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PS4 game for my wife

So for the past two years my wife has stopped me from buying a Playstation. Everytime we were in Smyths to buy toys for the kids, I was eyeballing the PS consoles and she told me no. She was afraid she'd never see me again.

This week I have been telling her, I am going to get one in the black Friday sale and she still tried to talk me out of it. But this time there was no stopping me, so I just bought the PS4 and now she asks me... buy me a game

She likes zen games, relaxing games, there is this game where you are a mirage or a ghost in the desert just flying around collecting stuff. Anyone know the name of that game?

Or she likes games where you have to escape out of a room following clues. Any ideas what games that could be?

Any other ideas?


posted on 23/11/18

Yes Mike orange is correct, if you have the game on disk, you need the disk.

comment by Greg- (U1192)

posted on 23/11/18

She might enjoy life is strange season 1

posted on 23/11/18

comment by Kunta Kante (U1641)
posted 9 hours, 8 minutes ago
Red Dead Redemption

Got that one today !!!

posted on 23/11/18

comment by orangesherbert (U21919)
posted 3 hours, 3 minutes ago
comment by Mike (U1170)
posted 29 minutes ago
Amiga - copied my comment from the Red Dead thread here to see if you know?

Guys, bit of advice (probably sounds stupid but could be a time saver);

I've got a regular (release day) PS4 and it's on it's last legs, I have to have the soundbar turned all the way up or use headphones if my Mrs is in as the console sounds like jumbo jet taking off when loading any half decent game like Red Dead.

I've bought a PS4 Pro today from Argos for £329 as I still had a £20 Argos voucher to use, so was happy to upgrade before it completely dies (think I'll trade it in at game as they still fetch £110).

I have the digital download version of Red Dead, but my new console comes with Red Dead, I chose this as I already have Spiderman and Fifa and it's still fetching £40 trade in value (cash at CEX, even more for credit) so it made the console even cheaper.

Question I'm asking is;

Can I download the game from the disc onto my new console before I trade it in? or will it then only let me play it with the disc inserted?

It took fooooooking hours to download the digital version but only a couple for the disc so I'm told.

I want to see it in 4K tonight but by the time it's downloaded after work it'll be tomorrow morning
Also thought about getting the pro but with the ps5 rumoured to be out by end of summer next year I dont see the point
Rumours are its going to be November 2020

posted on 24/11/18

Get her Hello Neighbour.

posted on 24/11/18

Yeh PS5 won't be out next summer that's for sure. That's when we are prob going to get announcement.

posted on 25/11/18

Get her the latest Farming Simulator. Nothing more relaxing than driving round in a tractor and ploughing a field.

Unless you drive the 5 minutes to the field and start ploughing before you realise you forgot to attach the plough or forgot to lower it when you halfway through. Then it can get quite stressful.

posted on 27/11/18

Just a mention for Detroit Become Human, Not a zen chill game, but one I think your wife might enjoy.

It is a decision based game with amazing graphics and great story. There was a demo on the Playstation store (I presume it is still there) give it a try if you fancy something a little different.

posted on 20/12/18

Dead by daylight

The very opposite to relaxing

posted on 25/2/19

...what does she look like?

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