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"Kohli Cricket's Biggest Bully"

Headline this morning in the Herald Sun, one of Australia's newspapers.

I wonder what they would have called some of the Aussie players of the past i.e. Ponting, Clarke, Healy, McGrath but to name a few.

They've called for the ICC to "punish" Kohli for his on-field sledging. Never has there been a more appropriate use of the word "hypocrisy".

Smith was clearly cheating and the way Nigel Llong went up to him suggests it's something they were clearly looking out for which proves Kohli had noticed it before and this was not a "brain fade" as Smith so eloquently claims it to be.

For those that haven't seen the incident: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RtnfXiAkJ_0

If you can't take the heat Aussies, get out of the kitchen.

posted on 8/3/17

Definitely looks like he's cheating there, why not just hold your hands up and say you made a mistake. These really silly excuses are what annoy me more than the cheating.

posted on 8/3/17

What! the aussies are hypocrites??? remember all the crap about Broad refusing to walk a few years back? they made Broad number one enemy when he went down under.. Ponting was a known cheat.He would claim catches that hit the floor and refused to walk when he clearly knicked the ball.
Australia don't like losing. so will use any excuse.. Kholi is an idiot..But the whole smith appealing to the dressing room is over the top now.

comment by Kav H (U19426)

posted on 8/3/17


And the award for the biggest hypocrites in the sport goes to the Aussies. Their self righteousness is unbeliavable. I still to do this day remember monkey-gate and how the word of one man was simply believed over another despite no evidence to the contrary. Sutherland and Cricket Australia are nothing short of a joke as well.

It would be absolutely delightful if we can put them to the sword in the next two tests and I hope Kohli reminds the team of this to further motivate them. I also remember their crowds, media and players all making life hell for Broad when he visited because they perceived him as a "cheat". I'm sure if the Indian crowds were to boo Smith from now there would be outrage within the Aussie camp and media. Quite funny isn't it. Their big brash, arrogant and macho cricket culture doesn't intimidate Kohli and that's what they despise more than anything. Bunch of absolute priiicks.

comment by aries22 (U1203)

posted on 9/3/17

"Australia are cricket's biggest cheats." Does that also work for the Sydney Hersld?

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