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Ranking The Rocky Franchise

Having just watched Creed II, I was thinking where I'd rank it and others in the eight film Rocky Franchise.

So here's mine:

Rocky II
Rocky III
Rocky IV
Rocky Balboa
Creed II
Rocky V

I'm guessing my first and last choices are pretty standard?

posted on 3/4/19

Yes, I really struggle with the timelines in Rocky, here's what I've always felt:

Rocky was at some point in 1976 - Rocky was 30

Rocky 2 ended 1 year later in 1977 (have no idea if the rematch was one year later, I just thought I heard it in Rocky 2) - Assuming Rocky was 31

Rocky 3, I'm sure I heard that was 3 years later, 10 title defences, so now we are in 1980 - they mentioned Rocky is 34 so that makes sense.

I always assumed Apollo's loss to Rocky was his final fight and he retired in 1977 (might be wrong there).

At the end of Rocky 3, Rocky and Apollo have a fight, I will assume that enough time has passed and now it's 1981. Rocky is 35

Rocky 4 starts with him having a black eye and a friend gave him a hat and black eye. I assumed the friend was Apollo and this was a direct reference to their fight at the end of 3.

Then I hear Apollo has been retired for almost 5 years, this also makes sense, Apollo has been retired since 1977 and now it's 1981.

But wait a minute, Rocky's kid was born in 1977 before their fight in Rocky 2 and he certainly doesn't look 4, he looks around 8 or 9 and as has been said, they are married for 9 years, so it's assumed the Rocky is now 39-40 years old and the year is 1985.

Possibly Apollo never retired after the Rocky 2 fight, but that doesn't explain that we have a 40 year old heavyweight champ in Rocky and no information about what he did between 1981 and 1985.

Then in Rocky V, he flies back from Russia (after the fight at the end of 4) and his son has aged 5 more years and he is still World Champion. This is where I give up.

posted on 3/4/19

Didn't he retire in Rocky 4 before he fought Drago.

The Drago fight wasn't an official one.

posted on 3/4/19

Yes, but when he came back from Russia, the "Don King" guy came with Union Cane and Union Cane was challenging him for the title, at least that's what I remember from Rocky V.

posted on 3/4/19

I don't think he retired, but the fight with Drago was NOT for the title, you are right about that.

posted on 3/4/19

I think they just continued calling him the champ because no-one officially defeated him.

posted on 3/4/19

I am sure that after his brain damage diagnosis, there is a newspaper headline saying "Rocky Retires" meaning he officially retired in Rocky V. They even said Union Cane won the vacant belt.

The biggest problem I have is why did his son get 5 years older, you surely can't expect a 8-9 year old (like he was in Rocky IV) to be smoking, staying out late at night with his girlfriend like he was in Rocky V.

comment by Superb (U6486)

posted on 3/4/19

Rocky's son being about 12 or 13 as he was in Rocky 5 makes no sense because Rocky 5 is set directly after Rocky 4 meaning it's still about 1985. Rocky's son can't be any older than about nine years old in 1985.

Anyway the timeline in Rocky doesn't make much sense. The mistake the franchise made was ever putting dates into the movie. For example at the beginning of Rocky 1 we're told it's 1975. Then in Rocky 3 we're told it's 1981 (from memory) from Mick's headstone.

posted on 5/4/19

personally, controversially, thought creed 2 was better than creed 1. Havent seen all the films either.

posted on 9/4/19

Rocky "Because I can't sing or dance"
Rocky II "Yo Adrian, I did it"
Rocky III "Eye of the Tiger Rock"
Rocky IV "If he dies, he dies"
Rocky V "touch me and i'll sue"
Rocky Balboa "It ain't about how hard you hit"

posted on 21/4/19

Rocky 2
Rocky 1
Rocky 4
Rocky 3
Rocky Balboa
Rocky 5

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