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Rosberg-2016 all make sense now


posted on 2/12/16

comment by Posh Mufc Great Hafi Not Arrogant Just Better (U6578)
posted 4 minutes ago
He only got his pay rise recently as well. Before he was earning similar to the drivers in the smaller teams as well. When you think of it like that it seems crazy.
Have to agree with Hafi, before his pay rise he was only on 15.5m a year. How will he cope with retirement on that?


posted on 2/12/16

Mclaren Honda is a smaller team now

comment by SB&S (U17757)

posted on 2/12/16

Why do some automatically believe Red Tops when they say things like LH is on £30m, NR has signed a contract for £25m? They say what they want and like football journos, they are not likely to have an inside track to the lawyers or teams that draw these confidential agreements up. I'm pretty sure NR hadn't signed a new contract to simply renege on it a week later and open himself up to possible litigation. The conspiracy theorists will lap it up though, Toto knew NR would retire if he became WC so instructed LH to speed up avoid backing him into trouble when deep down Toto wanted shot of him!

posted on 2/12/16

Really weird, this.

posted on 2/12/16

Both Rosberg and Button retire - the two racers to have beaten Hamilton in F1.

Obviously the work of the Lewminati.

posted on 2/12/16

Even Massa retired one driver seconds away from world championship before Glock went slow

posted on 2/12/16

It all echoes of Prost and Senna.
Prost knew Senna was faster than him so 'retired' until he got the Williams drive.

posted on 3/12/16

Now Mercedes can find a driver who won't try to take his team mate out or destroy the teams chances of first and second in a race, like Rosberg did in Barcelona and Austria.

Funny how Hamilton is being threatened with all sorts of penalties when his actions cost the team nothing!!

As our American friends say, "Gow... Figg-Yure".

posted on 3/12/16

Looking through old stories I remember I said down my local and to my family that Rosberg had not signed next year's contract because I thought he would be retiring at the end of the year.

He was in the Mercedes team, there isn't a better place to be, yet he was delaying, why?

He wasn't going to get a better offer, team with better cars were not beating a path to his door to beg him to sign on the dotted line.

So it must have been because he didn't care, that's why. He knew he was retiring so there was absolutely no urgency to re-sign with the best team in the pit lane.

My belief was that all Mercedes knew about his intention and that Rosberg was guaranteed ( as far as is possible) this year's championship and would retire leaving Hamilton as a clear number 1 at Mercedes.

The news that Rosberg had resigned was announced as late as July 11th!

If you are sitting in the best team and want to continue with it you sort that out as soon as possible not muck about.

Especially bearing in mind his antics in Barcelona, which he made up for in Monaco, letting Hamilton past, but then also Austria where he cost the team a one-two finish.

When the announcement that he had re-signed was made I just forgot my predictions and it seemed Mercedes were happy with the way their drivers were behaving.

There is so much that can be read into this and the way events have unfolded but I will say this.

If what we have been told is the whole truth then Rosberg has let Mercedes and Grand Prix racing fans down badly.

posted on 3/12/16

I forgot to add, it seemed to me that Hamilton had lost his focus a little this year and I notice other people have made that remark actually to him.

He has of course, denied it but then he wouldn't need to focus if he had agreed to a deal, would he?

Perhaps there is more than one reason to read Hamilton's book in ten years time?

I'll be in the queue right behind Toto Wolff.

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