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God of War

I picked up a copy of this from CEX just before Xmas, only set me back a score. Reviews are very good, it might well have the best reviews for a PS4 game on Amazon beating the likes of Last of Us, Uncharted4 and recent release RDR2.
I was expecting great things but so far I just cannot get into it, it doesn’t have me killing 2-3 hours a night playing it like the aforementioned games did.
I am treating this as early days and will give it more of a go hoping that it picks up more.
Anybody else played this already? Thoughts? Should I stick with it and is it one of these games that takes time to get going???

posted on 11/1/19

Horizon Zero Dawn seems interesting and it's probably fairly cheap now as well.

posted on 11/1/19

Borderlands was awesome! Such a weirdly wonderful artistic concept, and I think I only picked it up originally on my PS3 because of PS+ but loved it!

posted on 11/1/19

Yeah borderlands 2 is great. I think I was a bit stuck in an annoying area of the map and got annoyed and gave up! But it's a brilliant shooter and so much to do, I need to get back in to it!

comment by Greg- (U1192)

posted on 11/1/19

No worries.
I wouldnt say horizon zero dawn is the best game ever Maybe I'll say that when I've completed the story...
Its certainly not bad though.

Borderlands. 1 was awesome, i played that loads with my mate.
We both played borderlands 2 and couldn't get into it unfortunately.

Do you prefer 1 or 2

comment by RJC (U17308)

posted on 12/1/19

Horizon was great but so vast I had to force myself to go back to it after a month away to finish it. I enjoyed it a lot and definitely worth buying but it's one you need to stick with. I think it took me around 60 hours to complete the story and side quests. I can't say it's a game I'll ever consider playing again but would say the same for most games of similar design. After such a long time you've seen everything there is to see.

posted on 20/1/19

comment by rooney_hernandez (U7012)
posted 1 week, 5 days ago
If they made Spider-Man genuinely difficult in terms of gameplay mechanics (i.e. more untoward a Souls, Bloodborne, GoW level), I think that might be my favourite. Completely different genre of game, though, so a fool's hope.
Ds/bb are epically hard. Too hard for most people which is a shame because they are the best ganes out there imo.

posted on 20/1/19

What is borderlands about? i thought it was just a generic fps, but a lot of people like it. is it more story based?

posted on 21/1/19

Borderlands is amazing. It does have a good story IMO but even aside from that it’s just so fun to play and arguably the ultimate co-op game.

posted on 22/1/19

Borderlands is good!! A good mix of an overall story and lots of sub quests.

It is massive though, so it can be a bit overwhelming. It's also a bit repetitive after a while as mostly you're just blasting things over and over!

But it's very fun blasting. And the random element of the weapons mean you're always finding new toys to kill everything with. It's also quite hard!

This is a decent review of it if you have a spare ten minutes to read:


Also go for BL2, it's probably the best of the lot

comment by Greg- (U1192)

posted on 22/1/19

Tales from the borderlands is well good

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