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Rangers 0 v 2 Celtic

I wanna, i wanna, i wanna be Edouard

What a fantastic way to end the weekend and what a brilliant way to head into the International break.

2 weeks ago i wrote on here that Neil Lennon had 4 games to save his job, well, in my eyes he did and with good reason. Boy, he hasn't half passed it with flying colours.

4 wins, 2 against the Swedish champions, 6-1 aggregate win, 3-1 against Hearts and a 2-0 win away at Ibrox. Fantastic stuff, 11 goals scored and 2 conceded in 4 games.

Kick off yesterday was all a bit Craig Levein for my liking, but i can actually see why now, it was his way of saying if you think we're going to fart about with the ball and invite pressure then you have another thing coming. We were right on the front foot, we took the game to Rangers, we dominated them all over the pitch and it was such a pleasing performance as much as the result.

I admit i was surprised at Rangers tactics and tempo, played into our hands a bit as well but they looked very poor across the pitch. I thought steven Davis apart, it was completely dominant in terms of winners of the battles etc.

First goal is very poor from Goldson and i've been consistent in saying he's very, very average, if you press him he doesn't have a bloody clue what to do and he's not got the pace to make up for his mistakes. His partner wasn't much better but i think Katic looks like he might turn in to a good defender, he has raw attributes.

Of course, they were up against someone who's just too good for them and that's what you pay £9 million for. Big Eddy just goes from strength to strength and he just oozes class in these games, he gets stuck in when he needs too, he holds it up, he spins players in behind and his ability on the ball is what we paid the big bucks for. What a finish that was yesterday, and credit to Johnston, terrific pass.

On Johnstone himself, could be the making of him, with Elanyoussi signing, he's now in a battle for that left hand side but he's more than good enough to play 20-30 games this season. Put in some shift yesterday but there was a wee bit in the 2nd half where he dafted Ryan Jack and Tavernier and showed an arrogance that finally won me over, stood on the ball and just invited them on and skipped by them, wonderful.

Big Forster must have had the easier clean sheet of his career , his 100th clean sheet for Celtic, big man just displays a confidence that we've been missing in goals and his kicking has improved 10 fold btw

Ok, so onto the star performers, first up, our Israeli Maicon, what an absolute find he has been btw, at £1.3 million, jesus wept he's as fast as anyone in this league, didn't lose One 1 on 1 yesterday, he got forward in spells, made some terrific tackles and his use of the ball is brilliant.

Then we had two centre halfs who were at the top of their game, big Julien looked every bit the £7 million man yesterday, he absolutely bossed Defoe and Morelos when he came on. Don't think he lost one header and his one to start the attack for the 2nd goal, he's up about 10 feet

Now onto the much maligned Boli Bolingoli, fair play to this boy btw, absolute baws of flucking steel yesterday. I do believe Rangers helped him by not putting someone right on him but he done the basics well yesterday and wasn't afraid to get stuck in, use of the ball was brilliant and the boy gets it btw, looks as though he's loving it here and hopefully he kicks on from here.

Midfield is always where these are won and lost and it wasn't even a contest yesterday, Brown was imperious, after much criticism and much worry over him being dominated, that's as good as he's played there. He absolutely schooled Aribo all day, who btw, looked like a boy who won a raffle to play yesterday. Won't be the last to completely let the game pass them by in their OF debut though.

McGregor was good as well although he should have been sent off, his challenge on Arfield was a yellow and his dive was truly shocking.

On the referee, i think Madden handled it very well, he got the Jones one spot on, good to see Jones in Crutches too, looks like a bad knee injury, right up him

Last but certainly not least..... Mad Ntchirlo.

What a guy btw, what a player. I don't think i've ever seen someone come on with 23 minutes to go and deserve man of the match he was unplayable when he came on and his wee drag back on Ryan Jack at the end brilliant play for the 2nd goal too, don't underestimate his wee touch down to Hayes before it goes back to him to send Hayes through.

Now it's deadline day and for us, we're looking at 2 in, Taylor will be done and Wanyama is one that could go right to the wire.

Anyway, only one think to finish on.

Someone call 9-1-1, Johnny Hayes is scoring belters down the Broomloan, ohhhhhhhhhhh


posted on 2/9/19

comment by IvanGolacIsMagic (U5291)
posted 2 minutes ago
comment by JFK - The Rebel Treble (U8919)
posted 48 seconds ago
i'd be gutted if we lost ntcham now

Classic Celtic. Get the fans on a high then crush their spirits immediately.

Well played Celtic, well played.

if i were you i'd hide on deadline day, your meltdown was a thing of beauty

comment by Sjb1888 (U5188)

posted on 2/9/19

comment by JFK - The Rebel Treble (U8919)
posted 23 seconds ago
i'd be gutted if we lost ntcham now
Doubt anyone would notice.

He's a top player, but it's likely he'll still want to leave, so if a good bid comes in £15m+ and we don't sell we could end up in the same situation as last year with an unhappy, unmotivated player....

Would be a disappointing way to bring down the collective mood.

posted on 2/9/19

My rage has only just subsided

posted on 2/9/19

Confirmed Moves
(OUT) Ralston to St Johnstone (1 year Loan)

Latest rumours
(IN) Greg Taylor - Expected to be confirmed today, with Hendry (loan) and Miller joining Killie
(IN) Victor Wanyama - Move to Celtic is a non-Starter at present, according to Sky. But transfer to Brugge appears over. New reports suggest he may stay at Spurs. Also linked with Marseille, Monaco and Valencia over last 24 hours.
(IN) Jeremie Frimpong - 18 year old right back from Man City. Reports we are trying to sign.
(OUT) Ntcham - Vague rumours that he might leave. Nothing substantial yet.
(OUT) Simunovic - Linked with Lille, but nothing substantial yet.

posted on 2/9/19

yeah he would have to go or he would huff up.

comment by NNH (U10730)

posted on 2/9/19

Taylor move in doubt according to Sky.

Bet Lawwell watched Boli yesterday and thought fluck that, no paying out more now

posted on 2/9/19

Taylor is a rabid bear anways dont want him

posted on 2/9/19

No idea how accurate but I got a text saying spurs still trying to offload wanyama permanently but if failed to do so later Celtic could still have a chance

posted on 2/9/19

Most of the transfer windows close at 11pm, I believe. If a move to Marseille, Valencia or any of the others linked with Wanyama and he’s definitely out the picture at Spurs, there’s absolutely no reason we couldn’t get a deal done. Talk of paying half his wages (£32,500) shouldn’t be a problem considering the money we’re sitting on.

posted on 2/9/19

comment by Wieghorst (U12621)
posted 42 minutes ago
Most of the transfer windows close at 11pm, I believe. If a move to Marseille, Valencia or any of the others linked with Wanyama and he’s definitely out the picture at Spurs, there’s absolutely no reason we couldn’t get a deal done. Talk of paying half his wages (£32,500) shouldn’t be a problem considering the money we’re sitting on.
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