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Overall a brilliant season

for English football...

With the amazing results of this week so far, which for me, it has been a nice distraction from worrying about Leeds' play off game at the weekend, we see an all English Champions League final, and probably, an all English Europa league final....

Whilst that is amazing in its self, the teams in those finals won't be the current English champions, (probably) FA Cup winners, nor League cup winners either

what makes this even better is that Manchester United are none of those teams either

I was a little worried our league is starting to become a little like the other leagues of the world, totally dominated by one team, the richest team, and in a way it kind of is, but the European success by our clubs suggests otherwise.

for me, I'm really upbeat about football at the moment. Lets just hope Leeds get promoted and its been a brilliant season all round.

posted on 9/5/19

Promotion, what do you mean the rest of the PL can't complete? - do you mean outside the top 6?

posted on 9/5/19

Promotion... I'm guna take a wild stab in the dark here... feel free to tell me to sod off but... did you used to post under the name of Revie super Leeds? - just a vibe I get mate?

posted on 9/5/19

It's been the same for years. For periods in the Prem it was a toss up between Man Uretd and Arsenal. Then Chelsea got rich and joined in. Spurs were there or thereabouts but flattered more than anything. Liverpool have been similar, if more successful with trophies, than Spurs. Then little old Leicester gate crashed the party, during the reign of the mega money Man City lot.

It's hard to see how we'll join in the fun right now - lets get promoted first - but then I suspect a lot of Man City fans didn't see or expect what's happened to them in recent times.

It's a funny old game - things change.

posted on 9/5/19

You all seem content with very little. It would be a disaster if we don't go up.

posted on 9/5/19

Haven’t watched a CL game since 2001.
Zero interest in competitions we are not in and miles away from ever competing in.

posted on 9/5/19

Spot on Ellando
The club blew it in January

posted on 9/5/19

....and I actually agree with Promotion. The premier league is awful. As much as I want us to be in there one cannot see how teams can compete. Money has made the game more like formula 1 every season.....and don’t quote Leicester, that freak season won’t happen for a long time

posted on 9/5/19

Yet compared to Spain Germany, France, Scotland, Italy Portugal its hugely more competitive

comment by Stoopo (U4707)

posted on 9/5/19

comment by VOF - are we there yet? (U17124)
posted 4 hours ago
of course I'd be massively disappointed if Leeds don't go up this year... but you know what? - the sun still comes up every morning mate, and the world keeps spinning round.


Yep, pretty much reflects my view of things - and regardless of whatever league we ply our trade in, i'll still turn up and support the team. Maybe i'm a bad fan, but it's not life and death stuff for me - important, just not the be all and end all.
Me too. It’s been a great season and if we don’t go up then we go again - hopefully with Bielsa and a few decent signings.

They offered him a two year deal for a reason

posted on 10/5/19

Ahh the pattern has developed on this thread.. nothing wrong with either, each to their own.

The overall football fans are more upbeat when things don’t go to plan at Leeds.

Where as the Leeds only brigade come across as miserable sods on most threads.

Maybe the key to happiness is to broaden your horizons 😂😂

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