MMA board usually only sees activity during the big cards, I thought it would be a good idea to create a thread for people to discuss all the latest stories and news in the MMA world.

Feel free to post links,videos or anything MMA/UFC related

posted on 17/10/16

Him vs Thompson/Woodley would be nice

posted on 18/10/16

Bellator may do a double canadian swoop and take GSP and Rory.

posted on 18/10/16

Massive fight in the lightweight division on November 5 between Dos Anjos and Tony Ferguson.

For those that haven't seen much of Ferguson:


posted on 18/10/16

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posted 14 hours, 49 minutes ago
GSP has been released from his UFC contract following the failure of both parties efforts to renegotiate new terms.

where did you get this from bud? I just listened to the Ariel Helwany podcast and GSP is talking about this but basically he is saying hes released but the UFC haven't confirmed that. He got some lawyer to give them a deadline to arrange a fight. They came back last minute with an enquiry about Robbie Lawler and his lawyer said that's it then you're a free agent cos they didn't organise a fight in time UFC don't usually release fighters easily if theres money to be made off them so I'm wondering if hes just trying to force the issue.

posted on 18/10/16


Apparently they missed the deadline and Lawler won't be ready as he's still recovering from his loss. The new owners have allegedly told St Pierre that it would cost them too much to promote him and offer him the extra pay and GSP has said it himself, he is a free agent. If it is a ruse, I cannot imagine the UFC taking too kindly to it and the new owners might decide to cut there losses with him.

posted on 18/10/16

Gonna be an interesting one if he goes to fight elsewhere I'd say ufc have these guys owned usually in multi fight contracts

He was a massive draw, I'd be surprised if they just let him leave to go make money for another organisation

posted on 18/10/16

I don't think it would worry them. They have UFC 205 which will shatter records and they have Rousey returning in December. GSP isn't really vital at this point.

posted on 19/10/16

How on earth did rumble make middleweight


posted on 21/10/16

Profoundly insightful interview with GSP's lawyer on his situation:


posted on 27/10/16

Pettis vs Holloway confirmed for UFC 206

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