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Apex Legends

Has anyone played this new free to play game?

I'm enjoying it so far

posted on 12/2/19

comment by Mattyp (U8926)
posted 1 minute ago
He isn't the most used character in game though is he.

Lifeline and Bangalore are far more used and a far more common sight in game, so once again - moo.

And what you actually mean is you have found yourself in the circle with a squad which includes pathfinder in it.

That because he is a useful character who when used properly can be quite good.
yes he is, followed by Bangalore, something that Respawn said they need to look into to try and balance.

No I couldn't tell you how many times I have had a squad that contained a pathfinder at the end.... loads and loads I would assume. Im talking about 1v1 left, me vs pathfinder I have had this happen at least 4/5 times.. AT LEAST.

I aint arguin with you anymore if you dont think that a Bloodhound in a 1v1 fight doesnt hold an advantage over a Pathfinder towards the end of the game then there is no point. Anyone who has played the game enough will know what Im talking about.

But even id havent played the game much I will state here and let them make up their own minds.

Bloodhound :

passive ability : You can see the tracks left behind by players

tactical ability : can see enemies and traps through walls (see what way they are facing and moving etc.

Ultimate ability: Screen goes greyish and players are highlighted in red and your movement speed increases a fair bit.

Pathfinder: passive ability: can see where the next circle is gonna be

Tactical ability: grapple hook

Ultimate ability: creates a zipline for the team to use.

I know which ones abilities I would like to have come the end of the game.

If you could choose which abilities would you rather have at the end of the game which would it be? which would make it easier to kill the final player with?

comment by Mattyp (U8926)

posted on 12/2/19

You can keep coming back to your invalid point and I'll keep telling you it's moo.

And bloodhound only has the advantage if the player can use their ability properly and pathfinder doesn't use his.

You talk about it being the last part of the game yet you gleefully overlook the fact of what preceeds the final small circle.

Again you don't just find yourself in a small circle facing off against pathfinder, you come up against his squad and the last member you might have been facing or killed last was pathfinder.

Sorry but 1vs1 doesn't happen, you end up fighting a final battle against squads of 3 or 2 with it sometimes ending up as one v one in the final few seconds.

This idea the you are paying that it's just the final two of you left in a small circle where abilities rule just doesn't happen and it's far more down to the individual players

posted on 15/2/19

Poor man's Fortnite !!

posted on 15/2/19

Not bad - not my cup of tea. Ttk is way to high for me. Nice movement though and some nice ideas

comment by Mattyp (U8926)

posted on 15/2/19

Yeah, I’d like to see some adjustments done to damage, however all things considered I don’t think it’s the damage so much as it is the armour what’s the problem.

White or no armour seems pretty fair in terms of ttk

But purple armour seems way too high and the damage you have to do to drop them can be an issue.

posted on 15/2/19

Agree with the ttk, ranged combat doesn't quite match up with other br titles.

I concede my point more now matty the longer it's been out the better players and teams u come up against.

The specials are not my cup of tea but players now how to use them right now as the noobs have either dropped out or learning. I just thought I was OP at first but less so now.

It's very quick to play tho..constantly 100mph and it does do a lot of things very well.

Will it kill fortnite? Toughie.. It will need more work and content but it is doing extremely well numbers wise

posted on 15/2/19

Orange I think it's gonna take quite a few. The one thing that I hated about Fortnite was the building aspect and many people I spoke to felt the same. This I think sits nicely in the middle of 3 big games (pubg,overwatch and Fortnite), don't think it's gonna hurt Fortnite much, but is a nice option. Although I'm a pubg man I think o will drop into this every few days for a change of pace and hopefully it becomes more balanced as I did like the Titanfall 2 no.

comment by Mattyp (U8926)

posted on 16/2/19

Fortnite will probably barely feel it.

Apex has had a cracking launch but if it wants to maintain its numbers it needs to make some game play changes and then needs to make sure the game stays fresh, the map itself is quite small and that does help game play, but I’ve already found myself getting a little bored with landing into the same locations after a few times.

I’d rather they go about giving us a new map rather than expanding this one as a bigger map probably wouldn’t work with this game.

comment by Superb (U6486)

posted 1 month ago

I'd personally much rather get a Titanfall 3 than this. Fair play to them though if Apex Legends becomes a big hit.

posted 1 week, 1 day ago

Apparently the battlepack will be out tomorrow with new legends etc..

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