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brighton v city

interesting team selection today with quite a few players carrying knocks,not to sure how the front row is going to set up

1 Schmeichel
14 Ricardo Pereira
5 Morgan
6 Evans
3 Chilwell
24 Mendy
21 Iborra
7 Gray
10 Maddison
11 Albrighton
20 Okazaki

2 Simpson
4 Söyüncü
8 Iheanacho
9 Vardy
12 Ward
25 Ndidi
28 Fuchs

posted on 24/11/18

Obviously Mersey
The problem is we have been flat for the last year and solutions should have been found by now and before the accident we were constantly looking at this problem,
The manager doesn't see the solution and maybe should take some advice from his coaches or player's,,as ultimately it will cost him his job.

posted on 24/11/18

“Our scoring stats for this season 1st half
1 x og & 1x penalty”

Assuming you mean away from home?

posted on 25/11/18

I notice TB disapeared as soon as Puel and the boys turned it round so there was nothing to bleat on about.
four games without defeat most under the most difficult of circumstances but still more are concerned about getting the manager sacked. Neither the manager or the players are under pressure we have to deal with this together and support each other rather than snip.

posted on 25/11/18

I think we have to put the tragedy aside moving forward when it comes to matters on the pitch. As hard as that is, that is what Top and the board will be doing.

Nev is right - we haven’t been beaten in the last 4 games and the team performed admirably under tough circumstances. But those circumstances need to be put to one side now and the club has to look at moving on from a footballing perspective.

Being objective about this, there were shades of good and bad on display yesterday. As per the West Ham match (before the tragedy), we were ineffective and poor in the first half. This is a recurring issue under Puel this season, it’s happened so many times now. We go a goal down, we look ineffective going forward and out of ideas

Then, as per many other games before the tragedy, we dig ourselves out of hole. The problem is all of this feels like one step forward and one step back. I personally haven’t seen much progression in the 12 months since Puel took over and I think it’s time now for him to stamp his authority on the team and get this side playing in the first half as we do in the second. If that happened we would be top 6!

posted on 25/11/18

Well summarised BS. We should not be using recent events to stop obselves from objectively reviewing our performances.

I think you’ve provided a pretty accurate and honest view.

posted on 25/11/18

I think being a one half team is something of a concern as well as this ineffective zonal marking. But I’m sure as an experienced manager, Puel knows this is an area for improvement and will hopefully be looking to do so.

What we see is that without our spine of Maguire, Ndidi and Vardy we are a very average team. But they are all very good PL level players so most teams would suffer.

Injuries and suspensions have continued to prevent us seeing, over a continued period, Puel’s preferred line up.

But I would imagine, or at least hope, it involves what the majority of us would be agreeing on as an 11. When Maguire and Maddison are back we will see. If he continues to chop and change when there isn’t a necessity then questions will be asked. Other than Okazaki up top, I don’t think he’s making too many questionable decisions right now though.

posted on 25/11/18

Dropping Ndidi and keeping Mendy in, and playing Okazaki as a number 9 was questionable enough for me KTF1.

posted on 25/11/18

Critic all you want but don't think the players have just moved on and all is forgotten! These are young men and it will effect them. They looked rusty and a yard off the pace first half. An international break can be added into the equitation .
The are not playing on adrenalin anymore.
As for the team selection we have three games in a week and rotation of Ndidi is part of that and those who moan about it are the same as those who wanted the other midfielders in.
Vardy just had two days of training and is needed for three games in a week. Ionacho was pants for Nigeria and played Tuesday night.
So why not talk about the team performance with ten men pulling the game around second half?

posted on 25/11/18

Nev would definitely win the 'most excuses' in one post competition.

posted on 25/11/18

I guess the problem with your argument Nev is the West Ham game. It was exactly the same. Terrible first half, conceded the goal, didn’t look like scoring and then dragged ourselves into it after the red card for West Ham. That was obviously before the tragedy.

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