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posted 1 week ago

oh Drawing subs, Almiron on for Barnes not Mata

posted 4 days, 7 hours ago

------------------------ Oblak -------------------------
E.Hysaj ------ Stones ------ Varane ------ Sandro
-------------- Fabinho ------- de Jong --------------
Mbappe -------------- Pogba -------------- Neymar
-------------------- Lewandowski --------------------

Meret, Barella, Aouar, Zaniolo, Chiesa, Thorgan, Piatek

Possession football, quick on the break and really pressurise the opposition with an in your face performance from the front, we want to hit them quickly so we need to press them quickly to get the ball, when we defend, de Jong, Fabinho and Pogba just in front harassing the man with the ball before they get to our back 4 and our front 3 in and around the half way line, Lewandowski slightly higher up, this will congest the midfield and allow us to dictate play, stop them coming forward from the back, however, if they do push forward onto us and we get the ball they will be on the back foot and will really struggle with our front 3/4 with Fullbacks who are always ready to pounce and hit them with pace.

Varane picks up the CF, Stones spare picks up the AM if he gets away from our midfield, keep the forward(s) away from the danger area, get onto them quickly and be strong, take the ball away from them and play it out of defence, look to get it out wide quickly when we have possession, Both are comfortable on the ball so can bring it out when in no danger and look for the pass longer to the forwards to hit them with pace, both must attack high balls to get the ball away from the Liverpool big men. Fullbacks must keep the wingers quiet, stop them and we stop a lot of there attacks They will look to keep them away from shooting areas and stop them becoming dangerous in any position by standing tall against them and keeping them on there 'bad' foot. When they attack, only one at a time, as to not let ourselves be exposed, they drive down the line in support of the wingers. the two always make themselves available to the wingers. If either get caught up field I want Fabinho to drift to the side and this allows the fullbacks to make their way to midfield to cover. I want both Stones and Varane to go up for corners, with the fullbacks and Fabinho sitting back.

In the centre of the pitch are de Jong, Fabinho and Pogba. Fabinho our deepest player sitting just in front of the CB's he will shadow there AM and not allow him to control the game, de Jong and Pogba have to be disciplined and lend a hand to stop them coming through. Fabinho must be aware of all that is around him, be in the right place at the right time and look to cover for defensive players moving forward, he has to impose himself early on the AM to make him wary of holding onto the ball too long, once on the ball look around, head up and pick the pass that will get us moving forward quickly always making himself for a return ball from a deeper angle as he he spreads it from side to side then eventually forward he is always looking for the ball to start again if need be, can be out to the fullbacks or indeed a longer ball to the front three to take the opposition out of it as they are still high up the pitch. de Jong slightly higher up the pitch, he will stop the run of play quicker to make our defenders jobs a lot easier, make our midfield very difficult to pass through, protect our defence and Fabinho as best as possible and again in possession get it to the front 3 but also look for fullbacks and Pogba as they move into space, keep it simple, he has a very good range of pass. Either pass and move(triangles) into space or look for a piercing through ball to our front three to drive onto.Can move forward to assist and look for balls coming out so he can either, shoot or whip straight back in. Pogba is essential to our style of play, he is the link between defence and attack, I want him higher up the pitch today so as we break quickly he will look to set up our front three and at times be in an advanced No.10 role and look for the de Jong/Fabinho/CB pass. he will follow his pass and make up the numbers up front. When he doesn't drop deep i.e when the defenders go long, he will look to form a front four as they move around and look to tear the defence apart. All of our midfield three must press the opposition and get to grips with this game very early on.

Our wingers are extremely quick, when we don't have the ball they drop back a bit to make up the numbers as they attack, push into the faces of the opposition to force them into mistakes and hopefully in the end they lose the ball, when they do lose the ball we charge at them and we do it quickly, either a long ball over defenders, go through the cms or out to one of our attacking fullbacks.however, the movement up front between Mbappe and Neymar will cause them problems drifting in an out, thus allowing Pogba to pick his moment to move into space either as a 10 or out wide. If he does push wide this will allow Mbappe/Neymar to go in central as we will have an attacking fullback up and supporting. Quick passing in triangles that will get us in and beyond their defenders and eventually to Lewandowski who can beat any defender and the other winger (Neymar or Mbappe) who will look to get into space to get a shot off, if there defence is on top then we can always go direct at times and fire early crosses especially from deep from the fullbacks into Lewandowski who will sit on the last foot so he can spring them and have a shoot or sight mentality, we must always make sure he is well supported, if he cant get the shot away he will be looking to bring others into the game by dropping slightly back to get numbers for the attack. We are quick up front so when we hit the Arsenal defence they will struggle to cope especially as the game comes to the last 10/15ins as defenders tire with the movement and the pace we do it at

Captain - Varane
Pens - Mbappe
Corners - Wingers
Free Kicks - Neymar

Subs -
65 Mins - Fabinho drop to a 3rd CB, Hysaj and Sandro to midfield and Mbappe, Neymar either side of Lewandowski, 343
72 Mins - Chiesa for Hysaj, more of an attacking threat down the right

(Any time after these subs are made)If we draw level, Sandro back to LB, Fabinho to RB, Barella for Pogba (sit beside de Jong) and Mbappe goes to a free role behind Lewandowski, back to 4231

80 Mins - Piatek for Lewandoswki

Winning -
75 Mins - Barella for Pogba, Fabinho drops back, Barella sits beside de Jong 4141
80 Mins - Piatek for Lewandowski
85 Mins - Aouar for Neymar, help see it out

Drawing -
70 Mins - Barella for de Jong, fresh legs
80 Mins - Aouar for Pogba, fresh legs
82 Mins - Piatek for Lewandowski

posted 3 days ago

-------------------------- Courtois ------------------------
Cancelo ----- M.Skriniar ----- Boateng -- Hernandez
------------- Fernandinho ----- Eriksen ----------------
O.Dembele ----------- M.Asensio ----------- A.Martial
-------------------------- M.Icardi ------------------------

Hart, Bailly, Partey, Jorginho, Draxler, Haller, Jovic

Captain: Fernandinho
Free Kicks: Eriksen
Penalties: Icardi
Corners: Eriksen

Moving the ball at speed will be the focus of our play as we go with an attacking 4-2-3-1 formation today as we aim for 3 points. Our three AM’s in support of Icardi will be key components of this style as we feel we pose threats from all angles with plenty of goals in our lineup. Fernandinho and Eriksen offer great quality on the ball from a slightly deeper position as they both possess a fantastic range of passing, able to break the lines and play that killer pass in to our attacking quartet. We will look to dictate the play and frustrate the opposition when in possession, continually moving them around, making them chase the ball by switching flanks. In doing so we will not only be wearing them down but also continually pulling them out of shape, breaking down their defensive structure as we look to make numerous openings as we go for goals in today’s match up.

Whilst the opposition have some dangerous players we will look to significantly limit their impact by retaining possession, we will force them to track back or risk leaving their defence exposed when we push forward in numbers. We aim to make things uncomfortable for them and we feel that limiting their ability to have the ball in attacking areas will severely limit any threat posed. When they are in possession our wingers drop in as we play a compact 4-5-1 formation. The aim of the game will be to break at speed with our wide players offering an immediate outlet when we win back possession. Turning defence into attack in the blink of an eye.

We aim to play on the front foot, hit them early to take the lead and then exploit the space in behind as they push forward for an equaliser. We start fast, high intensity and pressing from the front, putting them under immediate pressure we can force mistakes early on.


We go with a strong defensive unit at the back, packed with experience and quality we look to nullify the threat posed by the oppositions attack. We have two strong and aerially imposing CB’s to deal with the threat posed by their forwards. We will look to be dominant at the back as we aim to take the sting out of the opposition early on and play on the front foot. Our fullbacks have license to push forward when in possession, however one at a time. They will look to be more conservative as usual as with a solid defensive unit. We look to draw the opposition onto us, with their attack minded wingers and fullbacks we feel we can exploit the space they leave behind and hit them with devastating effect on the counter with the pace and directness of Dembele, Asensio and Martial.

If the opposition play one up top then Skriniar will mark, strong and aggressive we feel he has all the tools to deal with any opponent. Boateng will sweep up and cover in behind, a fantastic reader at the back he will also be the one to bring the ball out from defence. Nothing fancy just look to get the ball into the feet of our CM’s or the runs of our wide men who will look to do all the damage.


Fernandinho will control the midfield and offer additional protection through the middle, sitting alongside Eriksen he will be key to our style of play with their quick passing. Keep the ball moving, continually recycling possession and making the opposition chase shadows. Don’t force the issue as we aim to run them down, tired legs leads to tired minds and we feel that this will lead to plenty of openings as we continually move them out of shape. Forming a double pivot in front of our defence they not only offer protection but form the first line of our attack. Look for the early runs of the wide players as they possess electric pace and will be looking to get in behind the oppositions defence at all times.


Frightening pace, electrifying dribbling and deadly finishing, we feel our front four have it all. Our wide players will look to take the opposition on at will. Dembele and Martial both have license to cut in from the flanks and go for goal, we encourage them to utilise their terrific pace and go at the opposition. Draw in the oppositions CB’s which in turn creates space for Icardi to be slipped in and finish. Asensio occupies the AM role, a gifted technician he will be looking to take the opposition and craft opportunities all afternoon. With the runs of Icardi, Dembele and Martial to pick out we feel that he will thrive. Aside from offering blistering pace and fantastic dribbling, he also possesses a fantastic strike from distance and we encourage him to try his luck and any opportunity.

Our three AM’s are all interchangeable, giving our wide players license to come inside centrally with Asensio comfortable on either flank. This will make things extremely difficult for the opposition as they will constantly being pulled out of position to cover the space. All three have fantastic work rate and will be a constant outlet as they make runs in behind when our deeplying playmakers are in possession. We have numerous options when on the attack and really look to test the opposition defence with a goal threat from every angle. Icardi plays through the middle, a player with fantastic movement and real predator. Immediately look to get into the box when we’re on the attack as he look to get in on goal at every opportunity.


If winning:
65 mins: Eriksen off, Partey on.
75 mins: Martial off, Bailly on. 5-4-1 shut up shop time as we tighten up with a solid defensive unit as we see the game out and take the 3 points.

If drawing:
65 mins: Fernandinho off, Jorginho on.
75 mins: Martial off, Jovic on. We move to 4-2-2-2 with Dembele and Asensio on the flanks whilst Icardi and Jovic are up top as we go for the winner.

If losing:
55 mins: Fernandinho off, Jovic on.
65 mins: Hernandez off, Haller on. We revert to 3-4-3 with Icardi, Jovic and Haller up top as we go for goals, goals, goals.

posted 2 days, 12 hours ago

————————Ter Stegen

Pope, Christensen, Tielemans, Loftus-Cheek, Bernardo Silva, Brandt, Dybala

Captain: Marc Andre Ter Stegen
Free Kicks: Harry Kane
Corners: Jadon Sancho
Penalties: Harry Kane

The aim of our build up play will be to get the ball into the free CB, as well as drawing Chelsea’s midfield forward. Position our midfield deeper, with Ndidi just ahead of the CBs, CMs dropping towards play, CBs stretched out and FBs slightly higher in line with Ndidd, creating a diamond in both half spaces through which we can escape pressure, before switching to the CB on the free side (can use Ter Stegen when needed). CB can carry the ball forward into the space and the aim from here should be to get the ball into the wingers with space to run at the opposition FBs, or find our CMs in space between the lines.

When establishing possession we use short passing combinations, minimal spacing between players, staggered between the lines. Allows for quick movement of the ball, shifting constantly to different lines, drawing more of a reaction from the opposition and sucking them in towards the ball to open up space elsewhere, which we can quickly switch into. The constant movement of the ball, and constant movement of our players, changing runs and swapping positions, creates a mental overload on the opponent, with some players chasing to follow the ball, and others the man, allowing us to break their defensive structure and unmark ourselves higher up the field. The opponent then has to react to the hole that they leave, and this sucks defenders out of the last line of defence, allowing us to play in their blindsides.

Ndidi and the CBs are the second pass facilitators of this style, with a better view of the pitch ahead of them, and more space to work in they have the best access to passing lanes, and can make the best choice of where to build attacks. When these guys get the ball with space, the players ahead of them must make runs, particularly using a CM, or a winger to make a run in behind their defence for a quick lofted pass.

Milinkovic is the main creator in the side today, roaming the midfield to link play, and find space in the half space / between the lines, drifting wide to overload their FBs, as well as combining closely with Kane to attack the box. McKennie will have a box to box role, his energy will be key when recovering possession, but he links play well too, and his direct running, in particular in behind the defence can be a big weapon for us.

Our wingers look to create positional superiority alongside our CMs and Kane. Sancho can stretch the game and pin the FB back, to open up more 1 v 1 battles for our CMs and himself. He also looks to make runs in behind as with his pace as the Chelsea defence will have to drop and become detached from midfield, or risk being beaten in a foot race. Lozano is given a free role when we attack, we want him picking up pockets of space close to Milinkovic and Kane in order to overload the opposition, particularly space between the defence and midfield as Milinkovic already occupies the opposition DM. When he gets the ball he moves it quickly and when he’s passed it on, he makes his own run towards goal.

Kane is the focal point in attack, at times dropping offer to connect play and allow to allow our runners to get in behind as he drops deeper to draw the CBs with him and other times looking to be the main man in the box. Chelsea’s CBs are quick on the ground so the constant rotation in our attack and midfield are going to be key to dismantling them, making opposite runs to force split second decisions that gain us the crucial half a yard. Whilst their CBs are good on the ground, we feel Kane has the advantage aerially so crosses will be key.

Off the ball we use a 4-5-1 shape. We will look to high press, with three key triggers. Firstly a ball played between CBs. Kane will look to pressure the ball carrying CB, closing vertical passing lanes. When one CB passes to the other CB, our ball side CM will step up and press in the same manner as Kane, creating a 4-4-2. Wingers stay tucked into the half spaces to make vertical passes difficult, Ndidi always slightly deeper than the other CM to create a strong core. This should force them to the corners, which is our next pressing trigger. When this happens, the winger steps out to press the FB, with CF and CM in the first line of defence also pushing out to the wing, looking to pen the FB in, with our FB pushing higher up to condense space and cut passing lanes to the winger (far side winger, Ndidi and the other CM create a strong midfield 3).

The final trigger is pressing from Goalkicks. Our front three will come narrow, covering the width of the box, wingers pressing the Cbs if they try to play out, CMs can go out to the FBs when needed, whilst Kane covers passing lanes to the DM. Force them to go long from GKs.

The back line adjusts their position based on the position of the ball and team mates, so when Chelsea have the ball with their defence and we are high pressing, the back 4 will be pushed up right behind the midfield line, keeping minimal space between the lines, shutting down passing lanes in the middle to force the opponents wide or long. Our 3 lines move up and down in unison, so when Chelsea have periods of established possession in our half, our 4-5-1 shape falls right back together to keep us compact, using the same pressing triggers as we would higher up.


If Winning: Christensen for Sancho 70’, 5-3-2. Dybala and Loftus-Cheek for Lozano and Milinkovic 75’, fresh legs to keep Chelsea’s defence honest as they look to push for an equaliser.

If Drawing: Loftus-Cheek for McKennie 70’, he provides an extra drive to the midfield and is able to beat the press and carry the ball forward. Bernardo Silva for Lozano 75’, fresh creativity in the side. Dybala for Milinkovic 80’, 4-2-3-1, get Dybala working closely with Kane.

If Losing: Dybala for Lozano 60’, comes on and has a free role. Brandt and Bernardo for McKennie and Milinkovic 70’, these two come on and look to force Chelsea’s more offensive minded midfielders onto the back foot, start getting balls into the forwards much faster.

If Pens:
1. Harry Kane
2. Paulo Dybala
3. Bernardo Silva
4. Hirving Lozano
5. Sergeij Milinkovic-Savic
6. Julian Brandt
7. Jadon Sancho
8. Ruben Loftus-Cheek
9. Jose Gaya
10. Jonny Castro
11. Alvaro Odriozola
12. Niklas Sule

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posted 2 days, 11 hours ago

BRUM VS Man City - FA cup


Subs - Lunin, Kehrer, Kessie, Cristante, Zakaria, Bailey, Dembele


I want us to hold a deep defensive line to start of with so the oppo dont get an early goal. Keep things simple in the beginning and only pressure the oppo when they get in our half. When we have the ball I want the team to play pass and move football. Don't stay static, try and get in behind the oppo defence as there is a lot of pace in our attacking players. As the game goes on, when we don't have the ball I want the team to defend from the front line and pressure the oppo and try and win possession back. Do this in fits and bursts as it is a tiring tactic.

Lafont is a quality young keeper. Don't take risks. Punch the ball away if the shot is too powerful. Command your area. The defence is well balanced. Marquinhos and Maguire bring a whole lot of experience and pace to the defence. Maguire will use his experience to marshal the defence and Marquinhos will look to use his pace to close the oppo strikers down. Stay vocal with each other and cover for each other if oppo gets past one of you. Full backs will start of with a conservative mind set and not attack too much but as the game goes on I want them to make overlapping runs and get some crosses in to the box. Rice will be covering for them when they go attacking.

Defence Mids
Rice + Valverde
Rice will be the anchor in the middle. Stay back in front of the defence and protect the defence with your life. If the oppo play an AM then stick close to him and mark him if possible. When our fullbacks are attacking then your main priority will be to cover for them. When in possession pass the ball out to the wings or play a through ball from deep to our wingers.
Valverde will look to sit deep and be the gap between the defence and the midfield and play as the deep lying playmaker. When he has the ball I want him to pass the ball forward and try and play through balls for our wingers to run onto. I want the team to use him as an outlet to get play started or when the oppo is pressing us I want him to use his expert ball control to keep hold of possession of the ball. When not in possession of the ball I want him to sit alongside Rice in the middle and protect the defence.

Neres + Anderson
These 2 will be the focal point of my attack. I want to give them the freedom to express themselves in attack. Anderson will be looking to cut in from the left and Neres likewise from the right. I want you both to try and beat the oppo fullbacks with your pace and dribbling ability but don't try too hard as if you see them doubling up on you you can either pass back or into the centre of the pitch to one of our CM's. I want you both to be aware of our fullbacks and play pass and move 1 2's with them to try and penetrate the oppo back line. Dalot and Chilwell are no slouches attacking wise so use them! If you can cut in onto your stronger foot, don't be afraid to shoot from range as you both have the ability to score from long range. If there is no space to do so then take the ball to the byline and whip in crosses for Higuain to get his head on. When we are defending corners I want both of them to stay near the halfway line so we can hit the oppo on the counter attack.

Attack Mid
Zaha will be playing just behind Higuain and will look to help him out in attack. Be ready for passes into your feet and shoot if you see an opportunity. Mix up your attacking runs to throw off the oppo DM. I want him to dribble with the ball and play 1 2's with the rest of the team. Shoot if you see an opening.

Higuain will look to use his strength to get the better of the oppo defence. Be vary of crosses into the box as you are decent in the air, and if you are through on goal, use your expert finishing to score. Time your runs off the shoulders of the oppo CB's and hold the ball up for Anderson/Neres to make infield runs ahead of you.

Put on Dembele for Valverde, Bailey for Neres and Cristante for Zaha to bring some more pace on. Play a high line and try and get a goal. Change formation to 41212.


Take off Zaha and put on Kehrer in CB. Play defensive with everyone in our own half defending for their lives, waiting to hit the oppo on the counter attack. Bailey on for Neres and Kessie for Valverde to add a bit more strength into the midfield.


Bailey on for Neres
Kessie on for Rice
Dembele on for Higuain
Fresh legs to bring on.

posted 2 days, 10 hours ago

High tempo attacking 4-3-3

We look to play our usual attacking game and take the game to Spurs, controlling possession and the tempo of the game. Control possession and find space in between the opposition lines. Get Thiago on the ball and looking to play killer balls to open up the opposition using the pace of our attacking players. Create for Ronaldo.

Tolisso and Richarlison come in for Thiago and Ronaldo, less quality but more athleticism and high energy work rate on and off the ball. Use their high tempo play to create space for the likes of Hazard and Thiago in midfield. Hazard has more freedom and looks to find space wherever he can in the final third.

Key to our attack is quick passing play, not looking to force the play but moving the ball quickly. Pass and move. Tire the opposition out physically and mentally with our possession and high tempo play. Predominantly short passing on the deck, but varying our play when a counter is on.

As you'd expect, possession starts at the back, Ramos the man marker next to Laporte who is free. In midfield, Rodri reading the play looking to win the ball back as the dm alwatys staying back and offering cover, Thiago and Tolisso will offer inteligence defensively, with the pressing of Thiago and Tolisso in high areas also improtant.

Rodri and Tolisso collecting the ball and offering the link between defence and attack, get Thiago on the ball and get pushing up the pitch, let him pick the passes. But we also have great pace, so mix it up going through or over the top to expose the space behind them. Quick one twos between the two and the attacking trio and Mendy and Trent always looking to provide an option.

The defence will be patient on the ball, will be hugely important in keeping possession and pushing us up the pitch. Playing a reasonably high line, with good pace at the back and energy in front. As soon as we get the ball to our midfield, we look to move the ball quickly, quick passing and moving.

In attack we play with width to stretch the game and open up Spurs. Get the fbs attacking. One bombing forward the other fb remains a little more reserved offering option to go back and switch play.

Hazard has a free role in attack, with Mendy offering width on the left. On the right, Sane stays wide stretching the game looking to take on their lb.

--------------------- Neuer
Trent.A-A - S.Ramos - Laporte - B.Mendy
---------------------- Rodri
--------------- Thiago --- Tolisso
L.Sane ------------------------------ Hazard
-------------------- Ronaldo

Subs. Schmeichel, Pavard, Casemiro, Modric, Ceballos, A.Correa, Richarlison

Defending in numbers

When we lose the ball the closest player presses the ball, the second closest presses the obvious passing channel. As they’re doing this everyone else bar Ronaldo gets behind the ball into position. Stop them breaking.

In a narrow, rigid formation, we will look to press the space, not allowing them options. Draw them in to positions where they can’t hurt us, and then try and win the ball back. Then get forward quickly.

As Spurs advance into higher areas of the park and into our half, our shape will resemble a 4-1-4-1. Our wingers will track any forward runs made by their fbs, and Rodri presses the space in front of our cbs, sweeping up danger in front of the defence, the cms pressing their midfield.

In this tight formation narrowing to the side of play, ensuring there are no gaps in the formation. Rodri will be key, reading the play in between the defence and midfield, getting across to cut out any danger. Tolisso picks up the most advanced cm. The winger opposite play comes inside and sits on their deepest cm while Thiago presses the space next to and in front of Rodri. Our fb’s have fantastic pace up against their wide forwards, bide their time, not diving in.


Get the ball out wide, Rodri spreading the play, Tolisso box to box and Thiago dictating the play. The trio's movement will be key in opening up the opposition defence.

The cm trio seeking to collect the ball from the defence, and seeking to start our attacks from the back. Spreading play, and setting the tempo of the game. We look to find space between their defence and midfield, committing defenders from there and playing killer balls.

We want quick one twos in the opposition half. Thiago, Tolisso and the wingers will always be looking for the killer ball. If it is not on, we are happy to keep the ball moving and keep possession.

If winning after 70 mins bring on Correa for Sane. He's a super sub, and offers huge work rate.
If winning after 75 mins bring on Casemiro for Tolisso.
If winning after 80 mins bring on Modric for Thiago. Fresh legs and composure to see the game out.

If drawing after 70 mins bring on Modric for Tolisoo. More creativity.
If drawing after 75 mins bring on Correa for Sane. Super sub.
If drawing after 80 mins bring on Richarlison for Rodri.

If losing after 60 mins bring on Pavard and Correa for Mendy and Trent. 3-6-1. Sane left, Correa right, Hazard just off Ronaldo in a free role.
If losing after 75 mins bring on Modric for Rodri.

1. Hazard
2. Thiago
3. Modric
4. Ronaldo
5. Correa
6. Ramos
7. Neuer

comment by Marky (U19443)

posted 1 day, 10 hours ago


Injuries: Pereira, Diawara, Rakitic, Wendell

------------------- Leno
Hakimi - Barzagli - D Luiz - Tagliafico
---- Hamsik - Khedira - Gundogan
---- Di Maria - Immobile - Perisic

Subs: Kepa, Tah, Maffeo, Sturaro, Ozil, Arnautovic, Vardy


A tough but winnable game today against Bournemouth, hopefully our back four will keep their attack at bay while causing problems of our own to their defence.

We are playing a 4-3-3 today, Leno in goal, Barzagli and David Luiz at centreback, Hakimi and Tagliafico at fullback, Hamsik, Khedira and Gundogan in midfield, Di Maria and Perisic either side of Immobile upfront.

This game is about controlling the tempo and giving us the best chance of getting the win today. Bournemouth are going to fight hard and our best hope is to be strong, disciplined and keep our concentration levels at maximum.

Leno - Distribute from the back to the fullbacks/CM's, stay in communication with your defence throughout, be wary of long range efforts and ensure you stay big for any one on ones. On occasion go long for Immobile.

Barzagli/Luiz - Luiz mark their striker, force them high up the pitch thus limiting his impact close to goal, and Barzagli to be the spare man, be first to the second ball and their AM making runs from midfield. When in possession bring the ball out of defence and use the midfielders ahead of you to help us play out from the back. Both of you go forward for setpieces.

Hakimi/Tagliafico - Both of you to force the Bournemouth wingers out wide, do not allow them to come inside as this will cause more problems for our midfield. They will want to cut inside so force them outside and block their crosses at source. They will try to create problems infield so its vital you only show them down the wing. If they play a diamond with no wingers you will need to form a narrow back four with the CB's and leave no spaces in behind. When we have possession, push forward and support Di Maria and Perisic as they will try to run inside the fullback and you will provide the overlap to either create space or supply crosses into the area for Immobile and link with Hamsik and Gundogan. You will need to track back very quickly to ensure we don't get caught on the break.

Khedira - Our DM today, sit in front of the back four, break up play, watch out for runs from deep from the opposition, when in possession use your range of passing to look for teammates in advanced positions, use Hamsik and Gundogan alongside you if you're closed down.

Hamsik/Gundogan - Two box to box midfielders today, one either side of Khedira at DM. Both of you are required to get back and assist Khedira in front of the back four when we don't have the ball, but both with the ability and the freedom to push forward and join the front three, while always leaving at least one of you behind the ball. Look to link with Di Maria, Perisic or Immobile.

Di Maria/Perisic - Both with the trickery to beat the Bournemouth fullback and get crosses in, you will also have our fullback overlapping giving you the chance to cut inside and get shots in. Look to supply Immobile with chances and also provide yourself with chances. Link up with Hamsik and Gundogan, and capitalise on the space Immobile's presence will create for you.

Immobile - you will be expected to occupy the Bournemouth centrebacks, hold up possession and look to turn the defender and shoot. Be strong in the air and look for your teammates trying to pick you out from deep. Shoot on sight. Stay on the last defender's shoulder for any passes in behind. Look to interchange with Di Maria or Perisic on occasion. Try and link with the two alongside you to create opportunities.


Subs 70 mins;
If winning: Immobile and Di Maria off, Sturaro and Arnautovic on. Change to 4-5-1, Sturaro to RM, Perisic to LM, Arnautovic the lone striker.

If drawing: Khedira off, Ozil on. Switch to a 4-2-3-1, Hamsik and Gundogan in midfield, Ozil to AM behind Immobile. Try and find a winner.

If losing: Luiz and Khedira off, Arnautovic and Ozil on. 3-1-4-2, Hakimi - Barzagli - Tagliafico at the back, Gundogan the playmaker from deep, Di Maria - Ozil - Hamsik - Perisic behind Arnautovic - Immobile upfront. Push for goals.

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Week 18

posted 5 hours, 41 minutes ago

Bournemouth (4-3-3) Week 18
Captain : Dias
Vice Captain : Musso

----------------- Paquetá

SUBS: Felipe, Reis, Fernandes, Cáseres, Vargas, Cunha, Driussi

SUMMARY: This week we go with a 4-3-3 set up although we will be a tad more conservative and operate with one holding/defensive midfielder (Zubeldia) who will be complimented with a deep sitting box to box midfielder (Bentancur). In front of them Paquetá will operate as the link between midfield and attack. This I feel will give us a better balanced midfield and while being absolutely defensively sound with 2 ‘sitting’ Bentancur will also be allowed the freedom (when the time arises) to link with Paquetá and attack. I think this set-up lets us link up quickly with our attack while at the same time that little bit of extra cautiousness means it will be easy for us to close the door in midfield with all 3 players as comfortable sitting and breaking up attacks if necessary.
We want to play a nice tidy and crisp passing game. Our aim is to move the ball forward as quickly and as effectively as possible. When we have the ball we will use it wisely and when we don’t have the ball then we will press our opponents all over the park with high urgency to win it back. We want to keep the ball on the deck and attack as a team and equally as important defend as a team. This team is bursting with pace. We will utilise that to our advantage and make the pitch wide and use our flying wingers to cause all sorts of mayhem. It will also be a tool that we use to hit opponents on the counter where we know we can out pace any team.
Goalkeeper: Musso is a big mobile keeper and very agile. A great shot stopper, he will communicate with the back 4 and be commanding with the high ball. He will not take any risks. He is a great distributor with both hand and foot and we will look to this as a way to launch quick attacks.
Defence: Our 2 full backs are there firstly to defend and make sure they stay on the right side of their opponents whether they be out wide or cutting inside. When we are on the attack they will be allowed to use their power and pace to provide the overlap on the flanks. They both have the power and the lungs to work the touchline for 90 minutes. They will make the pitch wide and always offer themselves as an option in attack. Our 2 centre halves are big 6 feet plus ball playing defenders. Both good in the air and equally as good with the ball at their feet. They will be asked to do the simple things well. Be aggressive but controlled in the tackle and never lose your man when defending dead ball situations. They will be able to bring the ball out of defence but if in doubt take absolutely no chances and clear it. Both big men will be a real aerial threat at set pieces.
Midfield: We will operate with one holding/defensive midfielder (Zubeldia). He will be the midfield general. A physical pacey midfielder he will be there to boss this area for us. Breaking up play and filling in as an extra defender if one of our back 4 has ventured forward. He will be there to protect the defence and do a lot of the unseen dirty work in the centre of the park. He is essential to our game plan and while sitting deep will still offer a lot with his great passing ability. He also has a thunderbolt right foot. He will be complimented with a deep sitting box to box midfielder (Bentancur). He has a more conservative role this week and while being a little more constrained than normal he will still have the opportunity to bomb forward when the time is right. They will both have to put a defensive shift in and both are very strong in the tackle. We will look at their enthusiasm and relentless pressing of the opposition as a way to hopefully get a bit of a grip on the midfield and at the very least not make it plain sailing for the opposition. In front of them Paquetá will operate as the link between midfield and attack.
Wingers/Centre Forward: When in possession both Pussetto and Everton will be expected to go for the direct approach and use their power and speed to take on the opposition defence and beat them and bring De Paquetá, Bentancur and Gómez in to play. They can vary their attacks as they see fit. Both players can play all across the middle so don’t be surprised to see them swapping wings. At times Bentancur may sit a bit deeper allowing Paquetá to slot in between both wingers, just behind the CF.
As well as an attacking force both wingers will also have to put a defensive shift when called upon and act as back up for their respective full backs.
Gómez starts as the CF. He won’t be short of support or ammunition with the attacking talent behind him. Great playing off the shoulder of the last man he is deadly in and around the box. A bag of energy and very strong we will also look for him to hold up and bring others in to play if it doesn’t seem to be on for him. We will look to get bodies in the box when attacking so he should always have an outlet. He is also great in the air and will provide an option from set pieces. When the shot is on he will take it but we also want to put himself about in the box and think that his lightning pace will be a real handful for defences. He will also be alert to any scraps in and around the goal. He has the ability to produce something sublime and create a chance out of nothing.
Free Kicks/Corners: Paquetá, Everton or Pussetto with Romero, Dias, Zubeldia and Gómez to offer an aerial threat. Paquetá and Everton (with his thunderbolt left foot) may try their luck with several free kicks from distance.

Substitutions: (75 mins) If winning (and comfortable) then 3 like for like subs – Reis for Romero, Cáseres for Zubeldia and Driussi for Gómez.
If losing (70 mins) then switch to a 4-1-3-2 and replace Bentancur with Driussi and Pussetto with Cunha. Fresh legs and 2 attackers that carry a goal threat about them. We will look to their pace and freshness to offer us something different.
--------Driussi -----Gómez

Red Card Subs:
Keeper: Felipe for Musso and take off Paquetá: 4-4-1
FB: Reis as direct replacement (LB/RB) and take off Paquetá: 4-4-1
CB: Fernandes as direct replacement and take off Paquetá: 4-4-1
CM: Cáseres as direct replacement and take off Paquetá: 4-4-1
LW/RW/AM: Move Paquetá to LW/RW: 4-4-1
CF: Driussi as direct replacement and take off Paquetá: 4-4-1

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