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Is it ok to talk football?

I know this board has been subdued as we all come to terms with the shock of this week, but there is a game tomorrow.

Do we feel up to taking about it? I feel that the club has chosen to play, so we should.

I guess the biggest talking point for me is how much of Puel’s experiment we continue with this week. I personally felt our last game was one of our worst performances of the season.

Should Vardy be back in?
Should we go three at the back?
Should Soyuncu play again?

Personally my view is yes to all of the above, but I fear Puel will stick to a back 4 with anyone’s guess as to who in front of it. Soyuncu looked like he has real ability but totally rash and a red card waiting to happen last week. He looks like he could be a player but still has a lot of adapting to do.

Do you even care about the result? I do. I want to see us go out there and win a game of football if we choose to play. If for nothing else, to give a fitting tribute to Vichai.

Finally, thanks to Cardiff who have already shown huge class in supporting with the fixture. Along with other clubs who have been supportive, it’s hugely appreciated.

Whatever happens, it will be emotional. I will be stuck up north this weekend, but I will be stood shoulder to shoulder with my club and all my fellow Leicester fans. My heart will be with you all.

posted on 2/11/18

I think in general it’s fine to talk football as we focus on the next game but I think criticism of the performance against Cardiff would be uncalled for if the performance is a bad one. It really is a game we need to get through in order to start a process of closure over recent events.

I would be surprised if any Leicester fans even think of criticising the manager or players over the next wee or two - but eventually we have to move on and get back to matters on the pitch. And that’s what Vichai would want

posted on 2/11/18

As Nev said, the next two games at least are dead runners as far as performances or selections are concerned, may as well just stick 11 out there and tell them to get on with it.

Concentration will probably be the biggest issue for all concerned.

Get these 2 out the way and then we can start from a new starting point and see where we go.

PS. Claudio being back at King Power was so moving, what a massive shame it was under these circumstances.

posted on 2/11/18

I would echo what's been said so far about the next two games. They feel kind of like dead rubbers. Although of course for the opposition they won't be anything like that - Cardiff in particular need to win their home games to stay in the league. I think they'll be very difficult games all round, not least for the officials.

I think it's difficult to talk personnel or tactics before that, as to an extent I don't mind what Puel does on those fronts over the next couple of weeks.

posted on 2/11/18

TB also To see Nigel back and in such a dignified manner. already some Numpty on Twaater said Puels getting his excuses in for Saturday!
There's always one.
Its going to be hard for Cardiff players and fans as well lots of emotion all round

posted on 2/11/18

The next few games for you guys will be dead rubbers. Use it more to celebrate the good your late chairman done for the club and surrounding area.
It will also be difficult for away teams and fans. As much as they want to win they also don't want to dampen a delicate atmosphere. It'll be difficult for all

posted on 2/11/18

I echo the above,
It will be very hard for the cardiff players they really need to win this game and take advantage,
I would imagine they are talking things through this week,how do we celebrate a goal and show respect and if Leicester fall to pieces do we change to testimonial mode
Once were 3 goals up,
Hard one to call

posted on 2/11/18

Just been down to the King Power stadium this morning to pay my respects. Very emotional scene. The tributes now wrap around one entire end of the stadium. Thousands and thousands of floral bouquets and shirts and scarves from just about every team you can think of with some amazing messages of support. There were hundreds of people there just wanting to pay their respects and queuing up to sign the book of remembrance.

The support from all clubs and all supporters has been incredible and means so much.

Just heard on Talksport from the Cardiff Supporters Association what they intend to do tomorrow for Leicester fans with free food, drinks and a huge banner with both club crests and a flag of Thailand on it. Brings a tear to the eye.

Not really ready to talk football yet.

posted on 2/11/18

The players decision to play Saturday:


posted on 2/11/18

dublin - Despite everything, I hope the Cardiff players feel free to play their natural game. There shouldn't be any feeling of obligation not to celebrate a goal or a win, for either players or fans. Professionalism needn't be devoid of celebration and I certainly wouldn't see anything like that as disrespectful. This was a sport that Vichai himself enjoyed watching after all, and a twisting, turning, dramatic 4-3 win with both sides' supporters roaring their team onward would in many ways be a greater tribute than a subdued, solemn 0-0.

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