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My view on the run in

Here are the remaining fixtures for the top three.

Wigan (H), Charlton (H), Derby (A), Preston (H), Stoke (A), Barnsley (H).

B'Burn (A), Stoke (H), Swansea (A), Barnsley (H), Derby (A), Charlton (H).

West Brom:
Hull (H), Derby (H), B'Burn (A), Fulham (H), Hudds (A), QPR (H).

With a fair run of luck with injuries, confidence and belief intact, I believe we will get the 12 points needed to guarantee a top two place.

This is a 6 game shoot out, with us having a 6 point advantage at the start.

Whilst the title and a trophy would be good, I'd also be happy with second place.

Keep calm and carry on!!

posted on 2/7/20

We follow LUFC, a club that never seems to do things easily. My guess is that those fixtures, for all clubs, will throw up good & bad results.

I’m sure we’ll do it, but I’m also confident we’ll be made to sweat a lot more yet.

We’d all hate dull & boring 🤣🤣🤣

posted on 2/7/20

I can't see WBA or Brentford dropping points this weekend. If we can beat Blackburn, I am confident that our cushion will be enough. Otherwise it will start to become nailbiting.

posted on 2/7/20

I aren’t usually a panicker but struggling a bit here

It’s the hope that is the worst part

On paper we should make it but to me we have 3 massive issues. The keeper looks weak, we struggle without Pablo and Bamford continues to frustrate.

Hopefully we have enough to get us over the line. Hopefully we won’t lose Cooper for Saturday.

Derby away for us and our competitors may be vital

To be honest, I consider Brentford the best side in the league so shouldn’t be surprised by their restart

posted on 2/7/20

Brentford are a good team, no doubt. But the best team in the league? They didn't look that in the two games we played them this year, they barely touched the ball in the February fixture.

They've got loads of goals in their team and can smash teams away, but have a look at their form over the season. They go through little patches of form and then get some poor results, they've not won more than 3 games in a row all season and now people are talking like they will win their last 9. A 6 point swing in 6 games is a big, big ask for them. Wigan are the form team in the league from the last 15 games, will be a tougher fixture than it looks on paper.

West Brom scored their first goals in 4 games and bear in mind that was 3 goals from 4 shots. Big questions over them too.

We will have enough to get over the line. I said 4 wins from our last 9 sends us up, I still think that. 3 wins to go.

posted on 2/7/20

omment by Cal Neva (U11544)
posted 1 hour, 3 minutes ago

We were 7 points ahead of 3rd after 37 games now 6 points but with an inferior GD.


with 3 games fewer to go mate.

we are closer now than before lock down

posted on 2/7/20

6 points ahead with 18 points available.

7 points ahead with 27 available.

which one would you prefer mate?

posted on 2/7/20

We've lost 6 of our last 7 against Blackburn, but they are in poor form. I think we'll do them.

posted on 2/7/20

Every game now for clubs at top and bottom take on a different intensity. Big money for success at the top but possible administration for failure at the wrong end. Wigan will now be even more determined to succeed if they do get hit with penalty. A bit unfair these days after lockdown ruined income stream.
But 2 points average is the usual top return in the Championship. That usually applies to a few teams.
So 10 points for Leeds happy days, 8 points squeaky time.

posted on 2/7/20

comment by Wetherby White (U6810)
posted 1 hour, 5 minutes ago

We've lost 6 of our last 7 against Blackburn, but they are in poor form. I think we'll do them.


I think so too, honestly think (hope) this weekend will a massive turning point.

fancy Real Brentford to drop points at some stage, hope its this weekend, a lot will breathe sighs of relief

posted on 2/7/20

Appreciate 1 of their wins was way back in March, but Brentford are on a 4 game winning run, scoring 11 and conceding 0.

Whilst I hope Wigan keep up their similarly amazing form I'm a little worried.

Leeds, who knows!

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