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Top 4 Race

What we saying now?

List your final top 4 in order!

posted on 7/5/18

comment by Bailly_Lindelof_ (U16290)
posted 13 minutes ago
If Liverpool finish 5th and lose the final, I will literally pi55 myself laughing.
That would be special, wouldn't it? Especially if you're wearing your mummy's clothing. Again.

posted on 7/5/18

comment by Got_Better (U6241)
posted 2 hours, 32 minutes ago
Liverpol vs Brighton with a full week to prepare.....you couldnt ask for a better scenaria as a must win game.

It looks exciting for cfc fans but the reality is they will finish 5th as did arsenal last season.

Never thought I’d agree with Mr Deluxe Dollaly but yes no chance of catching Liverpool or Spurs

Left it too late Speedy Gonzales 😂

posted on 7/5/18

Liverpool should throw away the top 4 spot and gamble it again in a european final just like 2016 lol.

posted on 7/5/18

Hahaha, lol, lmao, rofl.

comment by IAmMe (U18491)

posted on 7/5/18



+ a Real victory

but the decisions that Liverpool seem to get and Spurs don't, means the reality is they will make it.

Probably spawny enough to win another cup against the better team on the day as well.

posted on 7/5/18

Spurs have had more penalties at Anfield than we have.

posted on 7/5/18

Tbh spurs could just draw the lot now and end up 5th as if draw last one and Chelsea go 3rd.

posted on 7/5/18

moreinjuredthanowen If what you say happened,that would be really hilarious.

comment by Chronic (U3423)

posted on 8/5/18

despite spurs doing our best to fack this all up, I am still confident that we will come top 4

posted on 9/5/18

spurs have no excuse but need a result now.

cheslea have done all they can but are not hammering sides.

LFC only need a one goal margin v brighton last day.

We SHOULD be playing woodbrun and a few other young lads who've finished up the u23 league... and maybe if possible bring wilson and grujic back in.

but we can't so we have stuffed it up.

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