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Great Weekend for Man Utd

Good hi,

I just thought I’d do some analysis of the weekend’s results to see who had the best weekend out of the top 6 teams. Who is climbing the table? Who is standing still? Who is going backwards?

Best weekend (in order of goodness of weekend):

1. Man Utd – Climbed up the table and gained positions on title rivals City and Liverpool, who did not gain any places in the table. Another clean sheet. Improvement in result from previous match. Five star weekend.

2. Tottenham – Climbed up above fellow top 4 rivals in the race for top 4

3. Arsenal – Stayed in the top 4 race but did not gain any positions.

4. Liverpool – Have not gained any places in the table in weeks and do not look like doing so anytime soon. Standing still. Is Klopp the man to help them progress? Doesn’t look like it.

5. Man City – Have not gained any places in the table in a long, long time and results don’t seem to be improving. They are standing still like Liverpool. Pep being found out?

Summary: United had the best weekend as we gained places in the race for the title. City and Liverpool stood still.

I didn’t include Chelsea as they are not realistically going to challenge for top 6.

Here is a graph to prove Utd had the best weekend.

Goodness of Weekend Graph
I---------------------------Stood Still---------------------------
I----------------------------------------Stood Still---------------------
----Man Utd-----Spurs----Liverpool----City---Chelsea

Fond regards.

posted on 26/11/18

spectacular article, love it

comment by Spurtle (U1608)

posted on 26/11/18

5 Rooneys for this article

posted on 26/11/18

No Stadium FC

posted on 26/11/18

I wanted to keep it a serious article and not bring joke leagues into it.
I thought this came across really well in the OP tbh.

posted on 26/11/18

actually feeling a lot more positive after reading this article

posted on 26/11/18

I'll tell you what work was not fun this morning. The headache after celebrating all weekend. Totally worth it. We don't see good times like this at United very often.

posted on 26/11/18

Yep Utd were brilliant...and Moyes has the cheek to say he should have had more time in charge...

posted on 26/11/18

Moyes was only able to get us up to 7th by scoring more goals than conceding. Jose is doing it whilst being in a negative GD and I'm not sure David is good enough to do that.

posted on 26/11/18

Strongly disagree but defend the right for you to say it!

posted on 26/11/18

It just goes to show you, that Jose is doing a stellar job at Man U. It makes me cringe reading numerous articles from Man Utd fans criticising Jose. Where are they now !!

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