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We've been sussed

I have been saying this for a while now. Opposition managers have found a way to negate our strengths and exploit our weaknesses.

Earlier in the season when we were bludgeoning teams, our narrow front three were finding space in front of the opposition back four and were playing on the half turn, creating oodles of chances and scoring goals.

Mid table and lower teams now play against us with a set game plan. Two defensive midfielders to cut out the space, with wide player tucked in. We pass the ball sideways, or try an eye of the needle pass through a packed defence, they eventually win the ball and kill us on the counter. Or they take a good set piece and wait for a defensive error, or a howler from one of our two dodgy keepers.

It just keeps on happening. We have become utterly clueless how to break down stubborn defences and keep on dropping defensive ballacks.

It's no coincidence that we play better against better opposition. These teams give our front three a little more space because they also try to control possession of the ball, then attack.

Klopp has to find another way to break defensive teams down, because against these tactics we look completely sterile.A midfield diamond? A back three? Possibly. He certainly needs to try something different because what we are doing this season against defensive teams has been found out big time.

posted on 4/2/17

For me it's simple. We need to go 4-4-2.

We have been sussed out. Get Origi to play centrally with Firmino or Sturridge.

posted on 4/2/17

I'm not sure that Ojo is ready both in terms of his development and recovery from injury but if he's fit it can't hurt to throw him in. Who do you drop to allow Coutinho to move inside though? Lallana is the obvious choice but he's been one of our most important players this season.

posted on 4/2/17

comment by CANuLEIVAorWIJNALDUMtrophies (U18359)
posted 38 minutes ago
It doesn't help that we have so many out of form players at present

Coincidence or down to the manager?

posted on 4/2/17

OP, I thought after reading your article you were talking about us! No WUM. I really do feel your pain.Chelsea have been ruthless this season, no one else really has. What are they doing different? If you get our managers to figure that out, maybe something changes.

posted on 4/2/17

op..pretty much spot on. However if u compare early on in the season to now, well nobody is busting to get in the box; 2 months ago we had 5 or 6 players in the opponents box, now its none or 1.

posted on 4/2/17

Couts certainly isn't the first player to get a huge increase in his wages, followed by a meltdown in achievement.

Self-confidence in the team is completely non-existent.


posted on 5/2/17

I think we missed a trick not going into the transfer market this January, it all started to unravel when Cout got injured and Mane left for the AFCON.

Two players there we can't do without and no ready made replacements. And to make matters worse one winger we did own that was coming back was allowed to go to Hull, Wtf!

By the time Cout and Mane are back the confidence has gone in the rest of the team.....

Klopp has done a superb job but he's working at a club that can't compete with other top clubs when it's comes to attracting new players,

Until that barrier is broken we can look forward to more of the same I'm afraid.

posted on 5/2/17

Buying player in January is notoriously difficult. There are the occasional exception to the rule, but generally it is difficult to bring in quality, after all who wants to sell their best players in the middle of a season?

What I find odd is that we made a profit in the summer, considering the increase in revenue's. If we want to compete then the owners have to be willing to push the boat out. However we want to do it a different way. A way which is difficult to succeed given the spending power of the competition.

I'm not fooling myself that we can compete with the financial muscle of those teams, but in the summer we made things hard for ourselves by making a profit on transfer fee's.

I'm 100% behind our manager. He has had us playing consistently well for a sustained period. However, there are some glaring weaknesses in the squad which are being exposed. Forget get about signings, he needs to find a way with the players he has to make us efficient and consistent again with the players he has, because there is still the CL spot to play for.

posted on 23/9/17

Still true.

posted on 24/9/17

Fack me, don't you have a club to support.

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