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City v burnley

So its here
Its going to be tough πŸ’™
Lets comment on the things you spot in the crowd
Chants commentators remarks and maybe even the football,

A day of remembrance on so many levels😒

" he's one of our own "

posted on 10/11/18

Sounds like we played well first half Dublin. Let’s hope we can make it count in the second...

posted on 10/11/18

Shame we couldn’t sneak a winner. I felt like a last minute winner would have been fitting, but alas no.

Sounded very emotional after the game.

posted on 10/11/18

I was listening via fb radio Leicester and it
Sounded very emotional
Loved that the fans chanted the ex managers names
And excellent respect from the burnley fans,
Ive heard on they came via the march and forest and derby were represented as well
Truly touching πŸ’™

comment by Jobyfox (U4183)

posted on 11/11/18

Well that was a unique game and a unique experience. One that you were grateful to be at, but glad to get out of the way.

I didn't really know what to expect. I thought it might be noisy and rapturous as football fans respond in the only way they usually know - defiance and parochial pride. This, however, was not a game for noisy chanting and songs.

The tributes to Vichai - around the ground, in the free programme, on the TV screens - were so poignant and sincere it was difficult not to get swept away by them. That's before the silence with scarves held aloft and the video played on the big screens. It was all so respectful and well done. I'm not prone to over sentimentality, but you'd have had to have a heart of stone not to be truly moved by it all. I don't know about others, but by the time the game started I actually felt physically tired and emotionally spent.

Somewhere below a game of football had started, but the crowd didn't react to it for quite a while. I think everybody was just a bit numbed by the opening tributes to get truly excited or vocal.

For what it's worth Leicester deserved to win. They actually moved the ball well in the first half and should have been out of site. The second half was poor, but if I felt drained physically and emotionally then God knows how the players felt. It's probably understandable that they tired towards the end against a Burnely side who were set up to be resilient. In the end I was just glad that they didn't spawn a 1-0 away win with a Chris Wood headed goal at the end - that would have felt inappropriate!

As I say, a truly memorable occasion, but a game that we just needed to get out of the way.

posted on 11/11/18

Thanks for sharing Joby - helps those of us that couldn’t make it.

posted on 11/11/18

I imagine that after the ceremonies
That the football match was quite surreal,
The starting ceremony came over very well on the internet,unfortunately they cut transmission shortly after the match,

Thanks for posting joby

posted on 11/11/18

I thought everyone handled yesterday admirably. Club, officials, players and fans. And that includes the Burnley contingent. Indeed it was very good of Chris Wood to balloon a late chance over the bar to ensure Leicester got at least a point from the day. (Bad joke)

It was a strange atmosphere. Nobody quite knew what to do, which is entirely understandable. The silence in the two-minute silence was exceptional, noted when a lone mobile ring-tone rang around the stadium. And I don't mean that to have a go. It even raised a wry smile and nobody reacted to it at all, at least not where I was. Perhaps a reminder that modern life continues.

And a special mention to the Birch as well. With everything he's done and been through over the years, to give what was essentially a eulogy, live, pre-match, in a situation where he must have felt so much pressure to find both the right words and the right intonation in front of the entire LCFC staff, grieving family, 30 thousand fans in the stadium and the likelihood in this day and age of potentially millions in social media knowing of any slip-up, that was mightily impressive.

As for the match itself; good first half, not so much in the second as quality just kind of eroded, couldn't put the ball in the net. I won't be doing a usual match report and ratings; for both this and the last one it obviously hasn't felt appropriate. Needless to say, I've been proud to watch the guys just getting through it.

posted on 11/11/18

Player stats are easy for this 2 games
Players substitutes squad all score 10.5 / 10.
Man of the match 32'000 + fans and everybody in the stadium yesterday

posted on 11/11/18

We were incredibly lucky and got offered Hospitality Tickets on Friday.

The Occasion was incredibly sad but also gave me immense pride at the same time in Our Club and City, I will never forget the scarves raised for the silence or the emotion of the Video of Vichai.

That phone DM mention was about 4 rows in front of us, luckily we'd thought to put ours on silent.

Our Luck also continued when getting into the Hospitality area as we had to go to the Reception, just getting my tickets standing next to The Birch, Shakey and Paul Gascoigne also walked in as well, a very friendly guy.

To be honest though the emotion didn't really set in until I made the mistake of watching us on MOTD just before going to bed, I couldn't get to sleep after that and just seemed to spend ages thinking about Football through my Life.

My Dad taking me when I was 8, the nice steward who'd let me through to sit in the seats behind the goal because I couldn't see sometimes, the boiled burgers!

Then later in life going to watch on a Saturday and playing Sunday League Football, the issues that caused with Girlfriends etc .

Then taking my kids along like my Dad with me, the Highs and Lows of Following City before Vichai took over and the incredible highs since then step after step.

Football has been part of my life for as long as I can remember but Yesterday was by far the Day I'll remember for as long as I live.

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