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Poll: Hamilton's Next Teammate

With the news of Nico Rosberg's retirement doing the rounds, we must consider the implications of the fact that the current most dominant team in Formula 1 now has a race seat available.

To get a bit of a discussion going, I put together a list of drivers likely to take that seat going into 2017. So vote to complete this sentence: Rosberg's replacement at Mercedes will be...

5 Stars: Fernando Alonso
4 Stars: Jenson Button (I know, I'm sorry)
3 Stars: Max Verstappen
2 Stars: Pascal Wehrlein
1 Star: someone else

posted on 2/12/16

colin mcrae

posted on 2/12/16

comment by Adam 'The Interview' Lallana (U20650)
posted 15 minutes ago
Weak man Rosberg

Isnt button retiring, or did i imagine that?

He initially said he would take a hiatus but was staying on as McLaren's reserve driver next year.

He then said he was treating Abu Dhabi as his last ever race because he didn't want to get his hopes up of returning if no opportunity came.

posted on 2/12/16

Ahh right, i hope he does then

posted on 2/12/16

comment by HATE Ramsey (U3245)
posted 44 minutes ago
colin mcrae
Well aren't you a cvnt

posted on 2/12/16

ffs calm down

posted on 2/12/16

Bottas is managed by Toto Wolff...

posted on 2/12/16

Mad Max is a cert...FACT. Toto has already been on the phone remember.

posted on 2/12/16

What counts against Button and Di Resta is that Mercedes will still want to lock out front rows, get consistent double podiums and wins when Hamilton is either off form or a victim of gremlins. Neither could be trusted for that.

As for a German drivers Wehrlein is the obvious choice being their test driver with the benefit of 21 F1 starts but could he be trusted? I’m not sure. Hulkenburg is probably the one they want as he could guarantee the above and despite his new contract I reckon if Merc really, really want him, they’ll get him. Finally, I really can’t see Vettel moving, too much resistance both externally and internally.

Former German F1 drivers still racing include Timo Glock - eh no - and Nick Heidfield who is in Formula E so is at least racing open cockpit but hasn’t done much and again would be too much of a risk.

As for young drivers, there is only German driver in GP2, Marvin Kirchhöfer and he has been, well, terrible. Mercedes other test driver, Esteban Ocan is unlikely to be chosen over Wehrlein if that is the route they decide to go down but as said, I can’t see that happening.

So where does that leave us? Looking for racing driver with recent F1 podium experience but not too good to upset Lewis - also taking into consideration that Vettel, Verstappen, Ricciardo and Alonso would be very difficult to get or in Fernando’s case, not worth the trouble.

So that leaves three (four including Hulkenburg), Kimi, Perez, and Bottas. Kimi; hmmm I’m sure Lewis would be happy with it, competition but not too much - Merc, not so much. Perez; Mercedes for sure - Lewis, probably not. Bottas, yeah probably ticks all the boxes.

However I think that Hulkenburg will very much on Toto’s and Niki’s mind and as said above, if they are really serious about it, I think they’ll get him.

posted on 3/12/16

Certainly as a Dutchman Verstappen would be good for Mercedes.

I think it is either him or Vettel, but Raikkonen may be an outsider.

posted on 5/12/16

Hulkenberg would be my preferred choice.

If they can convince JB, he would be good too

Seb and Alonso will be too scared to compete on equal footing with Hamilton

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