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city v watford

line up for today
1 Schmeichel
14 Ricardo Pereira
5 Morgan
6 Evans
3 Chilwell
24 Mendy
25 Ndidi
7 Gray
10 Maddison
11 Albrighton
9 Vardy

4 Söyüncü
8 Iheanacho
12 Ward
20 Okazaki
21 Iborra
27 Diabaté
28 Fuchs

just not feeling it today,,watford struggling to score much as we are, has bore draw written all over it,,hopefully ill be proven wrong off to find some lincs

posted on 1/12/18

Good Win, well seen Out at the end but boy did Watford miss some decent chances.

posted on 1/12/18

Kasper - 100 Clean sheets for Leicester.

What a Star.

Morgan back in form as well, in fact it was a bit of a throwback for many League Winners.

posted on 1/12/18

Well what a funny game of football that was.

Did we play more counter attacking football by design, and had Puel tweaked our style making us look much more attacking and joined up, or did Watford just play in to our hands?

Of it was the former, credit to Puel for adjusting something to bring Vardy in to the game.

Following that, we had a second half where we just looked like we were trying to make mistakes to let Watford in to the game but they lacked any killer instinct today.

All in all, the first half made that an entertaining game of football. Not said that about us in a while. The beer will taste a little bit sweeter tonight.

Sorry for not being quiet Nev. good win and half way to safety.

posted on 1/12/18

Well done to Puel first of all.

He is obviously a proud man and it was understandable that he perhaps wanted to imprint his own style on the team, but along the way he perhaps lost his way in terms of adding to what was working rather than this mantra of us needing to have a complete overhaul.

There was nothing wrong with 4411 and indeed, a replacement for Okazaki (and one which was more creative) a quicker RB who could overlap a defensively sound Albrighton and a solution to the loss of Kante were the main dilemmas.

So it was so frustrating when we seemed to bring in some solutions for our existing formation but then change the formation as well.

However, it appears that Puel has held his hands up and acknowledged that perhaps evolution over revolution may be the way forward.

I dont know if Albrighton was in because Ghezzal was injured or if it was a proactive decision but either way, he surely can’t be dropped now.

I think the drop in percentage was perhaps a little to do with not playing more players higher up but was mainly down to us giving the ball away constantly at times after turning it over (players fault on the day rather than Puel tactical issue for me). In any case, I don’t want us to revert necessarily to less of the ball, just being better with it when we have it (what puel was trying to instill but perhaps in the wrong formation).

Moving forward, get Maguire back in, carry on working on the passing and try to resolve this zonal marking in defence because it scares me!

On the whole, positive signs )

posted on 1/12/18

Albrighton was a definite difference today,but I wonder if amerty was fit ??
He also adds to defending as well as attacking which not many wingers will do,
There was almost a total lack of possession football which id attribute to the Watford attacking style

posted on 1/12/18

That’s what I can’t work out Dublin. Did Puel ask us to play like that, or did the game just play out that way?

The next game will be interesting.

posted on 1/12/18

Just read that Leicester footed the bill for Watford fans half time refreshments in appreciation for the tributes to their late owner.
Class from both clubs

posted on 1/12/18

From what Maddison said post match it was Puel who asked them to play that way.

Not short of self belief is he, young Maddison

posted on 2/12/18

Watford played well and must be scratching their heads still at how they didn’t get at least 3-4 goals
Still we put away our chances and we’ll take the 3points and run.
Up to 8th now I believe
Side note.... Ndidi ..... bang average for some time now

posted on 2/12/18

In which case True, credit to Puel. Maybe this is a sign of him adapting and things improving.

Now, if he can just let Ndidi have a slightly more advanced role and stop breaking him I’ll be happy 😉

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