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Evra comments

"I don't want to blame all the players because I think that some players are here (at United) and they themselves don't even know why they are here," he said.

"I think (Pogba) will leave, because you need to feel the love when you play somewhere, you need to be committed. If Paul decides to stay another year and then leave, or stay another few years, maybe the fans will love him because he is committed.

"It's not like I am protecting Paul but when there are incidents like yesterday with the fan, they are killing Paul."

"Some players only come for the money, I am not afraid to say that," Evra added.

"I have nothing against him, but Sanchez, when I saw the deal, that's when I thought the Manchester United history just went down.

"He had Manchester City, they were offering less money but he was going to play better football than United - I'm sorry about that, but City play better football and Guardiola will improve him.

"So I want to know what is the real reason for choosing United? Don't tell me he loved Manchester United when he was a kid.


I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, what’s happening to Paul is exactly the same thing that’s happened to Sterling. The way he was singled out was absolutely disgusting. Evra knows him personally so judging by these comments he’ll be gone soon enough.

Harsh words about Sanchez, I don’t think he’s here just for the pay check, I think he’s just lost it. The way he runs around the pitch, I think he cares, he just lacks the quality now.

posted 1 week, 3 days ago

comment by Dave NotSo (U11711)
posted 38 minutes ago
comment by Roys Keane (U11635)
posted 14 minutes ago
comment by United we win (U19958)
posted 22 minutes ago
we really do miss characters like Evra and even he who is positive says the future doesn't look bright.
Correct me if I'm wrong but I get the feeling you ain't too positive about the future


You noticed too!

posted 1 week, 3 days ago

comment by United we win (U19958)
posted 35 minutes ago
Ed The King Woodward (U10026)

If we don't do this we will be battling with Wolves, Leicester and Everton, that much is certain as we finished 6th and would of lost 3 key players who are heads and shoulders better than the rest.

Even Evra was saying it, only Pogba and De Gea would get bought by a top side. The rest are not good enough for a top 4 team.
I really think you underestimate how shīt Arsenal and Chelsea also are

posted 1 week, 3 days ago

And Spurs, don’t let the CL run fool you, they’ve been every bit as bad as us this season and actually finished the league season in even worse form than us.

posted 1 week, 3 days ago

comment by Ed The King Woodward (U10026)
posted 1 minute ago
And Spurs, don’t let the CL run fool you, they’ve been every bit as bad as us this season and actually finished the league season in even worse form than us.

19 defeats so far this season. Hopefully they don't make it to 20.

posted 1 week, 3 days ago

I think Spurs will actually recruit this summer. Personally I dont think we'll catch them but it isn't impossible. That Arsenal squad needs a hell of a lot of work though, and as things stand Chelsea look set to lose their best player without being able to replace him.

We could conceivably finish 7th. We could also conceivably finish 3rd. We'll have a better idea once the transfer window shuts.

Either way, Nolhman's tedious whinging is even more annoying than Hafi's hopeless optimism.

posted 1 week, 3 days ago

I think they will too. But the point was they’ve been as bad as us in the league. All four of us have been pretty much the same. Fine margins at both ends has been the difference between any order for 3rd to 6th.

They need a rebuild this summer, especially if Eriksen and Toby go, but there’s quite a few areas they need to and might address.

So as things stand I think all four teams are in the same boat in terms of their need for some big changes and potentially losing players.

Liverpool and City are the only certainties for me next year.

posted 1 week, 3 days ago

There is that thing about mentality. Under Jose's first two season, we started well in the league. But after the first loss, the players couldn't recover from it quickly.

The same more or less with what has happened with Ole. The first game we lost in the league and that confidence went. We need to get this right amongst other things too.

Fitness will help get us playing how Ole wants us to. Signings will improve on things (if they're the right ones) we're lacking in the team right now. But we need players who are strong mentally. We don't seem to have that here.

posted 1 week, 3 days ago

If anyone's interested, David Ornstein was talking about our transfer plans this summer on 5 live here.


posted 1 week, 3 days ago

That wasn’t so much the case the second season, but I get the point. I’ve spoken at ends about the weak mentality in the squad. It’s never been more apparent than this season.

comment by Prem (U7618)

posted 1 week, 3 days ago

We have a severe case of molly cuddled players in the squad.

People talk about players there for the big wages, and whilst i agree. We only have to look across town and see that some of City's key players who have been there a while are still enjoying playing there. And guess what, they're also on big wages. But the difference is, is that they are more committed and don't hide in their shells when the going gets tough. If they get beat, they accept it, move on and try again.

And back home, we have overpaid average players who can not hack it. So how does the club justify their wages? They can't because at times they struggle to attract potential key players because we are so volatile and unstable. So we end up choosing the safe route.

This club is getting dragged further down because of incompetence from all directions.

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