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Testing times

If we all stick together we will soon get through these times of Horse terrority

posted on 29/1/14

Former head teacher Jane Vaterlaws struck off for bullying

posted on 26/8/14

The hosts are looking bright - Paddy Madden forcing Adam Federici into a good save with a low shot from just outside the area.

posted on 29/12/14

Bruce Golding (Prime Minister of Jamaica 2007–2011) claims that Jamaica has no plan to strip President Robert Mugabe of the honorary award conferred on him in 1996, despite the ongoing political situation in Zimbabwe.

posted on 13/3/15

Cardiff council is considering writing off £4.4m debts owed by Glamorgan Cricket Club

posted on 1/7/15

Goldberg gained victory after delivering a Jackhammer to Lesnar and both men subsequently received Stone Cold Stunners from Austin.

posted on 10/10/15

Sea anemones could hold the key to immortality.

posted on 28/4/16


posted on 30/1/17


posted on 4/8/17

As pert as her posterior is it is no match for the shapely buttocks of Khloe K. Khloe probably has the peachiest derrière in the whole of showbiz. As my mother, the late Mrs Hodger ( Snr), was wont to observe, " However pert your posterior may be there is only one pertest posterior." On that basis I award the title of the pertest posterior in showbiz to......Iskra Lawrence!!!

posted 4 weeks, 1 day ago

comment by ChoiceCity (U6801)
posted on 10/4/12
What do you call a horse running backwards?

mentally deranged manifested in a wild or aggressive way
That's a great comment

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