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could i compete in the olympics?

Hey all! I'm wondering if anyone can help me. I'm thinking of trying to enter archery team for the olympics. Can anyone tell me where to sign up and what to bring? Do i just turn up on the day with a packed lunch and a change of clothes or do the olympic committee provide that? Can i have a few ciders & a hit of crack to steady my nerves beforehand?
If anyone from team GB is reading this i'll list why i'll be good at archery;

-I've played a good 20hrs on skyrim and i'm a dab hand with a bow&arrow,plus i've also played Zelda
-I've watched 'Robin Hood:Prince of Thieves 18 times
-I have no empathy for other human beings. So if the archery targets were people then i'd be cool with that
-One of my favourite bands is Elbow. In spanish that translates to 'The Bow' coincidence? I don't think so!

posted on 2/3/12

Woah, woah, woah slow down! You just asked a bundle there.

First of all have you got the right kit? I think for 2012 the rules state a plain t-shirt and shorts, not 3/4 lengths, shorts. Also football tops are not allowed, and neither are designer t-shirts. A plain pastel coloured one should do.

Secondly, we need a note from your parent or guardian.

Also, this year the Archery is on the same day as Social Studies. So it'll be double Archery in the morning, lunch, Social Studies for 4th period and then free period until 3.30pm for class B and Social Studies, Archery, free period after lunch and Archery till the bell for class A. You can opt out of social studies and take half days of Archery (negating you to bring a packed lunch) but this means you won't get a certificate with your Gold Medal. Remember you need 40 credits to pass the Olympics.

On the last day of Archery at the Olympics you will be allowed to bring in board games and puzzles. We also finish early at 2pm after we give out the medals for 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 100% attendance, most improved, and best knobbily knees. But you CANNOT wear non-uniform. Whoever started these rumours is wrong, other sporting events may have non-uniform days but not us.

If you can adhere to this then be at Lord's on the 27th July where the sorting hat shall put you in your archery division. We start promptly at 8.35am but we encourage you to leave enough time to guide yourself to your seat. Your tutor will be Mr Wilkinson.

posted on 4/3/12

Well regarding my kit, i was just going wear my ' trainee gynecologist' t shirt with my work shoes. But if it's plain t shirt only then im screwed.
Well if i have to do double archery in one day then i think i'm already losing some enthusiasm for it. Think 'ill just say i'm ill that day now...even though i really want to get an olympic medal as well, i can hang it newt to my '10 meter swimming award' which i won last month.
I think i may just enter the 100 meters now,i can do that in a few seconds and play games for the rest of the day.
I'll have to be careful with mr Wilkinson, he makes me call him uncle wilky and is always asking if my hamstrings need massaging

posted on 17/3/12


posted on 17/3/12

Yes. Yes it is.

posted on 25/3/12

I still remeber the ocarina tunes

posted on 25/3/12


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