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How many matches do you watch every week?

After having a conversation with everybody’s favourite pedantfile Winston where he expressed shock that this season I’ve watched every United game (which I thought was a minimum requirement on here) I wondered how many games a week people watch.

For me it depends how many games United play. Say a typical Monday to Sunday week where there is a European midweek I’d say I watch about 6 games

Monday - no game
Tuesday - CL
Wednesday - CL
Thursday - United
Friday - no game
Saturday - one La Liga or Serie A game
Sunday - a couple of PL games including the United one

Some weeks I can watch more if the GF is in the shower or away for a period of time, some weeks I watch less if it’s international week.

How many do you watch and at what point is it a problem? Have you missed important events? Had the earphones in at funerals?

posted on 9/10/19

Just the United matches and even then I sometimes don't get to see the full match.

posted on 9/10/19

comment by Gareth (U1145)
posted 22 minutes ago
I used to watch Super Sunday, MNF and usually the Saturday lunchtime game in a normal week, plus a game on each European night. But then I had a baby and had to slim it down to MotD, Utd matches and any tasty CL/EL games. Now I have two babies I'm lucky if I manage to catch MotD every week
Congrats I never even knew you were pregnant

To the OP just Liverpool and ROI

posted on 9/10/19

Every Spurs game

Watch the Sunday evening game until the nfl games start kicking off


Then I'll usually end up watching the the other CL and televised PL games unless it's a real dire fixture

comment by Busby (U19985)

posted on 9/10/19

I don't mind having a couple of games a week, but for match going fans, the fixtures are a joke.,

We've no home game between Arsenal 30/09 and Liverpool 20/10.

Then we have 2 games in 3 days later in the year, both PL fixtures.

You can understand 2 home games when it's cup games, but the PL fixtures seem to always be all at once then nothing for a while.

posted on 9/10/19

Was winston seriously shocked that people watch every game

posted on 9/10/19

Usually 2-4 cl games 1-2 europa 3-6 prem a week ill watch big european ties if i know theyre on and have time.

posted on 9/10/19

every leeds game i can get, 6-10 pl and a couple of german games a week.
also when it gets down to the games that mater a few cl games. oh and selected internationals.

posted on 9/10/19

I love the weeks where there is a good Friday Night and MNF game.

So some weeks you can go.

Tuesday CL
Wednesday CL
Thursday Europa
Friday PL
Saturday 12:30/3/5
Sunday 12/2/4:30

Good stuff

posted on 9/10/19

Fack you guys watch a lot of football!

I'll watch Spurs and then maybe a big other match if I'm in and have nothing else on but only then if something is riding on it like it's a knockout CL game or title game.

posted on 9/10/19

All Chelsea games if possible. I try and organise my plans around them.

For other games, you just put them on if you’re doing nothing else, or even if they’re on and you can work / cook while it’s on or whatever. So basically CL nights are good for that or any other PL game on the weekend. Rarely watch foreign games - probably gets too much at that stage. I do find a myself a bit glazed over if there’s two good matches on Sunday one after another.

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