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Autumn Internationals 2016

Autumn International match schedule 2016

Saturday 22 October
0835: New Zealand 37-10 Australia

Saturday 5 November
0540: Japan 20-54 Argentina
1430: Wales 8-32 Australia
1500: Barbarians 31-31 South Africa
2000: Ireland 40-29 New Zealand

Friday 11 November
1930: Barbarians 40-7 Fiji

Saturday 12 November
1400: Italy 10-68 New Zealand
1430: England 37-21 South Africa, Scotland 22-23 Australia
1645: France 52-8 Samoa
1730: Wales 24-20 Argentina
1915: Ireland 52-21 Canada

Saturday 19 November
1400: Italy 20-18 South Africa
1430: England 58-15 Fiji, Wales 33-30 Japan
1700: Scotland 19-16 Argentina
1730: Ireland 9-21 New Zealand
2000: France 23-25 Australia

Saturday 26 November
1400: Italy 17-19 Tonga
1430: England 27-14 Argentina, Scotland 43-16 Georgia
1700: Ireland 27-24 Australia
1730: Wales 27-13 South Africa
2000: France 19-24 New Zealand

Saturday 3 December
1430: England 37-21 Australia

posted on 15/12/16

Aaaaah. Now you're going to confuse the old soaks on here.

posted on 16/12/16

OK folks, what if we move to the centres, I guess the big question here is whether Farrell goes at 10 or 12, but whose else would you go for.

I guess Farrell, Joseph, Huw Jones, Jamie Roberts, Jonathan Davies, Henshaw, Payne and possibly Ultan Dillane and Garry Ringrose (as a bolter) might have a shot, then there's the ever enigmatic (and all too often injured) Manu Tuilagi, and quite possibly more - so who makes your cut?

I would prefer Farrell at 10, so possibly Roberts and Jones with Henshaw and Joseph as back up, but how would you cut it?

posted on 16/12/16


I've actually become quite a fan of Farrell at 12. He has performed way above expectation in the position and I actually think he's a bit pedestrian at 10 at the very top level.

Alongside him, we have to remember that Gatland is in charge, so Roberts will have a far bigger chance than he probably deserves. He is after all the best exponent of, and last knockings of Warrenball.

I think Huw Jones has got huge potential. He has dancing feet which can unlock a defence. However he probably doesn't have the experience to put him in the frame this time around, but the 6N will tell us a lot about him. With that in mind, I'd probably go for Joseph - another proper centre.

Tuilagi is now living off what he did over 2 years ago. It's really a fresh start for him and his catalogue of injuries has to be a factor. Like Jones, the 6N will tell us a lot - if he makes it onto the park.

All in all I'd say Farrell and Joseph, with back-up being Jones and Henshaw, though I expect to see Roberts in there somewhere.

posted on 16/12/16

Yeah, I guess that's true, and sad, with Tuilagi, hopefully he can fire again, it would be tragic if his finest hour came before his 22nd birthday and I'd hope that wouldn't be the case - Eddie Jones could be very good for him I think, and probably a lot better than Cockerill I'd add

posted on 16/12/16

Easiest call so far for me. Henshaw and Joseph. JJ has become the best defensive centre in the world and I can't think of anyone in world rugby I'd pick over him. I'm also quite a fan of Henshaw who is also very solid in defence. Considering the back line we are up against it will be very important.

posted on 16/12/16

I see Glasgow look set for all 5 against Racing, who look like they could well fail to make the knockout phases, not sure what that says about them, or about Sarries who seem to be flying

posted on 16/12/16

Another great win for Glasgow but t hey could regret not picking up the bonus. still, if you'd told me at the start that they'd beat Racing home and away I'd have laughed.

I'll be at Welford Road tomorrow with a bunch of drunken Irishmen. A Munster win will probably be best for Glasgow. Not sure, but I'll be singing The Fields anyway. Couldn't possibly support the Tiggers.

posted on 17/12/16

It was indeed a great win last night, haven't seen much of Racing this year but they looked a shadow of last year's side. Glasgow and Russell in particular continue to impress.

posted on 18/12/16

Went to Welford Road yesterday to watch a dire game, but a dire game is what you get when Leicester need to win. That said, Munster threw it away at the end. Why put yourself in a position to give away a penalty when you have the ball with 2 minutes left. Up the jumper was required, but not executed. The Limerick men I was with were not impressed.

By the time we got back I managed to catch the second half of the Saints game. Oh dear. That left us all in deep depression. They view Leinster like I view Leicester.

Shocking performance, just shocking. OK, a weak side, but an opportunity for a few to put their hands up for the future. They didn't.

I could go on and on about it, but that would hurt to much.

posted on 24/12/16

Big game for us today. Looking forward to it!

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