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Peppa Pig

Peppa Pig – Family Car and Location Revealed

Peppa's house is built on top of what looks like a very steep pointy hill or mountain. So is her school. So are her friends' houses. They all live on a ridge of steep hills. From looking at pictures, I can determine that they also have a proper snow season.


I have done some research and based on the drawings I can say that the hills have a slope with a 65 degrees angle, which represents a 215% incline (slope, grade).


They also drive their cars up to their houses and to school and to friend’s houses. It baffles me how they get up a 65 degrees slope. So, I decided to do some research to find out what kind of car they drive and where they actually live.

In order to drive up the hills…
• there must be enough clearance at the front for the car to enter the slope.
• there has to be enough clearance at the back so the tail doesn't foul once the car is on the slope
• there has to be enough body clearance so that the car doesn't get stuck coming over the top of the slope
• the centre of gravity has to stay within the wheel base or the car may tip over if torque is applied to the rear wheels
• the car has to have enough power to be able to move its mass up the slope
• the tyres/road surface have to have enough traction to move the car forward without slippage


“As far as flipping goes, it is the point where the vehicle's centre of gravity is no longer situated over the wheelbase. The only considerations are height of the vehicle, mass distribution and wheelbase (width of vehicle). In theory, and laterally, assuming a symmetric mass distribution on the sides, the angle required to roll the vehicle over is arctan (wheelbase / 2*height of CG). The 2 is there because the wheelbase is from one wheel to the other and I'm assuming the CG sits squarely in the middle. More likely the case, slippage will occur before flipping is ever reached."


Tipping over:
“If your car is back heavy, it will be more likely to tip back while going up a hill but less likely to tip when going down a hill. Honda is actually kind enough to provide this figure (http://automobiles.honda.com/accord-sedan/specifications.aspx). For the Accord, it is 60/40 front/back. We can combine that with the wheelbase (109.3 inches/9.108 ft) to figure out exactly how far the CG is from the back wheels (5.465 ft). Now we can do some simple trig to find out at what angle the car will tip. It will happen when the center of gravity passes over the top of the back wheels. Formula: tan⁻¹(CGx/CGy) = tan⁻¹(5.465/1.72) = 72.5°"

That's over a 300% grade!

“For a tire on a dry road, the coefficient is 1.0. To determine the angle when you will start to slide, we do tan⁻¹(us) = tan⁻¹(1.0) = 45°.
That's only a 100% grade."

“The actual ability of your car to go up a hill comes from the engine's power output working against the weight of the car, but there's really no engine sold that couldn't take the car that came with it up a hill based on its peak HP and torque numbers."

So the car they drive in the Peppa Pig cartoon has to have an engine that can take them up the 65 degrees slope of the hill their house is built on.

• Weight of Honda Accord = 1,442 KG
• Weight of Peppa Pig = 150 kg
• Weight of George Pig = 100 kg
• Weight of Mummy Pig = 200 kg
• Weight of Daddy Pig = 300 kg

Total weight of the car + passengers = 2,192 kilo

To push 2,192 kg up a 65% slope against gravity of 9.8 m/s2 requires a force of:
sin(arctan(0.15)) = 0.544
F=2,192kg x 9.8m/s2 x 0.544 = 11,686N

With a 195/40 R14 wheel, this requires a torque of:
T=11,686N * 0.27 m = 3,155Nm or 2,327 ft/lb

They don’t drive fast up hill, so let’s assume a forward speed of 20km/h or 5.5 m/s requires a small amount of power:
P = Force * Velocity = 11,686N * 5.5m/s = 64,273W or 64.2kW which is about 87bhp

However to get 3155Nm torque to drive up the 65 degrees slope they would need an insane amount of power:
3,155Nm at 2,000rpm requires 886bhp or 660kW

And to stick with Honda, there is a Honda engine that produces that kind of power:

So based on all these findings, I have determined that Peppa Pig and her family drive a Honda Accord Coupe converted to a cabriolet with 195/40 R14 wheels with special soft rubber compound tires, fitted with a Honda RA618H 1.6ltr V6 Formula One engine and they live in Mount Snowdon in Wales, probably at the Pig Track.

posted on 27/3/18

Wtf is actually wrong with you?

comment by #4zA (U19575)

posted on 27/3/18

no idea who Pepper Pig is but grate stuff op

posted on 27/3/18

comment by -bloodred- (U1222)
posted 11 minutes ago
Wtf is actually wrong with you?
I watch Peppa Pig because of the kids, as every parent does, and some things just baffled me, explained in the OP. Nothing wrong with me, just some time to spare and by doing this, learned a few new things regarding engine power and physics.

posted on 27/3/18

all the pigs seem to be very heavy....
fat pigs

posted on 27/3/18

comment by somethingelse (U3109)
posted 16 minutes ago
all the pigs seem to be very heavy....
fat pigs
I did my research and pig at 22 weeks are already weighing 100 kilo. George Pig is 2 years old, he'll be around 200lbs. And looking at the dad, George Pig, he's fat, so he must sit around 600lbs.


posted on 29/3/18

FFS! Feynoord ..... this is absolute mental !!

5 stars !

posted on 29/3/18

Thanks man, appreciate the feedback

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