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weekend stuffees

good stuffing this weekend for:

1) Chelsea-from 4th to 6th-goobye to Sarri, Kante and Hazard at season end? and also roman?

2) Michael Oliver-lesta 12+13th man-did his best to assist

posted on 10/2/19

What news do you have about Roman Abramovitz?

posted on 11/2/19

Well he cannot get into the U.K. and his assets will also be frozen until he can prove provenance of where his money came from.

comment by sandy (U20567)

posted on 11/2/19

comment by JustCallMeTed (U21528)
posted 6 hours, 52 minutes ago
What news do you have about Roman Abramovitz?

Good weekend for Spurs Ted, yet another win. Win the game in hand, and will be just two points behind City, fantastic.

posted on 11/2/19

comment by GeniusGreaves (U1302)
posted 16 hours, 18 minutes ago
Well he cannot get into the U.K. and his assets will also be frozen until he can prove provenance of where his money came from.
If that is true, I applaud whoever set that law up!
Do you have a reference?

posted on 12/2/19


He is one of the oligarchs whose visas were rescinded by the government last year. He had a tier 1 visa which has expired, and was issued before visa access was tightened up.

People like Ambramovich are being tasked with showing evidence of where their wealth comes from. He has since taken Israeli citizenship.

The article below gives some further clarity and also indicates that Ambramovich cannot work in the U.K. or use his money to fund Chelsea unless he is granted an extension to his Tier 1 visa

Roman Abramovich, the owner of Chelsea football club, who has faced difficulties obtaining a new UK visa, will not be allowed to work in Britain if he travels here on his new Israeli passport, Downing Street has said.

It emerged on Monday that the formerly Russian-based billionaire, a regular presence in Britain since he bought Chelsea in 2003, had been granted Israeli citizenship and was moving to Tel Aviv.

Abramovich, who had reportedly faced delays in renewing his UK visa, will be allowed to visit the UK visa-free for up to six months at a time with his Israeli passport, but cannot work in the country, Theresa May’s spokesman said.

While stressing he could not comment on individual cases, the spokesman outlined the general situation, saying: “Those with Israeli passports are non-visa nationals, which means they do not need a visa to come to the UK as a visitor for a maximum period of six months.”

He added: “Israelis are required to obtain a visa if they want to live, work or study in the UK.”

The spokesman said it was up to immigration authorities to monitor how these conditions were adhered to, and the Home Office would have more details on what could constitute work in such instances. The Home Office was contacted for details.

Israel’s interior ministry confirmed the offer of citizenship on Monday. “Roman Abramovich arrived at the Israeli embassy in Moscow like any other person,” an Israeli government spokesperson said. “He filed a request to receive an immigration permit, his documents were checked according to the law of return, and he was indeed found eligible.”

Israel grants citizenship to any Jewish person wishing to move there, and a passport can be issued immediately. Abramovich, who is Jewish and has been a regular visitor to Israel, has donated millions to Israeli research and development projects and invested in local firms.

Abramovich has not commented on recent developments. However, it is believed he could have been asked to explain the source of his wealth before he could be granted a new UK visa.

His previous tier-1 visa, which allows anyone who invests more than £2m in the British economy to stay for 40 months, was granted before tighter regulations were introduced in April 2015.

Last week Downing Street said that while it could not comment on individual cases, it was the “logical conclusion” that some wealthy individuals who had applied under the investment visa route before the changes would no longer be eligible.

The government launched a further crackdown on wealthy investors coming to the UK after the Salisbury poisoning, increasing tensions between Britain and Russia.

posted on 13/2/19

Well that's very interesting. GG!
If I read it correctly, it would imply that Abramovich cannot "work" in the UK ATM?
But what constitutes "work"?
Attend Chelsea board meetings, take decisions on hirings and firings?
Pocket profits?

My understanding is that Abramowich was a minor bureaucrat in the old regime government heirarchy who, during the break-up, used his position to buy government assets for pennies and sell them for what they were really worth. We're talking energy and industrial companies owned by the government under communism.

I suppose it will all boil down to what is an acceptable "explanation" of where the money came from, acceptable to the British Immigration authorities.
Are there published standards as to what is not acceptable?

One final comment .....Israel does not seem to be at all worried about "where the money came from"?

posted on 13/2/19

Israel will accept applications from Russian Jews, normally without any severe restrictions.

Abramovich made his money in somewhat dubious circumstances.

He was involved in the “Aluminium War” which was basically a war of attrition, with over 100 mining managers killed, once the mines were secured by Abramovich and his friends, the killings stopped.

A massive coincidence obviously

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