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Truth Hurts

This will go down in history as an act of pure cowardice, but on the other hand bravery for acknowledging that what Rosbeg has achieved he can never repeat under normal circumstances or in a fair fight.
Rosberg and Toto Wolff are fools to assume that the majority of people will have finally caught on their shenanigans. If most people fail to see three engine problems timed at exactly the same moment of every Q3 session and an engine blowout in Malaysia as suspcious, they could have continued on heir merry-go-round by fabricating other problems for Lewis. Whitmarsh was master of bungled pitstops and dubious
strategies and never missed an opportunity to release Lewis behind Massa amongst other things.

Rosberg bailed out too quickly as Wolff was hatching other plots, like sanctions to slow down Lewis.

Rosberg knows it and those with a shred of intellect that he does not deserve the 2016 WDC, he chickened out and ran
with the loot. Wolff must be seething, after all he has done for Rosberg and be dumped like that, Ouuch!

I am reminded of Abraham Lincon when he said :

"You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time (like Man U, TallandClueless, Irishgreen etc), but you cannot fool all the people all the time."

posted on 2/12/16

You've fooled a few on here by pretending to be a Hamilton fan Mr Blue Flags.
Remember 606 on the BEEB?

posted on 3/12/16

Rosberg has no ambition and a coward, the greatness of the sport wasn't built by people who retired at the first chance because they feared to not be able to live up to the hype of being champion.

posted on 3/12/16

from Ensign14:
It's also a total kick in the teeth for Mercedes. Having bent over backwards to appease Rosberg - swapping mechs around at the start of the year, getting him off the hook for his professional foul in Spain, spending more time over his tech to ensure it didn't go the way of Hamilton's - and thereby pissing off their number 1 driver, what happens? Rosberg is off as soon as he has what HE wants.

I think if I were on Rosberg's side in the Mercedes garage I'd be extremely effed off.

posted on 3/12/16

those who have ridden their luck know to get out before their bluff is called!

posted on 3/12/16

it stinks to high heaven.

these people have no integrity....f1 has no integrity

posted on 5/12/16

""f1 has no integrity""

Ha! What a laugh, coming from a ball-kicking fan!

Ball-Kicking is steeped in integrity and decency, isn't it? (NO!!)

Just look at recent stories, so much decency and integrity.......

posted on 22/7/17

Judith is an experienced and efficient manager that always has and always will make sure that the customers experience is a pleasant one and would never, ever say those despicable comments that you have lied about. We have witnesses to your behaviour at the till and at the table and one kind family that was at just a bit further down from you were kind enough to leave us their number if we needed it as they were appalled by your behaviour.

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