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Would you take a punt on Eddie Howe?

It doesn't get much more contradictory in following up the appointment of Mourinho with giving the job to Eddie Howe so I can't imagine he would even be on Woodward's radar.

However, it's hard to see many flaws with giving him the job and his achievements have not been feted as much as they probably should be.

1) Inherits team in relegation zone of League 2 and despite a 17 point deduction keeps them up.
2) In his first 4 full seasons at Bournemouth gets 3 promotions (Unfulfilling spell at Burnley inbetween).
3) 16th, 9th and 12th position places in 3 years in the Premier League. Currently 7th and ahead of us in the table.
4) Devotion to attacking and attractive style of playing. Likes wingers and plays with two strikers
5) Has proven ability to coach and develop players. 5 of the current squad played in League 1. Another 2 have just been capped for England.
6) Has been decent with money. Ake, Cook, Lerma all inspired buys.
7) Manager of the month in 3 divisions, Football League Manager of the Decade, LMA Manager of the Year (Something Jose has never won).
8) Actually carries himself with some gravitas and respectability in his handling of the media.
9) Is still only 41 so has the stamina for the role and could give the long term solution needed.

Only downside is that he failed to settle in the North-West and wanted to move back to the south coast so could suffer a repeat.

I'm surprised Arsenal, didn't go in for him as Wenger's replacement. Thought he was tailor made for them.

posted 3 days, 15 hours ago

comment by Cornelius Oofterom (U15867)
posted 3 minutes ago
comment by Shugs (U14253)
posted 27 minutes ago
Would you take a punt on Eddie Howe?

I'd take a punt on Eddie the Eagle if it meant Mourinho fecked off

Not sure about that. Think it would leave us on an even more slippery slope.
At least he'd be forward thinking, which is what many want. Problem is he tends to go route 1 long as much as possible.

posted 3 days, 15 hours ago

The Manager of Man Utd has almost unparalleled advatanges over other managers to do so.
World Class training and medical facilities together with a budget to attract the best professionals in their field (coaches, physios, nutritionists, psychologists, player assistants etc.).
World level youth facilities and scouting budget.
The transfer budget, wages and legacy to attract the best players in the world.


this is a bit off base. we have never been able to attract the best players in the world. even when fergie was in his pomp we failed many times to attract the best from the continent. we did well picking up domestically but were still snubbed by some.

being the manager of man united is also a poisoned chalice, youre expected to be fighting for the title, youre expected to do well in europe, youre expected to play good football. You will be the headline everytime you lose, there will be more pundits waiting to bash you than anyone else.

the moment you point out double standards at the treatment of rivals the media will smell blood and the clouds will darken further.

and IF you do win the league everyone will say well look at all the money you have, that youve spent, youre man united youre supposed to win the league.

you will also be dealing with a club which has an identity crisis, is this a football club or a marketing machine?

The whole back office needs a shake up and a roadmap needs to be agreed on so any manager coming in knows exactly what he's in for.

posted 3 days, 14 hours ago

I would.

Regarding point of jardim, monaco sold everyone of their good players and you can’t do that without expecting major deterioration of standards and jardim biggest mistake was that he didn’t walk in the summer. Monaco are btw door terribly without him so it wasn’t him. You can’t do what they have done and not face major consequences! It destroys morale of the side too.

posted 3 days, 14 hours ago

Jardim would have funds and give him this season and next season and we’d see a different United. He’d not need to worry about how to adapt to losing his best players.

posted 3 days, 14 hours ago

he even made bakayoko look like a footballer

posted 3 days, 13 hours ago

Kind of forgetting of who decides.
Yes it’s the same people who chose Mourinho and the remit remains the same.

Can he guarantee top four?
Is he a big name that is recognised around the world?

Exciting football, the development of young players, the United way - are all irrelevant.
Eddie Howe would be laughed at as a suggestion.
Antonio Conte is probably your guy.

comment by Benched (U7195)

posted 3 days, 12 hours ago

comment by Stranglers (U21996)
posted 1 hour, 31 minutes ago
Kind of forgetting of who decides.
Yes it’s the same people who chose Mourinho and the remit remains the same.

Can he guarantee top four?
Is he a big name that is recognised around the world?
What they must understand by now is that there is no guarantee of top 4. We've had 3 managers fail to meet that criterion since SAF retired (Sneaking in through the Europa League back door doesn't count).

As for being a big name recognised around the world. Managers don't sell shirts. If we wanted to make a splash in social media trends or whatever is important to the commercial folk in the club appointing a nobody on the international stage is more likely to achieve it than a run of the mill foreign walking compensation package,

posted 3 days, 7 hours ago

comment by Benched (U7195)
posted 9 hours, 58 minutes ago
comment by Eric_the_king (SE85) (U21241)
posted 4 minutes ago
Jardim is the man we should go for.

Plays attacking football? Check.
Plays youth players? Check
Doesn't slag off his own players? Check
Took on PSG and won before his team was sold? Check.
Knocked Pep's City out of Europe? Check.

I will be livid if we allow Madrid or Bayern to get him before we do.
As much as this appeals to most does he speak English? Massive handicap.
His record of attacking football is largely inflated. His first season was built on a very tight defence (best in league) and they struggled for goals.
Some of their top talents were sold but Monaco spent 150m euro in 2018 which other than PSG blew everybody else's spending in France away.

People need to understand that Monaco were not just being unreasonable in sacking him in October. They done so because they had lost confidence in him, not because they weren't doing over PSG but struggling to stay in the league.

Think similarly to when landing Jose Mourinho was seen as a coup despite him being booted out of his previous two jobs.

Key in all the Jardim talk. From knocking out PSG to struggling against relegation. Red flag for me

posted 3 days, 5 hours ago

comment by Prem Kings! Back to the summit with Jose and Zlatan! (U7618)
posted 12 hours, 41 minutes ago
How are we going to attract the galacticos with a manager called 'Eddie’

Howe indeed?

posted 3 days, 4 hours ago

Eric you are awesome!

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