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If Wenger signs an extension, then I'm done

I will stop following Arsenal. I'll stop posting on ja, I'll delete my twitter. That's it, I'll be done.

I know a lot of you will delighted to hear that and take it as a small consolation for Wenger continuing to systematically tear this once great club apart, but that is what he has reduced me to.

There was once a time where I'd dance around going crazy when we scored a goal, any goal. Cry if we lose a final. Have a weekend ruined by any type of defeat. But over the years my passion for the club has completely dwindled, to the extent I took no significant joy in our trophy drought coming to an end, all I felt was relief that the drought was over. I feel nothing when we lose, no pain, disappointment or anger. I was laughing when Bayern spanked us at the Emirates. What fan laughs when they are watching their team get humiliated in front of the footballing world?

Every man and his dog can see that Wenger's time at the club is up. Apart from the cowboys in the board room who pay him his wages. Wenger himself knows his time is up, but it worries me that his ego won't allow him to relinquish the dictatorship dynasty he has built for himself. Wenger signing a new contract will confirm without doubt the transition of Arsenal FC to Arsene FC. It really will be 1996, not 1886. And it's not something I can put up with or be part of.

I know people will go 'oh wow great fan' and all that BS but I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who feels this way. I mean, how can you support a club that no longer exists? Even recently I have been missing matches, or at least large portions of matches, sometimes because I'm too lazy to reach for the remote or get out of bed. That's how little I now care.

Wenger brought be the greatest years of my life in terms of following football - but I'd trade that all away now to get rid of him and become an ambitious football club looking to compete, opposed to being part of a French dinosaur's plaything being funded by a money hungry yank and his clueless family of greedy cowboys.

Please Arsene, save whatever respect you have left of myself and the millions of fans who have supported you for decades and just do the right thing. Get out!

posted on 21/3/17

comment by Conte'nt (U20893)
posted 1 hour, 50 minutes ago
Gunth you'll find that you have a twisted mind.
Better than have nothing instead.

posted on 5/4/17

@bats btw it was in Chelsea hand but they lost at home to Sunderland and Jose finally felt upset as he knew it was theirs to win at that point.

comment by Bats (U18355)

posted 3 minutes ago

Chelsea never nearly won the league in his first season. Arsenal led the way for most of the season and eventually it became a fight between Liverpool and City. Chelsea were never in serious contention.

And if you look at their squad you can see why. Mata was a bench warmer and gone 6 months after Jose came. Oscar was garbage and Hazard wasn't the player he was today.

The players he bought is 100% part of the arguement because they are who he wanted and who he got and who he started the season with. Unless you are suggesting he spent poorly and will fix all his previous errors this Summer.

At Chelsea he spent relatively little and complained about it quite often. The situations at his 1st season at United and Chelsea (the 2nd time) are completely different

posted on 14/6/17

Is the OP still posting, or did he actually melt altogether?

comment by renoog (U4449)

posted on 19/8/17

You gonna follow through with this Bats?

Kinda wish I could actually do it myself. Watching Arsenal with Wenger in charge just makes me miserable these days. Sucked the fun out of the club I love, so much so that I probably get more enjoyment out of watching highlights of Utd or Chelsea play.

posted on 19/8/17

It's too hard renoog 😭😭😭

posted on 20/8/17

I'm sick of this sh!t season after season.

posted on 20/8/17


posted on 20/8/17

Bats exposed

comment by renoog (U4449)

posted on 20/8/17

Wenger is an abusive husband who keeps you coming back for more

posted on 20/8/17

Pretty sure bats told me about the time he got back with his actual ex in real life too. Bats is such a cuckloid

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