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Uncharacteristically incredible performance

Sometimes an average player goes against the usual grain and has an incredible performance but what are the best examples you can think of with Chelsea in recent years (fans of other clubs welcome to add some for them). For me there's a few that spring to mind.

Kovacic Vs Arsenal
Only played for half an hour but he shut down the left side (where Arsenal were getting amply joy from with Barkley on) and looked like Modric mark 2 on the ball.

Barkley Vs Southampton
That's the one game the idea of Barkley played out instead of the reality.

Morata and Bakayoko Vs Atletico
Both were absolutely sensational that night.

Willian Vs Barca and a few others around that time
For the first time in his career he was adding serious end product to his aesthetically pleasing style, didn't last very long though.

Torres Vs City
The only game in his whole sorry time here we got to see the prime Torres in action.

Hilario Vs Liverpool
Was absolutely brilliant and made numerous top saves to deny them.

Bosingwa Vs Barcelona
Unleashed his inner Carvalho when moved to CB.

Zappacosta Vs Bate at home (RLC hattrick)
Played like prime Danny Alves that night

Any I've missed?

posted on 28/5/19

Kalas v Liverpool

posted on 28/5/19

comment by BrummieBlue! (U3487)
posted 0 seconds ago
Kalas v Liverpool

Probably a bad example actually, as it was a one off appearance, so we've no real idea if it was a performance above or below his level.

posted on 28/5/19

Bakayoko is shiiit full stop!

posted on 28/5/19

Every game Bosingwa had versus Barca he was pretty much faultless. Completely shut out Messi playing at LB in the first-leg in 08/09

comment by Bales (U22081)

posted on 28/5/19

Hi Brummie

posted on 28/5/19

For Torres I'd include United away in 11/12. His open goal miss overshadowed a brilliant game from him particularly in the second half + his goal was outstanding. Like Messi does it everyone creams their pants outstanding.

Bakayoko vs. United at home another for him. Passing and shooting aside which was laughable, played like an elite box-to-box midfielder that game - interceptions, tackling, surging late runs, all top class standard.... then he'd pass/shot and it was like I was on the pitch

comment by Charlag (U1717)

posted on 29/5/19

Zhirkov when he played against that Russian team.

Played flawlessly all game and scored a terrific goal if I recall.

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