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grey haired rambling of a virus dodging old

Good evening pop pickers

Oh the joys πŸ™„
Nice to see Boris getting his sh7t tog 😳
I hope to god people get some cop on
And remember how this government policies for the last decade nearly
Cost this country dearly and kick them out of politics for the next 50 yrs along with the companies who won't use there profits to pay workers
Or companies who pay no taxes
Boycott them bankrupt them!

So 12 weeks now
I said weeks ago anybody at risk can expect to be in isolation for at at least
18 month's or until an inoculation is available,

You see
In the summer when it's safer for most of you
Some will be exposed and cured, some will be carriers for the next wave

But those of us in isolation for 12 weeks will still be at risk in June

Any way
Doing what I can
Nurse from 3 visits to 1 and hope my leg does not go septic,,
Cleaner from 3 to 1 hopefully the dust doesn't get to much for the lungs,

I have a good food pantry with 3 weeks of food and if I ate once a day possibly 5 if I counted pizza as a meal πŸ™„
spent this week batch cooking Soups and freezing, got 2 trays of strawberries so made some jam,
And should be OK for coffee ☺️

Walking in the garden especially this week with the dry weather,
Missing the football, kids & contact probably in that order πŸ€£πŸ˜‚
The local Timebank and parish Council have been active in the community targeting people like myself so they know we are here
And the government sounds like it's setting up similar to make sure we have
Bread milk and basics

But again what happens in the summer πŸ€”

Onwards and upwards

posted on 23/3/20

Bloomfield 🀦‍♂️

But weller, glover, Worthington, rolf, Whitworth, Samuel's

Lads use to call into the petrol station tue or Wed
In Narborough,

posted on 23/3/20

Larry May, John O’Neil and Mark Wallington. Good central Defence, one was good in the air and the other one was fast. Actually that was May on his own.

posted on 23/3/20

Hope you keep well Dubs!

(And everybody else too whilst I mention that)

comment by Vulpes (U6011)

posted on 25/3/20

Late as ever, so little activity here that I stopped checking.

Dublin, great to hear that your ok and well stocked.
Long may you continue to ramble and dodge the virus –Stay safe.

For me:

and Matt Gillies' last great side playing as now in a
4 1 4 1

An attack of the Doog with Jackie Sinclair and Stringy on the wings
Bobby Roberts, Jimmy Goodfellow and Davie Gibson in mid
And the best goalkeeper in the world in goal.

Then alas:

posted on 25/3/20

Great builds Vulpes, great builds.

posted on 26/3/20

My top 3 would be
1. Steve Walsh
2. Nigel Pearson
3. Muzzy Izzett

Special mention for (OOOH) Tommy Wright - my favourite when I first started going to games regularly

posted on 26/3/20

Hope You're keeping safe and well Dubs.

posted on 27/3/20

I wasn’t going to comment because I was going to be stating the obvious in one case...but here goes anyway. It was near on impossible to stick to 3.

Matt Gillies for his tactical nous/fantastic shrewd buys turning “peanuts” purchases and nurturing them into world-class performers. Much admired by Busby & Shankley.

Frank O’Farrell. Len Glover left wing/John Farrington right wing what a pairing.


posted on 28/3/20

Claudio Downsouf? What did he ever achieve?!!

posted on 28/3/20

comment by Merseysidefox (U4842)
posted 56 minutes ago
Claudio Downsouf? What did he ever achieve?!!
Precisely Mersey. Like me, naff all.

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