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Stardate 73029.9

Metro’s log: Supplemental

It’s been a long time since Lt. Commander Data sacrificed himself to save the rest of the Enterprise. The former celebrated Captain and Admiral, Jean-Luc Picard now lives out his final years at The vineyard at Chateau Picard, the Picard family winery in La Barre, France. He thought his days of exploration and discovery were over. But things are about to change..

Engage ....



I’ve got to say, as a big TNG again, I’m wary of this latest offering in the Jean-Luc timeline. I’ve seen so many franchises brought back to life, only to be shadows of their namesakes (Cobra Kai being the biggest exception ever)

But then... who could say no to a Stewart/Spiner reunion?

Hoping to see Q again too.


posted on 27/7/19

comment by Superb (U6486)
posted 4 hours, 31 minutes ago
Is this set in an alternate timeline or something like that ? Also does this follow on from the events of the last Next Generation movie ? Whatever that was.

No, same timeline.

Set 19 years after Nemesis (which is very underrated).

If you remember the final episode of TNG (All Good Things) - Picard starts shifting between 3 timelines, one of which was set into the future where we see him living back on Chateau Picard.

But he was also suffering with a degenerative neurological condition called Irumodic Syndrome which had slowly eroded his synaptic pathways.

It will be amazing if Picard is showing the effects of this as it would really tie into the series and add an entirely new take on the Picard character.

Desperately want to see some old faces but I only want them involved if they add to the story. We don’t want fan service.

posted on 27/7/19

comment by Metro.⚽️ (U6770)
posted 2 hours, 56 minutes ago
comment by Pun Guy (U21588)
posted 23 hours, 56 minutes ago
The original facepalm? 3x13, Déjà Q



Also, Worfs hair ??? Shocker
. . . and Q's jumpsuit . . . OMG

posted on 31/10/19

Shaka.. when the walls fell

posted on 1/11/19

Temba, his arms open

posted on 1/11/19

What are you favourite episodes Owl & hELLo Kitty?

Mine, in no particular order:

• Darmok (Shaka when the walls fell)
• Inner Light (amazing - old Picard on the flute)
• The Measure of a Man
• Tapestry (JLP killed in bar brawl but sent back by Q)
• The Best of Both Worlds (Borg / Locutus)

posted on 1/11/19

Off the top of my head anyway

posted on 1/11/19

Measure of a man was the one where Jean Luc had to argue whether Data has any rights as a life form.

posted on 2/11/19

Metro, I've never really given much thought to favourite episodes, there are so many, I find it hard to select any, I enjoy most of the episodes.

posted on 26/1/20


Well, that far exceeded my expectations. Outstanding first episode. I’m over the moon to be honest.

comment by Pun (U21588)

posted on 27/1/20

Excellent episode that

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