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Apex Legends

Has anyone played this new free to play game?

I'm enjoying it so far

posted on 15/2/19

Agree with the ttk, ranged combat doesn't quite match up with other br titles.

I concede my point more now matty the longer it's been out the better players and teams u come up against.

The specials are not my cup of tea but players now how to use them right now as the noobs have either dropped out or learning. I just thought I was OP at first but less so now.

It's very quick to play tho..constantly 100mph and it does do a lot of things very well.

Will it kill fortnite? Toughie.. It will need more work and content but it is doing extremely well numbers wise

posted on 15/2/19

Orange I think it's gonna take quite a few. The one thing that I hated about Fortnite was the building aspect and many people I spoke to felt the same. This I think sits nicely in the middle of 3 big games (pubg,overwatch and Fortnite), don't think it's gonna hurt Fortnite much, but is a nice option. Although I'm a pubg man I think o will drop into this every few days for a change of pace and hopefully it becomes more balanced as I did like the Titanfall 2 no.

comment by Mattyp (U8926)

posted on 16/2/19

Fortnite will probably barely feel it.

Apex has had a cracking launch but if it wants to maintain its numbers it needs to make some game play changes and then needs to make sure the game stays fresh, the map itself is quite small and that does help game play, but I’ve already found myself getting a little bored with landing into the same locations after a few times.

I’d rather they go about giving us a new map rather than expanding this one as a bigger map probably wouldn’t work with this game.

comment by Superb (U6486)

posted on 19/2/19

I'd personally much rather get a Titanfall 3 than this. Fair play to them though if Apex Legends becomes a big hit.

posted on 11/3/19

Apparently the battlepack will be out tomorrow with new legends etc..

posted on 20/3/19

New Legend!

comment by Mattyp (U8926)

posted on 21/3/19

He is okay I suppose kind of like a cross between Bangalore and a selfish version of Lifeline.

He ain't great, but I suppose he is good for players who want the healing of lifeline but dont want to play as her

posted on 22/3/19

He's perfect for my style. Sometimes I find people are running off too much and I'm able to still keep up the pace and even arrive very timely in combat situations.

What platform are you playing it on Matttyp? Have you got a squad?

comment by Mattyp (U8926)

posted on 24/3/19


And I have a squad, I am unsure I’d enjoy the game anywhere near as much if I didnt

posted on 16/4/19

Im struggling to find a decent squad atm

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