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Test batsmen

Not done a thread for a while. Just thought I would give my opinion on the standard of test cricket batters.
The state of batting in test cricket now is pathetic. Obviously you get the odd player getting 100s once in a while
And the game does have some fine players Kohli Williamson and Root (whos been poor recently)
But overall the level of quality batsman leaves a lot to be desired. I don't think any test nation now have any opening batters of any worth.Honestly can't think of any.

I think we all want results in Test matches.But not teams being bowled out for 150 all the time.Which seems the norm now.

posted on 20/12/18

Hmmm. I am with you to a certain extent. I don't think as a rule the batsmen have the same level of patience and skillset that used to be key for a test player. T20 and one day cricket means that it will probably never be how it was.
That said, is teams being bowled out for 150 the norm now? You may get innings that go that way in a match, but I reckon the average of each innings is still 250 ish. For me the concern is how difficult it seems to be to go away and win a series. England play India at home and win 4-1. If the same two sides played in India a few weeks later I'd expect it to be 4-1 or 5-0 to India. Same with the Ashes. It's up to batsmen to adapt their games to suit conditions and that is what none seem capable of.

posted on 20/12/18

Every team seems to be struggling in batting department. We have been hopeless after Younis and Misbah retired. I like it though. Nothing worse than average players averaging 50 on lifeless wickets.

posted on 20/12/18

standard of bowling has gone down as well, there were plethora of world class bowlers in 70's. 80's and 90's , now there only handful. Overall, quality of the game has deteriorated, t-20 is the biggest factor.

comment by Verse (U20361)

posted on 22/12/18

I agree with PTID.

posted on 24/12/18

T20 has impacted the test game negatively. There so much T20 games being played I cannot see how it could not.

posted on 26/12/18

Personally I feel the opposite. In 2018 I have seen quite a few sporting wickets that I haven’t seen in previous years. The sort of wickets which SA and Eng produced in the India series - can’t recall India ever getting those tough wickets before. And the same goes with some of the pitches India have dished out in the last few years where the ball turns from ball 1.

I think it’s easy to say the batting has declined when pitches play a huge part as well. For eg I have seen so many pitches which tendulkars and Dravid have batted on and piled on tons of runs and the game has gone to be a draw but people don’t question pitches /class of batting then.

But I do agree that batsmen these days lack the technique and patience to play a proper test knocks.

posted on 27/12/18

I’ve been saying for ages that there is a big drop in quality in both batting and bowling for years now.

However, a few deluded Alistair Cook fans seem to think that this is the best generation of cricket just to beat their chest over their favourite batsman.

posted on 28/12/18

Australia are a joke with the bat. The Marsh brothers aint exactly the Waugh brothers are they?

comment by Verse (U20361)

posted on 29/12/18

Rahul Dravid was brilliant with his defensive technique.

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