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Wipeout PSVR review

Wipeout has made quite a splash on the Playstation over the years, starting life on the Playstation one, many gamers will have fond memories of this game.

It has had various upgrades over the years and gained a new lease of life on the Playstation 4 with the Omega collection, now graphic enhancements new tracks etc are all very nice, but Wipeout took a huge step in the last few days with a free VR patch which has created quite a stir in the Wipeout world, which I thought I would check out.

Now Wipeout is not a game I have ever really played, I remember having a quick go on the original Playstation, crashing a lot and that was about it, so I am certainly no expert, but having downloaded it this morning I thought I would leave my initial thoughts.

When Wipeout was first conceived, nobody could have imagined the VR systems around today, but if any game was crying out for VR this was it, the problem was doing it justice, Wipeout is a fast and furious racer, offering a sense of speed that had to continue in VR to succeed, thankfully they pulled it off and more.

PSVR literally put's you in the game, floating at the start line, sitting in your cockpit looking around the racing world, there is a sense of presence you can only get in VR, closing the gap from simply playing with friends to truly racing with them.

The sense of speed is palpable, everything is up close and personal, turning your head to see a pod beside you, the sound of it's engines screaming in your ear as you try to make the pass is I'm sure a Wipeout fans dream

Graphics are excellent capturing the Wipeout feel brilliantly , the speed, framerate are rock solid, (which is a must in VR) with controls precise and on point and in only my third race I managed to finish first, which was not so much testament to my skill, more to the games pick up and play gameplay and the game easing you into the racing enviroment.

There is something here for the novice and enough for even the seasoned pro to enjoy, if you enjoy racing you will enjoy this game, If you are a seasoned Wipeout pro, you will not want to play it any other way.

I have played both Driveclub and Dirt Rally in VR, both games gaining but also losing something in their translation, With Wipeout however there are only gains and a worthy addition to anybody's VR collection, and a must for Wipeout fans.


posted on 5/4/18

Of course there is nothing stopping you from looking in the PS store now at the VR games.

It is a matter of taste, I loved the Batman game, short but very sweet, Headmaster a simple game but great fun, then Resi 7 if you are brave enough and of course Wipeout.

The list of VR games goes on, it all depends on what you enjoy.

posted on 5/4/18

I must admit my gaming days seem to be coming to an end, so my PS4 doesn't see much action these days.

PSVR does allow you to watch Blu-ray movies on it and in 3D too, which can be kinda cool.

I have watched a lot of VR on Youtube, there are all sorts of things on there, rollercoasters to jet fighters, you name it there is all sorts.

I'm excited by what VR brings to the table and I will be looking forward to what the future brings.

comment by Mike (U1170)

posted on 5/4/18

Didn't even think of using YouTube on the PS4 to watch VR stuff with it on

posted on 5/4/18

Oh in cinema mode it is basically a big screen, you can change the size, but basically think sitting at the cinema.

Thinking about it there was a cinema VR experience on the Gear VR I played around with which was cool, basically you sat in a virtual cinema, I was standing in the kitchen an tried to lean on the seat in front

posted on 5/4/18

comment by Amigawolf no longer MIA (U18508)
posted 30 minutes ago
There are a lot of free VR experiences to enjoy, but a word of caution, don't expect 1080p clarity.

Although PSVR is 1080p it is sitting in front of your eyes and a lot of processing power is used, so games won't be as sharp as you nice new Samsung TV.

But if you accept it's limitations, it is a whole new way of playing, Resident Evil would not have bothered me on TV, in VR it got even me a little stressed.

I would say choose your games carefully, it is easy to get carried away and buy up anything with VR in the name, but the real quality ones shine through, and Wipeout is quality.
I was pleasantly surprised with the quality of graphics to be honest. Played Resi at my mates and the mech game and was far better than I was expecting. I think I was worried they would be so poor.... I think its more with things like draw distance that VR struggles most with

posted on 5/4/18

Dont get me wrong, the graphics are surprisingly good, the resolution so close to your face means things are not as sharp as your TV.

But by no means bad

posted on 5/4/18

While on the subject of PSVR, anyone considering VR be aware of motion sickness.

Wipeout offers a lot of comfort features, but if you start to feel nauseous, my advice stop playing and come back to it later.

If you try to push through it, you will just feel worse and worse, little bites till you find your VR legs would be my advice.

The are many games where motion sickness is not an issue (Batman for example) but Wipeout could definitely be an issue for some, at least till you get your VR legs.

posted on 11/4/18

Hi, can you recommend the PS4 VR set? Was contemplating if I should buy one, but the limited available VR games and the question of VR's overall quality filled me with doubt.

posted on 13/4/18

I love VR, there are some amazing and unique experiences to be found, but it is far from perfect, if you can accept it's limitations I would say go for it.

The graphics are a little more limited, the resolution not as sharp, the controls a little clunky, but there is an immersion you can only get in VR.

Resi 7 would not have bothered me in the slightest playing on TV, VR made it a very different experience, same for Wipeout, I can't imagine any Wipeout fan wanting to play it any other way.

I have had some great experiences, But VR still has a lot of growing up to do, there will come a time where it truly blurs reality, and I can't wait.

posted on 14/4/18

Good information AmigaWolf. If it's discounted I'll look into one.

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