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LSTD Season 10 awards - and it's live!

13:08 Hello and welcome everyone to the moment everyone has been waiting for. Guests flood in from across the globe, from Taiwan to Scotland, we're all here to see one thing...who's going to be this years player and manager of the season? Both Rof and Fan are nominated for the award and are vying to win it for a record 3rd time, whilst the likes of TAB are aiming to get a new name on the award page. Stay tuned.

13:10 Before that though, we have a lot of awards that few care about, but we're all going to put up with as thats where the award money's at. Stay tuned.

13:12 The first award of the night then is going to be awarded to the Flop of the season, I'd like to thank everyone for their suggestions, there were some crackers, but here come the top three.....

13:14 In third place we have Sergi Samper. Fan signed him on loan for game time and tried to get away with not playing him. Not only did Samper fail to feature, but it also led to Fan being banned from auctions and game time signings. In second place we have Aston Villa, who went from challenging for top 4 to finishing behind Birmingham and Arsenal. But your winner.......

Fan's pursuit of Antoine Griezmann and Miralem Pjanic Congrats Fan.

13:16 Next up is the Wooden Spoon Award.

13:18 In third place LSTD who having developed a bizarre love of young men over the summer, managed to relegate Stoke City. Even more bizarre, most people are now following this trend of signing youth. In 2nd place we have JYAF. Last years winner took little part in the league this year, but he's still the biggest muppet around, and yes that includes you Fan. The winner is.....

Tino. Congratulations on a terrible season, which included 8 walkovers.

13:22 After a short musical interlude, we will focus on the most improved categories.


13:26 Thank you Chumbwumba, that was exactly what was needed. Next up then, its the Most Improved Team of the Season. Probably not the award you want to win though, last year it was Villa, the season before that it was Bournemouth.

13:28 In 3rd place we have Wolves who managed to break into Europe this season and win the League Cup, two fantastic achievements. In 2nd place we have Birmingham City, who have gone from fighting relegation to a European place. But the winner....

Tottenham Hotspurs. Promoted just two seasons ago they have gone from relegation threatened to finishing 5th, and for much of the season looked a major threat to the top 4. To top this off they got their hands on the FA Cup too.

1331 Next up then we have the Most Improved Player, a new award for this season. In 3rd place we have Malcom, who helped guide Arsenal into the Europa League. In 2nd place Milan Skriniar went from loaned out from Villa to main man at the back for Liverpool, which has since prompted Ludy to resgn him, now for Newcastle. The winner....

Mohammed Salah. The Newcastle United winger has gone from laughing stock to taking much of the weight off of Luis Suarez's shoulders, to the point where he has outscored last years Player of the Season.

13:35 Now to the hotly contested Most Improved Manager award. Can Nadz regain the title after a steller season at Birmingham, or can someone new claim the crown?

In 3rd place it is Nadz, well done. In 2nd place we have Lubo. After years of drifting from club to sacked and back again, he seems to have found a stable home in Arsenal, steering them away from relegation into the Europa spots and getting to a Europa semi-final. In first place though....

Marky. Marky's finally stopped being ruubish and the results are outstanding, 7th place, Europa League next season and a League cup trophy to boot.

13:39 Not long until the big awards now, but first we take a a quick detour to see who you've voted for as your Best Tactician. For the past 3 years this has been a battle between Rof and LSTD, two of the greatest tactical minds in Sports Gaming history, can anyone get in their way this year? In 3rd place this year we have Welshy. The sports gaming pioneer of the 3-1-3-1-2 is back . But that means its the same as last year elsewhere LSTD narrowly beaten by one vote as Rof retains his crown.

13:43 The first important award of the afternoon then...Surprise Player of The Season - who can take the crown from Sadio Mane? In third place we have Michy Batshuayi who is a surprise because he's actually in the nominees despite barely playing. In 2nd place its Alvaro Odriozola who came from now where to hold down a position in the Champions' 11 and then get his dream summer move to Liverpool. Taking over from his teammate though.......

Mohammed Salah. His second award of the night, Salah has surprised you more than any other player, and for good reason as he stood out in a fairly underwhelming Newcastle United side.

13:48 Next up then, because I forgot to do it earlier, is the Signing of the Season. Last years winner Cristiano Ronaldo is one of the favourites to win Player of the season this time around, so this years winner has much to live up to. In third we have Ivan Rakitic who signed for Hull City and helped to keep them up. He's since been flogged over summer to Chelsea, so may be up for this again next year! In 2nd we have Paulo Dybala who's 23 goals and 17 assists in 42 starts for Liverpool after taking over from Griezmann aren't quite enough to win him the crown. Instead it goes to.....

Pierre Emerik Aubameyang. Wolves signed this man after his fine season at Liverpool and he managed to finish as top scorer this season, which goes to show what can be done when the team you're playing for isn't holding you back in results!

13:53 Next up then we go to the awards for the league's top emerging superstars. We will start with the Young Team of the Season.

13:55 The 11 is as follows: Ederson (Portsmouth); Alvaro Odriozola (Leicester City), Andreas Christensen (Liverpool), Milan Skriniar (Liverpool), Philipp Max (Hull City); Bernardo Silva (Tottenham), Lucas Torreira (Liverpool), Sergeij Milinkovic-Savic (Liverpool), Mikel Oyarzabal (Stoke City); Tino Werner (Portsmouth), Gabriel Jesus (Chelsea).

13:58 Next up then the Young Player of the Season and its been a tight competition. In third we have Marco Asensio, who shone for Leicester alongside Ronaldo and Hazard, and will hope to do the same for Spurs next season. In 2nd its Kylian Mbappe, the young French forward started throughout the campaign for Chelsea and helped them to a CL title. The winner though....

Sergeij Milinkovic-Savic. The next Pogba is a well saught after man this summer, and looks set to be a key man for Liverpool for years to come.

14:02 Next up the we move to the seniors, this is where Fan usually comes alive, will he or any of his players get their hands on any awards? First up the Team of the Season.

14:04 David De Gea (Chelsea); Dani Carvajal (Chelsea), Sergio Ramos (Leicester City), Samuel Umtiti (Liverpool), Marcelo (Leicester City); Mohammed Salah (Newcastle United), N'Golo Kante (Leicester City), Kevin De Bruyne (Portsmouth), Neymar (Chelsea); Paulo Dybala (Liverpool), Cristiano Ronaldo (Leicester City).

14:05 Picking a winner for Player of The Season was expected to be a difficult one but one player eventually started to run away...In third place we have Neymar and 2nd its Paulo Dybala But who won?

The Player of the Season is.......

Cristiano Ronaldo

14:08 Here we are then, the climax. Few make it to this point with much chance of continuing on, but lets see who has, is it another all Scottish fight, or will there be some new talent on show? It's Manager of the Season

14:10 Coming 3rd we have Maky Well done Marky.

14:11 In 2nd we have TAB, well done TAB, 2nd place in his first season! That means Fan or Rof to break the record...


The winner, for the third time, ROF! Congratulations on your first league title, and a record for Manager of the Season.

Award Money:
Arsenal - 28m
Aston Villa - 21m
Birmingham City - 25m
Bournemouth - 15m
Chelsea - 56.5m
Everton - 17m
Hull City - 20m
Leicester City - 61.5m
Liverpool - 48.5m
Man City - 13.5m
Newcastle United - 41m
Portsmouth - 44m
Tottenham - 42m
Wolves - 36.5m

comment by Marky (U19443)

posted on 1/7/18

Stopped being rubbish

posted on 1/7/18

posted on 1/7/18

posted on 1/7/18

Salah stealing the show

posted on 1/7/18

No Iniesta starting for Spain

posted on 1/7/18

An award and a runners up. Not bad

posted on 1/7/18

That settles it then Ronaldo > Messi, Messi never been lstd poty

posted on 1/7/18

Well done on another great season guys

posted on 1/7/18


posted on 1/7/18

Congrats Rof

Cheers for the live awards LSTD

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