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Doncaster Rovers v Bolton Wanderers

The first meeting between the clubs this season at the keep keepmoat stadium. Doncaster in a healthy 8th position could move into a play off position with a win tonight. Bolton meanwhile still adrift of safety by 17 points look doomed. An away record of 1 win and 1 draw does not inspire confidence in a run of 3 away games on the next 4. Team news. No matter what happens we can't keep players out of sick bay. Nsiala likely to be ruled out with concussion adding to Crawford, Buckley, Darcy, Zouma and Georgiou. Hobbs is fit now and a candidate to replace nsiala. 7.45 ko.

posted on 12/2/20

Not going to dwell on the bolton goal.
First half.
Halliday was out this world
James settled well after a shaky start
Anderson gud
Wright although good defensively he has to quicken his distribution.
Sheaf good
Whiteman good
Sads ok
26 good
Front 2 ok.
Second half.
Halliday not a good start but improved
John ok
Anderson n wright shakey
Sheaf poor.
Whiteman ok.....but why oh why doesn't he shoot when he gets the opportunity.
Front 2/3 ok
Ennis best of them
Sads ok.
26 clearly mom.
Ramsay did well when he came on.
We missed James second half.
Dieng apart from error very good

posted on 12/2/20

comment by SUPERWHITEINEXILE (U2020)
posted 9 hours, 37 minutes ago
comment by GOLDENWYNDAVIES (U2712)
posted 10 hours, 53 minutes ago
Battling for a point 92nd min , what’s the point, we’ve had the chances tonight, and not taken it yet again ,
Some of the seasoned professionals aren’t good enough , bring the kids back , 2-1 all over
Golden is that reality kicking in? I think that you have to accept that we are not good enough to stay up. The question is, is Hill good enough? I'm not sure that he is.
There’s a little time to go yet , still plenty more stories for K.H to tell before the impossible happens.

posted on 12/2/20

Keith can say what the hell he wants in interviews - if asked - not many football managers come out with anything worth saying anyway.

However, I'm now pretty concerned about the constant defensive errors - it's at a stage where I'm starting to look further away from the individual and more to the collective set up. That's a coaching issue.

posted on 12/2/20

Getting heated at the meeting about closing the upper tiers I believe.

posted on 12/2/20

Not a financial issue. Designed to improve atmosphere.

posted on 12/2/20

One suggestion to move people with less than 5 years on their season tickets from the middle of the lower tiers to the corners to accommodate those moving from the upper tiers. How to pizz everyone off in that case.

posted on 13/2/20

Faal, is not ready to play says Keith Hill. I have to say that it's not really a surprise. The problem is that a valuable slot in the 23 player squad has been taken up with a player who may not be ready until next season.

A player for the future is of no use for the here and now. I'm not saying that Faal won't be an asset in years to come but it's a gamble as we slip down the leagues. He has an 18 contract so here's hoping that he will be ready sooner rather than later.

posted on 14/2/20

Hill says he is not giving up the ghost of staying up. Reality check, please!

I don't know how long his contract is but I wouldn't be extending it. He's managed to bring in a lot of players and some of them will be good enough for division two and others are good enough for division one, but I don't see any hope of staying in division one. He did have time to pull results around so that can't be an excuse.

The clock is ticking and the team doesn't look good enough to make the difference. We all know who's fault that is. Hill told us the team would be better with the new players he has brought in. I think some might disagree with him. He could have kept some of the better players that he let go but he has brought players in that need time to get up to speed and we simply don't have that time.

posted on 14/2/20

Swie, you don’t sound to happy 😉 you haven’t been paying attention to K.H. And all his stories. If you had, you would know about the rebuilding work, there’s no quick fix if K.H. left tomorrow things would just be the same, time is what’s needed the longer the stories the fatter K.H.s wallet becomes,
Will Darcy & Politic be there when the jigsaws complete or Mohamed Faal for that matter.
I keep telling you positivity is what’s needed,
( In The Meantime ) 😉

posted on 14/2/20

All well and good listening to Hill, or even not. I fear for next season too, the same embargo will be in place, so no big signings, more short term loan players and possibly more stands closed.
The end of next season is when the real rebuilding will take place hopefully with a more in-tune manager, one with passion and hungry for some success, no one jumps to mind at this moment but we have plenty of time to find the one.

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