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Can we talk about the game?

Was anyone one there that did not think we need to get rid of the manager or saw anything but doom and gloom.
Its a long way to go for a result like that but Bournemouth where no mugs we have been there three times i think and have never won so why do so many think it was going to be a nailed on win?

you can imagine i really rate their keeper and although apart form the second goal Kasper could not of stopped the others i would love a keeper like him.

Even Maddisons corners he snuffed out any danger and got the first goal move started.

posted on 19/9/18

I think we’ve seen the first evidence of the players losing trust in Puel.

He needs to get things working and fast.

5 games. Tick, tock...

posted on 19/9/18

Why Mersey where that coming from five games two wins midtable no tick tock im afraid.
This season the players are happier on the ball the passes are going forward not sideways new winger looks good maddison looks like a player we have needed for a long time. despite Saturday the defence looks ok and Ndidi and co in Midfield look solid.
As i say if you don't want to see it or like Mersey not want Puel as the manager and think there's pressure on him thats not and the players are about to revolt you won't see it.

posted on 19/9/18

Just thought I’d add a bit of drama and theatre to the situation Nev.

Tick, tock...

posted on 19/9/18

i can feel the tension matey

posted on 19/9/18

I generally agree with all of those positives Nev, but you are comparing it to last season which you suggested we shouldn’t be doing when reflecting...or are we saying only reflect against last season if it’s to cast Puel in a positive light...?

And secondly, and much more importantly, I don’t see a single one of those things you’ve mentioned being specifically because of, or working best in, our current formation and current tactics.

I think this is what you are completely missing - people aren’t not seeing Maddison playing well, Mendy and Ndidi looking decent, Chilwell having shown some progressing; people are suggesting that this ISNT because of the way we play it’s despite it, to a certain extent...that there would be a more efficient system/tactics to make these more useful and limit other current problems like the gaps down the wings defensively, lack of efforts at goal and limiting of Vardy’s offerings.

Again to make it very very clear - I think the absolute majority of grumblings are about the formation and tactics rather than a lack of recognition for what you mention. In fact, I think Puel is creating a rod for his own back playing this formation, he’s making it far more difficult (and as a result less effective) than it has to be.

and again...we are brought back to the question - why?? What is his long term plan for persisting with this type of formation? I don’t get it.

posted on 19/9/18

Ironic that Bournemouth thrashed us playing the ‘Leicester way’ direct quick counter attacks, I thought that style was dead, they even had less possession than us.

Who’s Season looks more positive, which team will be thinking this looks like another good Season?

posted on 19/9/18

It’s strange really why Nev wants to hide from
Last Season really.

When you compare the two periods of Puel’s style ( you know the bits between the dynamic, counter attacking successful Leicester Way ) then there has been a marked improvement on last Season, even on Saturday getting thrashed by the mighty Bournemouth the Football was actually far better thanlast season in the Puel period.

It’s the tactics that now seem to be the problem, is Puel big enough to change them?

posted on 20/9/18

Who's hiding anything those who want to dis Puel choose to take the long view,where as the judgement now will be on what he does with the players he's got playing the way he wants.
The owners already have written off last season and despite the hysteria to get rid of him by some. The decided to buy into his plans and fund him and his plan for youth which has already seen Chilwell and Gray being called up for England.
But if you don't want to see the positives i am not going to change your view.

posted on 20/9/18


Direct question for you and I would genuinely be interested in a direct answer to it. I have no interest in arguments/ramblings about People wanting Puel out, buying into his specific vision, etc. And completely ignoring the past season for a second as you mentioned, completely ignoring any signs that things aren’t working out and just purely concentrate on looking forward and be an optimist.

What part of his plan requires us to play 4-2-3-1 and with full backs so high up? As this is what is being criticised by some and defended by yourself - what exactly is it, in your opinion that is being excelled/optimised in this formation?

posted on 20/9/18

I really don't care what formation we play as long as it works and on Saturday it did not.
Even on Saturday we moved the ball well faster than last season but with no end product we are five games into the season and i think as ever we can get a good idea after 10 games i don't think Morgan has done much wrong apart from the obvious but i don't think the manager thinks Evans and the Turkish guy where better at this stage in the season.
As someone said in another post Roberto has made one of the highest amounts of tackles in the Premier league so far.
So i don't really get your point TBF in my opinion and thats all i can have i think we are playing better football this season.

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