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World Class Assorted Youth:

It's not rocket sconce, who does you club have on the books that you think will have an impact of some kind this coming season who is 21 or under? Always a massive bonus to have a break through season. So who do you have that you think may kick on and take a bona-fide squad place?

Liverpool have Elliot, Jones and Carvalho.

Jones has been around a while and Klopp has given him plenty of starts. Many feel he is too safe, and they may have a point, but I prefer to think he keeps the ball well and if he was "too" something then Klopp wouldn't play him imo. Should get plenty of games and is a cracking squad player. If he can add five goals a season then that'd be a massive plus.

Elliot. Ridiculous talent but a bad injury last season curtailed his impact. He was starting games but once recovered had a couple of poor performances at the business end and lost his place. As above, if he can add five goals it'd be great. Going to be as good as he wants to be I reckon and bar Rooney and Fowler I have not seen an English player as technically good at his age.

Carvalho. Bit excited by this one. He has MAD balance and his first touch always takes him into space which you're taught when you're about 6 but it's easier said than done. Reminds me of a more polished Dele Ali and hopefully less of a pr!ck.

So who do you have that you think may make an impact, I'm thinking the likes of Broja maybe and from the little I have seen I like Garnacho at Utd.

posted on 3/7/22


Full on desire, strong as an ox, two footed, powerful, good in both boxes, a unit and most importantly looks a stick on for a run of games.

posted on 3/7/22

comment by MK (U9129)
posted 4 hours, 21 minutes ago
Kulu is 22

posted on 4/7/22

HArvey Vale, Connor

posted on 4/7/22

comment by Gaffer Pranks - Suck On Deeeeeeez Nuts (U22336)
posted 7 hours, 36 minutes ago
comment by moreinjuredthanowen (U9641)
posted 23 minutes ago
Jones needs to figure out when the right time to hold the ball is and when to move the ball quick.

I think he tries too hard at times.

If he can figure that out he will.improve.

Elliott has a different issue, positional sense. He wants to chase about and needs to see the picture of the game and where the whole team is. Imo he was kept out primarily cos he was getting pulled out of postion too easily.

Yeah Jones is too safe for me, he has chances to play a killer through ball but chooses to play it safe or keeps possession slowing the play down rather than taking a chance. Plenty of time to improve though.

Elliott, great tekkers and started off the season well but looked a little lost after returning from the injury.
Still not sure where he’ll end up playing, I was thinking he would be like an 8 or 10 type player.

Don’t know too much about the Fulham lad tbf
I let jones off because Wijnaldum was similar under Klopp, he'd have 15 yards free space infront of him and the ability to run into it and comitt players to come out breaking up the first line of 2 brick walls as hes a decent dribbler etc but chose not tot. Also didnt get in the box as much as he could and score as many as he does for country for example. Maybe Klopps instructing a lot of it. Not like our mfs under him have produced crazy assists/goal/through ball stats is it?

posted on 4/7/22

id like to see more of kaide gordon myself.

posted on 4/7/22

Jude Soonsup-Bell

posted on 4/7/22

Lewis Hall

posted on 4/7/22

Hudson Odoi

posted on 4/7/22

Ampadu - Place primarily in midfield (utility midfield & defence). Warmed to this idea, since losing out on Tchouameni.
Few and far between natural DM' at our disposal, so why not Ampadu? Should be given opportunities before deciding if it's a good idea to splurge hefty expenditure on Rice.

Colwill - Captain of junior England side is ready to compete, and being in the first-team squad over Sarr is a must.
Left-footed proactive ball-playing defender is a pressing requirement and his standout (well-equipped) qualities even at this early stage of his career can be of much value to make an impact / statements in the big time (akin to Chalobah or Tomori previously)...I'd have no qualms about him replacing Rudiger, rather than spending huge on another young high-profile/household name defender that will undoubtedly need much time to adapt (or on an average squad filler in Ake).

Can not afford to lose another young CB, after losing Marc Guehi & Fikayo Tomori....one of them has gone onto one of the best young Centre backs in the PremierLeague captaining the side in his debut season and the other just won the Italian league displacing the club captain in the process!

The successes and achievements of Mason Mount, Fikayo Tomori, Reece James and Tammy Abraham stepping up from the Championship to top level football at Chelsea was seamless, firstly achieving the top 4 table target and then next winning the CL should be proof that they can be relied on, in the short and long...

The fact that Levi Colwill is and was attracting a host of PL interest in the January window (strongly from Leicester) and this window should speak volumes of his ability. Keep him at Chelsea!

Hudson-Odoi - Our Greatest Young Talent, already made a significant impact as our chief creator.
Top chance creator, top for progressive dribbling and ball carrying into the box, top for passing/crossing into the penalty area, top for switching play, top for key passes, top for shot and goal creating actions in the underlying (advanced) metrics for three seasons-in-a-row.
The epitome of consistent end product, highlights his extraordinary uniqueness & footballing IQ in comparison to the rest in his age bracket.

Not even to mention in the 19/20 was our highest assist-maker, bear in mind had just comeback from horrific (potentially) career ending injury (the worst injury an explosive attacker can incur..lost alot of calf muscle mass), damining indicment on the rest of the forwards at the time.
Stupendous output is a testament to his tremendous mental fortitude.
If there is one thing lacking it's the managers trust & gametime, talent is head and shoulders above...

I notice your lot had been sniffing around, making tentative enquires as a Mane replacement for some months (before signing Diaz)
Your efforts were ultimately in vain and futile though, just like Bayern' tried with their utmost charm offensive, to the extent that they offered him the iconic number 10 shirt.
The club catagorically said no, value him highly.

If it were down to the loons on here he'd be sold and that would be the modern day equivalent of losing De Bruyne.
The day he's actually on the market (club won't ever do that, don't get any ideas), he'll be highly coveted (if not the most sought-after player). A big deal.

Once Hudson-odoi starts playing as a forward consistently, will 100% start scoring.
Especially from the left.

The graph just so happens to coincide with the moment when Hudson-Odoi had his first run of starts in attack on the left and we were creating at a much higher rate and playing pulsating fluid football at the top of the table, transformative effect he had in between the lines & half-spaces in the final third...

For now as a wingback restricted to just creating, and the best at it (which is pretty embarassing for the rest playing in their favoured positions).

Darkhorse: Vale

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