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New Football Rules from next season

Some interesting ones here, just released that these will be effective from next season.


1. Accidental handball goal won't stand
Goals scored which have hit a player's hand, deliberate or not, will no longer stand.

2. No rebounds from penalties
One of the changes Gallagher believes will have a big bearing on how we look at football is play stopping for a restart if a penalty is saved or hits the post.

This means players will no longer line up on the edge of the area or attempt a rebound.

3. Substituted players can leave the field anywhere
To stop time-wasting, when a player is taken off they will no longer have to leave the field at the halfway line and can leave the pitch at the nearest point.

4. No attacking players in the wall
This rule prohibits attacking players standing in the wall when a free-kick is being taken, a tactic increasingly employed in recent years.

5. Coaches will receive cards
Currently, coaches only receive verbal warnings for misconduct, but the change will see them receiving yellows and reds as players do.

posted 2 weeks, 3 days ago

comment by Devonshirespur (U6316)
posted 19 seconds ago
comment by D'Jeezus Mackaroni (U1137)
posted 23 seconds ago

I think you are trying to define why there is a penalty box, but making a hash of it.

Nope. Trying to define why a foul in the box is treated differently to fouls elsewhere, giving a shot straight at the goal from right in front of it.

posted 2 weeks, 3 days ago

You are talking to Devonshire there.

And, yes, as suspected you are trying to define why the penalty box exists but, as said, it is a simple definition that makes the rest of your comment look clumsy and hard to follow.
We all know why the penalty box is there, but that doesn't justify your reasoning for no penalty rebounds.

posted 2 weeks, 3 days ago

Accepting that it is just the keepers area (by the way, is the 6 yard box just there to place the ball at GKs...i see little other purpose, seems pointless!) then if normal rules followed you could have a foul 2 yards out, how then is that scenario allowed for, it would be chaos. SO its just a blanket penalty in the keepers area to avoid the chaos. It is also logical that it is a dangerous area of the pitch and therefore a stricter punishment should be applied otherwise the fouling in this dangerous part would become very cynical.

posted 2 weeks, 3 days ago

No DJ, I'm defining why all fouls in the box are punished the more harsh penalty. The box is there to define the area in which a foul becomes considered to be obstructing a goal. Albeit, despite many fouls not doing so. Basically because they had to put a line somewhere.

As I said its a very generalised ideal but the overarching spirit behind it is "fouls in box obstruct goal attempts" hence any foul in there is a penalty.

comment by IAmMe (U18491)

posted 2 weeks, 3 days ago

If true, that first one is long, long, overdue.

In a sport that requires a range of skills combining fitness, strength, balance, coordination, athleticism and control of both mind and body etc., - and in a sport that specifically requires only ball control by the foot/feet and NOT hands (there is a clue in the name of the sport) then not getting ones hand out of the way should be penalised.

And subjectivity has no place in pure sport.

This idea of 'deliberate' and 'accidental' - or the even greater nonsense that is labelled "ball to hand" - in relation to this are ridiculous.

And before some pseudo wise-ass suggests some of the more skillful players will take advantage of that by deliberately directing the ball to an opponent's hand. So what. It's a skill in a game of skills.

posted 2 weeks, 3 days ago

Martyn Ziegler

Some websites including Marca + Sky reporting that IFAB has changed penalty law so that play stops if it is saved or hits post. Not true - that idea was dropped in November.

This one isn't happening apparently just the other 4

comment by (U3265)

posted 2 weeks, 3 days ago

Am I missing something ?
Whats the point of the new rule re no rebounds from penalties, if refs do their job properly then there should be any encroachment etc. Appreciate that they do this on penalty shoot outs , but rebounds from penalty saves or hitting posts are a big part of the excitement of football

posted 2 weeks, 3 days ago

2. No rebounds from penalties

Arguably the worst-enforced rule. Encroachments by both teams invariably happen every time a pen is taken. Good riddance.

posted 2 weeks, 3 days ago

Seems a bit weird the attacking players in the wall thing..

What if a team has 2 players sent off or they're chasing the game and they're not allowed to have attacking players in the wall

posted 2 weeks, 3 days ago

comment by Ronny Van lack of Banterous - It's only m... (U5996)
posted 2 minutes ago
Seems a bit weird the attacking players in the wall thing..

What if a team has 2 players sent off or they're chasing the game and they're not allowed to have attacking players in the wall
You joker

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