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Premierships greatest ever striker

After Aguero equaled Shearer's hat trick record at the weekend I have seen a few people label him the best striker in premiership history.

He has obviously played in the premiership for a long time and has been consistently good and would of no doubt scored way more goals but he has had a his fare share of injuries as well.

Not going on overall goals as some strikers didn't stay that long in the premiership so who would you say was the best striker to ever grace the premiership -

Andy Cole
Robbie Fowler
Michael Owen
Robin Van Persie
Ian Wright
Teddy Sheringham
Van Nisteloroy
Neil Mellor
Harry Claim

comment by Naby8 (U6997)

posted 1 week, 1 day ago

comment by Jose Mourinho, just the Portuguese Fat Sam, teaching 19th century football. Klopp is the better manager, and Eva Caniero was right. #Hazard knows (U22042)
posted 5 minutes ago
Saying Drogba didn't have cutting edge because you've looked at his stats and not watched him play is clueless.

Not that he didn't have cutting edge, it's relative. We're talking about some of the best strikers in the last 20 years and to say he, relatively speaking, had less than some of the other top strikers is not the same thing.

posted 1 week, 1 day ago

Your comment made it seem like you think Lewandowski is a better version of what Drogba was which is furrrking hilarious.

posted 1 week, 1 day ago

No idea who was best, but my two favourites are Fowler and RVN.

posted 1 week, 1 day ago

I loved Fowler as a player, and when he signed for City, was really excited about having a strike force consisting of Fowler and Anelka.

He was such a disappointment. Compounded by having Steve McPointalot doing absolutely nothing at all other than exercising his index finger for 80 grand a week. Oh, and running around a bit.

Aguero has been a relevation ever since his debut. Coming off the sub's bench to score two goals, have an assist, and have a goal disallowed in the space of 20 minutes. Knew then he would be something special, and he hasn't disappointed. Just as Arsenal fans would say they would rather have Henry than anyone else, City fans will say they will would rather have Aguero than anyone else.

Both are legends. It doesn't matter to me who regards who as being better. That's just a futile penile waving exercise among people who have too much time on their hands.

posted 1 week, 1 day ago

I liked Fowler because nobody made it look easier, he just passed it into the net.
RVN because he scored a lot and played for us.

comment by DL11 (U21614)

posted 1 week ago

comment by Naby8 (U6997)
posted 7 hours, 52 minutes ago
comment by Tomkins (U1116)
posted 4 minutes ago
Drogba was phenomenal. Had it all, the perfect modern striker

Given the likes of Ibra and Lewandowski combined physical presence and hold up play with significantly increased cutting edge, I'd say 'perfect modern striker' is at best an exaggeration.

Drogba was the type of striker that could have a 10/10 game without scoring, case in point that time we came to Anfield and spanked you 4-1.

posted 6 days, 5 hours ago

Torres all night long.

posted 5 days, 18 hours ago

Without checking stats, the strikers I feared most as a Liverpool fan were Henry, RVN, Drogba and Andriy Voronin

posted 5 days, 18 hours ago

What Suarez did in his last 2 seasons with us totally eclipses whatever Drogba did throughout his Chelsea career.

Go argue with your mom.

comment by Edbo (U17933)

posted 5 days, 17 hours ago

Are we going on longevity or can we judge a player as better if he had one phenomenal season? For me, Suarez for two seasons at Liverpool was better than Aguero ever has been for City, but Aguero has done it for longer.

Drogba should no way be included in the top five, a great player but over-rated - mainly due to how prolific he was in big games.

Taking both longevity and players' peak form into account, I'd go:

1. Henry
2. Shearer
3. Suarez
4. Aguero
5. Kane

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